Chapter 0:

Wave of sadness.

The ruler of apocalypse

"Huh! What do you mean when you say that you don't want to be with me anymore? what did I do?!" an average teenage boy asks this question to the beautiful girl in front of him.
"Kurosawa-san, it's not you! it's me who is lacking, I am not worthy of your love, you deserve a better person than me. I hope you understand it" said the beautiful girl.
Kurosawa sighs and looks at the girl with a smile and said "Ikari-san, I understand, I hope you find someone better than me and take care of you more than me." 
Yes, that's right. Ikari Yuki is Kurosawa Kei's girlfriend or rather we should say 'was'. The pain was probably too much for Kei to bear but he still kept a nice smile on his face and left while Yuki was trying to call him from behind and apologize to him.
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After Kei left the gate which looked like some sort of school gate, he started running on the open street in this cloudy weather. While running some droplets rolling down started falling, it wasn't his sweat, it was his tears which were rolling down; Kei and Yuki have a lot of memories but Kei was still wondering about why Yuki suddenly broke up with her, even if Kei was a strong person and rarely ever cried, he just couldn't stop being sad.Bookmark here

"I hope that I don't get to see this world again, god if you exist then just tell me why JUST WHY DID IT HAPPEN?!" Kei shouted out loudly and sighed and started laughing "I am being stupid, I asked a question to someone who will never reply." Kei wasn't an atheist but he never had that strong belief in the existence of God. He was too tired and after his heart broke, he decided to have some rest and went to his room and jumped on his bed like a dead body and sighed, he fell asleep soon.
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