Chapter 1:

The Journey Begins

Masters of the Earth

A beautiful summer day, the real world resemblance of peacefulness, nostalgia, and childhood. At least it was that way in Matthew's own head. All Matthew really ever wanted was was this peaceful life, an eternal summer for him and his siblings. He wondered if there was really a world like this, but of course reality will always overcome wishful thinking.

"Would you stop zoning out whenever we're walking in the middle of the road?" Matthew turned his head to see his sisters, Persephone and Kelsie. Persephone, the oldest after Matthew, was inches shorter than him. She wore a blank white T-shirt, under a completely white jacket, with jeans on her legs and black shoes on her feet. Kelcie dressed somewhat the same, but instead of a white shirt and jacket, she wore a vintage band t-shirt from sometime in the sixties.  Matthew was the eldest of the siblings, but lately it seemed like he couldn't keep his head on his shoulders, so this role of "eldest"  (although they are not actually) was naturally split between Persephone and Kelsie. It seemed the two of these sisters could tackle nearly any challenge which came their way. With Matthew by their side as well, they felt they could take on the world if they needed to, all for each other.

Matthew let out a long sigh, "Let's just get what we gotta get and then go back home already. I don't like leaving the twins with the small fry, maybe one of us should've stayed," The twins Matthew was referring to were their sisters, Dolly and Molly. They were back at home with their "small fry" brother, sick and in need of supplies. The siblings left the house in order to obtain the supplies needed for their sisters.

Persephone and Kelsie shot Matthew their famous combined death stare "Steel Eyes." They didn't like Matthew referring to their younger brother as small fry, although he was correct. "Alright we're here at the plaza." Kelsie stated. The plaza was a small outdoor shopping district mainly including restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores. It wasn't late in the day at all, so the plaza was bustling with life, with shop owners yelling to attract customers and shoppers making their way in and out of stores. there was nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever.  "Let's split up and get what we need to get and go like Matt said," she looked around, squinting, as she finished her sentence. The siblings all nodded in agreeance and headed toward their respective destination. Matthew walked toward a Taqueiria (Taco Shop) and began to fall into his thoughts, but right before he drifted off...

Persephone headed to the drug store that would have the medical supplies they needed. Instead of going in through the front, she actually went to the back, near the dumpster,"Alright creepy dude, come out of your hiding spot," It seemed like she was saying this to nobody, but suddenly a fiery figure appeared around 5 yards directly in front of her. The figure, who was completely engulfed in flames , began to speak in a rather raspy voice, as if he'd smoked cigarettes for decades..
"Alrighty L'il lady, I wasn't expecting L'il kids like y'all to be aware of the presence-" he got out about half of what he wanted to say before 
"THUNDER FIST," was the only thing he heard before he was punched 5 yards from where he was standing into the dumpster. From the instant this man began his sentence, Persephone had already started her attack, and she knew the fight would be over. "I don't have time to waste on some small fry such as yourself,she said coldly as she walked through the automatic doors of the drug store.

On the other side of the Plaza, Kelsie had already engaged with another apparent stalker. Her wrists and ankles were bound by grass which was seemingly controlled by the Woman in front of her. "Everywhere I go can be my very own beautiful garden, ooooohh don't you just loooove the beautiful nature all around us?" the attacker remarked bubbly.
"You're such a weirdo lady! Following some kids around, tying me up behind a store and now you wanna talk about nature?" Kelsie boomed out. The weirdo lady seemed to be offended by this and cheaply retaliated.
"Come on little brat, it's not like I wanted to do this, In fact there's nothing about this, well w-w-wait actually I do like really loooove  being out here in the open wind and beautiful nature." An awful cracking sound began to ensue the short surrounding area. A scream soon followed. These two noises represented the arms and legs of the attacker breaking, and then the attacker fainting from shock and pain. The grass that was bonding Kelcie then fell down, lifeless. Kelcie had nothing to say after this, the attacker was already down and out. On the outside, Kelcie's face showed no emotion, but her head was saying the things she always thought after breaking bones. It was quite twisted so she never mentions to her siblings or openly displays just how much she actually enjoys the sound of an enemy's bones breaking and the scream of pain and terror that always ensued. Her attack "BONE SPLITTER" was something she felt was very unbeatable, even against

Matthew was being attacked by someone who could barley use water. Matthew felt disrespected by this deeply, probably more than he should have. "I don't know who is after me, but I assume they are after knowledge of our powers, which means you know more about my past than I do. If this line of reasoning is correct then I am just wondering, wondering, why such a pitiful excuse of a match up like this water wielder was sent to fight me?" Matthew turned his head to the direction of the attack and in one swift move, lifted both of his hands and grabbed the water. After this, the water changed from a liquid to a solid, ice. The water user, who was already injured on his knee and left shoulder, looked at his hands to see they were frozen solid to the ice. Matthew got onto the top of the ice and slid down it at a high speed. This ice he climbed on was a direct path to the attacker. The moment the water user looked up from his hands to locate the next attack, he was kicked in the face by Matthew who made it down the ice path in less than a second.

Matthew wanted to make something clear, "I don't think you understand, whoever is listening. I'm out here because my twin sisters are sick back at home and they needed me to come do this one small thing for them. If I can't even get some Pozole (Mexican soup) for my little sisters then what kind of brother am I? I'm sure my very capable sisters that came here have also encountered some goon and already handed them their ass. If we ever get followed like this again, we wont just put your people out of commission, they will die. That rule will always remain for anyone who touches my family." Matthew's determination and confidence even surprised him in this moment. He looked down at the man he just defeated and all the ice around him. "What just happened?" He asked nobody.

The siblings purchased what they needed from their respective stores, met up at their meeting spot in the plaza and began to make their way back to their siblings in need.
"Well that was interesting!" Someone blurted out from behind them. 
They all turned their heads to see a man standing there. He was a tall and lanky man, maybe 6'2", with long royal blue hair that rested on his shoulders perfectly. 
 "Ha-Ha," he let out a short goofy laugh, " how are ya?" 

Joe Gold