Chapter 0:


Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

It was a sunny yet chilly April's day, when the cries of pain were heard in a dark and hidden alley somewhere in Shibuya.Bookmark here

“P-please, let us go...we have learned our lesson...”Bookmark here

Beside the already unconscious delinquent, his heavily beaten up friend groveled on the ground asking for mercy. But the black-haired teenager, who beat them up, was just looking indifferently at him. He began to walk slowly in the direction of the groveling delinquent.Bookmark here

When he stopped walking right before him, the delinquent noticed it and cautiously raised his head. However, as soon as he looked up, he saw something that bewildered him. The eyes of the black-haired boy.Bookmark here

Usually, when a person effortlessly achieved victory or like in this case, completely destroyed his opponents, he would be thrilled and arrogant which is shown in his eyes. But this time, it was different. No sign of being thrilled. No sign of being arrogant. Instead, the black-haired boy had eyes which showed regret and tiredness.Bookmark here

The delinquent was baffled. During his time as a rowdy, he never witnessed something absurd like this. He could not understand why the boy had such an expression after beating him and his buddy up without breaking a sweat.Bookmark here

“Hey.”Bookmark here

After being deep in thoughts, the delinquent snapped back to reality when the boy finally uttered a word. Even though, it was only one single word, it was still enough to make his whole body tense up. He tried to speak up but each time he tried, the words he wanted to say were stuck in his throat.Bookmark here

“Can I ask you something?”Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

“Can't respond, can you? Whatever, I guess.”Bookmark here

Now, being slightly impatient, the boy grabbed him by his neck. Taken by surprise, the delinquent grasped for air and tried to retaliate.Bookmark here

Crash.Bookmark here

Unfazed by the resistance, the boy threw him against some trash cans and then grabbed his hair so that their eyes could meet. Then, the boy let out a heavy sigh.Bookmark here

“Geez, we both want this to end as soon as possible, right? So please don't be like that and just answer me. Understood? If you can't talk then just move your head accordingly, okay?”Bookmark here

The delinquent, who had now teary eyes and a snotty nose, nodded his head desperately multiple times.Bookmark here

“Pretty eager now, are we? Alright, then answer my question. Do you know anything about 'The Owls of Tokyo'?”Bookmark here

Looking a little bit confused, he shook his head in denial.Bookmark here

Seeing his reaction, the teenager sighed in disappointment and let go. The boy concluded that a continuation of this conversation was pointless. Therefore, he proceeded to walk away, leaving the two delinquents alone.Bookmark here

“Dammit, I have sworn to never involve myself in fights anymore...but I had to or else something bad could have happened to her...”Bookmark here

Lamenting about himself, the boy finally exited the dark alley and was immediately confronted with the bright sun and the vivid streets of Shibuya.Bookmark here

“No... I didn't fight those two delinquents so that I could protect the girl. I'm not such a kind and noble hero like those in a manga. In the end, I did it for myself.”Bookmark here

Taking a deep breath, he finally calmed down. As a result, even his hazelnut brown eyes returned from having a tired and remorseful expression to a friendlier and relaxed look.Bookmark here

“Oh man, I'm staring to sound like some edgy kid! Thank god nobody was nearby!”Bookmark here

Then, the high school boy started to hide his face with his right hand out of embarrassment. After standing still like a statue, he took his phone out of his pocket.Bookmark here

“!”Bookmark here

He suddenly realized that he was initially here so he could buy ingredients for dinner, hence he swiftly made his way to the grocery store. But yet again, someone stopped his plan by tapping his shoulder.Bookmark here

“Ehm, excuse me. Are you alright?”Bookmark here

“?”Bookmark here

As he heard the worried and feminine sounding voice, the boy turned around to see who it was. Facing him was a gorgeous young girl approximately his age. She had ocean blue eyes and silky and smooth blonde hair reaching to her waist. The girl wore a blue one piece dress matching her eyes and carried a brown small handbag over her slender shoulder.Bookmark here

However, just like every other healthy high school boy, he unconsciously caught a glimpse of her well-proportioned body and especially of her soft looking thighs.Bookmark here

“Thank you, gene- Ah! I mean, I'm fine. What about you?”Bookmark here

Almost giving an inappropriate comment, he returned to his senses and remembered her. It was the girl who was harassed by the two men and then was rescued by him.Bookmark here

“Thanks to you I am fine... But I deeply apologize for running away and leaving you with those people! I was just too scared...”Bookmark here

While she apologized, she bowed her head to him.Bookmark here

“No need to say sorry. I'm used to such situations, so raise your head already.”Bookmark here

“But-”Bookmark here

“Just be careful from now on if you walk alone, alright? Who knows what could have happened to you if nobody would have stepped in?”Bookmark here

“Yes, I understand...”Bookmark here

After he reprimanded her as if he was her mother she raised her head.Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

“Is something on my face?”Bookmark here

The girl started to stare at the boy's face for quite a while which made him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Then at last, she spoke up again.Bookmark here

“Are you perhaps also attending Tokubetsu High? I am pretty sure that I have seen you there.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, you're right but I've never seen you before.”Bookmark here

“Really? That is-”Bookmark here

Ring.Bookmark here

Before she could finish her sentence, her phone rang. She hastily took out her phone from her handbag and checked who was calling her. Seeing who it was, her face went from a happy expression to a sadder one.Bookmark here

“Excuse me, can you give me a minute?”Bookmark here

“Ah, sure. Go ahead.”Bookmark here

The girl walked away and proceeded to have a heated call. Although the speakers were not on loud, a coarse male voice was heard. It seems like he was shouting at her. She, however, only apologized with an indifferent look on her face.Bookmark here

Due to the boy not wanting to pry any further into her private matters, he decided to turn around to give her more privacy and then also checked his phone.Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

As he turned his phone on, he saw a message from a person.Bookmark here

[Want to come over? My parents are coming home late so I can make us dinner.]Bookmark here

After reading the message, he formed a slight smile on his face. He was happy.Bookmark here

[Sure!]Bookmark here

On the one hand, he was happy because he did not have to buy ingredients anymore and could therefore save some money and on the other hand, he was happy because he would spend some time with his friend.Bookmark here

“I apologize for taking so long! But it seems like I have to go...”Bookmark here

“Oh yeah, no problem. I guess, I will see you at school then?”Bookmark here

“Yes! And thank you for saving me from those people! One day I will make it up to you! See you at school!”Bookmark here

Seeing her cute and pure smile as she thanked him, his heart started to beat faster than normally and his face began to blush.Bookmark here

“Ah! How could I forget! May I ask you for your name? I am Tachibana Emma.”Bookmark here

“O-oh yeah, sure! I'm Ichinose Kazuma.”Bookmark here

 And thus, this boy's romantic adventure full of drama began.Bookmark here

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