Chapter 17:

Chapter 13.5 Elfin’s Status after healing her leg

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

Elfin’s Status after healing her leg

Real:                                                                                        Fake (Level 9)

Name                   Elfin                                                           Elfin of Krark

Level                     6

Potential LVL     47

Race                      Half Elf/Half Demon                                Half Elf

Titles                     Divine Slave, Honorable, Mortal in Heaven Honorable, Slave of Lynx of Krark


STR 13 DEX 13 VIT 20/34 HP

DEF 19 MDEF 24 MAG 24/28 MP

MIND 45 CHA 34 WIS 22

Skills Mana Barrier LVL 1, Mana Regeneration LVL 1, Velian Language LVL 4

Magic Schools Demonic Fire Magic LVL 1

Spells Demonflame Burst LVL 1

Hobbies Eating, Keeping low profile,

Favorite phrase “But..”

Luck Low

Major wounds Blind Eye, Missing Right Forearm

Status condition Psychic Trauma (healing)

Crimes & Bounties none

In GREEN are updated (increased level) data.*

In RED are those statistics that fell to a lower level.*

Divine Slave – be a slave of a divine being (at minimum a demigod).

Honorable – make a meaningful oath and continue to uphold it. Lost if you become an oath-breaker.

Mortal in Heaven – be a mortal and visit Heaven while still alive. EDIT: Spend at least 5 minutes in Heaven.

Slave of (..) – be a slave of (..). Common Class title.