Chapter 1:


Twins 99


An entire sidewalk of civilians quake in fear as they watch a school crumble to the ground. A piece of the school equals a tear racing down their faces.

The city itself appears as if it is covered in cars. There are vehicles at every corner and street. Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, all on the same road going in the same direction with all driving lanes filled. Traffic is truly at its worst.

As a result, a man steps out of his car and hurries straight to the school's location. The angry drivers were the furthest thing from his mind. The distraught in his expression and focus in his eyes can only concentrate on one objective, and one objective only.

“Dammit! I should have prepared them for this! It's all my fault! Hopefully, it's not too late.”

Sweat of regret drips down from the man's forehead. Right when the sweat hits the walkway, the school's structure takes another toll.

The school has fallen to the appearance of a large fort that is supported by many concrete walls, rocks, and a few pillars. At the same time, those concrete walls, rocks, and pillars are the very reason why the school is bound to collapse.

Seeing this causes civilians to panic. Phones are pulled and calls are made. But, the effort wasn't there.


A civilian drops to her in knees.

Her cries represent the feelings of all the citizens standing beside her. Sad, but useless.

Yet, there is a small ray of light that shines from a tiny hole in the school. That small ray of light gives a few civilians the courage to pray for safety.

Through the tiny hole is the remains of the school. Destroyed hallways piled up with debris, and a collapsing ceiling that is supported by a few pillars.


An injured student weeps in pain, buried in damages.

Her entire body is covered in rocks, no openings. Dark blue, deadshot eyes stare out. A small ray of light shines in her eyes, instantly changing her color from dark blue to pearl like. Like the sun, her eyes shine a path. She slowly shuts her eyes, closing herself off to the light.

Along with her in the dark, depressing, apocalyptic ruins of the school lie other unconscious students, teachers, and staff.

All of them, bruised. In each of the classrooms, that are too demolished to be called classrooms, there are only people lying with debris under a shaking ceiling that could collapse on them in any minute. Like a shooting massacre without blood.

Shake, shake, shake…

The ceiling vibrates, causing rocks to drop to the already dirt-covered floor.

Shake, shake, shake…


Massive amounts of dust scatter from a crushed wall as well as rubble. It occurred as quickly as an explosion.


Blood mysteriously flings itself onto the damaged ground.


Like a ghost becoming visible, knees drop as hard as a stomp through the fading dust.

As the dust vanishes, more body parts are revealed.

Legs covered with half-torn black dress pants. A bruised chest coated with a dirty but slightly cut white buttoned shirt. Arms with several cuts along with dirty ripped white sleeves. And, a bloodied mouth with small, thin streaks of blood running down from each end of the lips.

The dust fully clears, revealing a completely beaten student who is ready to faint and hit the ground.

“Dammit, this is all I have…”

He concludes, disappointed in himself.

Darkness clouds his fatigued blue eyes as he face-plants into the ground.



Tears pour down faster than a water fountain.

All I can think about is what I'm seeing. My brother, my twin brother, lying on the ground after losing the battle that could have saved the world.

I want to help him. I want to finish his battle for him. But.

My hands won't reach out to him. My legs won't raise me up to my feet. My body is completely stuck to this large ditch of debris. Paralysis couldn't do a better job.

Dammit, I want to save Jovan. I want to get up and come to his aid. But.

What can I do? How can I help him? How can I possibly defeat an alien? There's just no way! I don't know what to do!

The more I look at Jovan, the more tears gush out of my eyes. My face is flooded with tears. I don't bother wiping them off. I just lay still in my pit of debris, crying.

Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. Arrrhhh...

JUST. Why…

I scream my head off in frustration.

I believed Jovan could save the day. I placed all of my hopes on him. I was confident that the first day of school would be a great day. For everything to go so wrong is… Fate?

I don't know.

I don't know how to react, nor do I know what action to take.

I feel as if I'm drifting away from reality.
Hope, confidence, inspiration, dreams… all streamed out of me like a river.

The crumbling hole of debris that I lie on top appears more like a floating leaf in a body of water. Jovan seems more like an illusion in a white, plain sky.

Does anything matter anymore? Now that an alien is going to destroy everything. Were we created to get eliminated by aliens?

The world we live in depends solely on logic. Occurrences always happen for a reason. That reason always makes sense.
That logic gives us common sense to live by. It's how we operate. It's how we conclude what is normal and what is strange. We can only comprehend what we understand. And, we can only believe what we want to believe.

Sometimes, what we want to believe doesn't actually exist. So, we turn to entertainment to see our beliefs come true. It's enough to dream, but it's not enough to believe. In the end, some things just don't exist. It would be illogical.

However once the unrealistic becomes realistic, what do you do then?

Do I run away? Do I accept my fate?
Seems like good options. I mean, what else could I do? Fight an unknown alien?

No, that's crazy. The idea, alone, is unimaginable. And, winning the fight makes it more unthinkable.

I'm only me. A normal person who's not special.


Instantly, I see the floating leaf as a pit of debris. The surrounding body of water now appears as a large, crumbling classroom with broken concrete everywhere.

“Jovan was just as normal as me, and he still fought the blue alien.”

I slowly rise to my knees. My dirty, black feet bleeds as they sit on the rocks.

“Jovan was just as terrified as me, but he fought the blue alien.”

I put my hands on my half-torn dress pants to help myself stand up.

“This alien was completely new to Jovan. He knew the alien's intentions, and he still fought the damn thing.”


I drop to the ground after having slipped on a few rocks.

“He knew EVERYTHING, and he still fought the blue alien.”

Despite my left leg getting more bruises, I continue to rise up. I completely disregarded the pain I felt.

Jovan experienced the same things as me, and he fought the blue alien.


I ascend over the hole of debris and spot the blue alien sauntering towards Jovan.

I refuse to run away. I can't run away. Not after everything Jovan did. What kind of brother does that make me? What kind of PERSON does that make me?

I take one long blink before I have to confront the monstrosity that is the blue alien.

Okay, there is a blue alien in front of me. This blue alien is the reason why the school is crumbling. Everybody in the school is hurt. Jovan and I are the only ones who can see it. Jovan did fight the alien. I am the last one standing.


I yell out to the blue alien as it was prepared to kill Jovan where he laid.

The blue alien instantly points his attention towards me as automatic as a robot. It was enough to make me step back and return fear into my eyes.



I clutch my right hand with all of my strength. Each finger inside the palm of my sweating hand.

Crrr-ack, crack.

Unknowingly, I cracked my fingers as a result and my feet were gripped to the floor. All I was focused on was the blue alien.


Wind suddenly gathers around in the area as if a tornado is forming. Yet, neither one of us is fazed by the unexpected gusts of wind. It was as if we were standing in a hurricane.

Whether this is real or not doesn’t matter.

My fearful but brave brown eyes stare into the abyss of the blue alien’s cold diamonds.

All that matters is…


All of the sudden, a large breeze of wind covers half of the area. Multiple amounts of debris flew along with the wind, soared fast in a straight direction. Even blocks of concrete fell as soon as the wind materialized.


Twins 99