Chapter 1:


One Night Out

He promised to show her his side of the world.

She only agreed to one night.

And we all know that in one night a whole lot can change. Including someone’s view on love.


“To be honest your view on love is complete bullshit and you need a severe dose of reality.” I slowed down my pace to match his.

He did not bother to look at me when he replied. He seemed to be content enough staring at his feet as he walked. “Are you saying that it’s wrong to search for the right woman for me? I thought all girls were in search of their 'Prince Charming' or their 'Mr. Right' Is it that bad that I am looking for my own Princess?”

I chuckled at his remark. Was he really that naïve? I clasped my fingers behind my back as I thought of a way to explain my reasoning. “No, what I’m saying is that there is something wrong with searching for someone that is perfect for you. There is a subtle difference between someone that is right for you and someone that is perfect for you. I can guarantee that the perfect person doesn’t exist.”

He slowed down his pace until he came to a complete stop. I followed his lead. His forehead was creased in concentration, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips slightly curled upwards. He looked everywhere but directly at me. Before settling his eyes on his feet once again. He remained silent for a moment before he asked. “What if I said that I believed that you were the perfect woman for me?”

He raised his gaze to look directly at me as he awaited my response. I shifted my weight from foot to foot. He was making me nervous and slightly uncomfortable. What exactly was this man hoping to gain from my response? I sighed. “I would say you put too much faith in me.” 《And humanity》 I silently added.

He smiled. The opposite reaction to what I was expecting from him. I was getting way too used to seeing it on his face. “I know that I’m right. You are perfect and if I have to spend my whole life trying to convince you of that I will. When you are ready to have me as yours let me know. I will wait as long as I have to.”

I smiled in returned clearly amused. He never knew when it was time to give up. “Is that how you get all the girls?”

His face immediately turned sour at my comment. “I will have you know that you’re the only woman that has lasted long enough for me to say this. I don’t care as long as eventually you’ll realise that I am not asking for you to change. I’m simply asking you to compliment me, as perfectly imperfect as you are.”