Chapter 9:

Chapter 9

Queen of Dodge!

Rasen laughed as he threw a ball at Daisuke at full speed. Daisuke spun and avoided the ball before throwing one of his own. Rasen picked up a ball at his feet and held it out to block the oncoming ball. Daisuke’s ball spun at an immeasurable speed that caused slight friction between them. “Not bad,” Rasen said as he pushed to the side before reeling back the ball in his hand, “If you didn’t go to such a piece of trash school then we might consider you for the team!” He then threw the ball with incredible speed which Daisuke was barely able to dodge,Bookmark here

“Now why would I want to play on the same team with a piece of shit like you?” Daisuke responded before he reached back and grabbed a ball from behind him. “I like the team I’m on, I have my friends and my brother.”Bookmark here

Rasen chuckled, “Your family doesn’t mean shit!” Bookmark here

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Daisuke said as he then advanced and threw the ball, “My family is everything!” Rasen then moved his head to the side to let the ball fly past him. Bookmark here

“Is that so?” Rasen asked as he started to walk backwards, “Then why are you hiding something from them?” Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“Come on man,” Rasen said as he kicked a ball to his hands and said, “I’m a kid who’s seen all kinds of liars, and you seem to look like the biggest one of all!” Bookmark here

“What does he mean?” Ryusuke asked as he rolled out of the way of a ball and over to Daisuke,Bookmark here

“I-“ Daisuke said as he froze, “W-Well, he means….” Rasen then chuckled before he threw the ball directly towards Ryusuke. Daisuke looked at the ball before he turned and rotated in front of Ryusuke. The ball then hit Daisuke in the back causing him to wince in pain as he stumbled forward a bit.Bookmark here

“D-Daisuke…!”Bookmark here

“He means…” Daisuke looked Ryusuke in the eyes before saying, “I don’t know how else to say it, so I’ll just say it, I’m…” he then turned and looked over to the crowd of people to Ryuji before he then looked Ryusuke in the eyes and said, “I’m dating a…I mean…I’m….well-“Bookmark here

“Daisuke,” Ryusuke said with a soft smile, “I already know.”Bookmark here

“What…?”Bookmark here

“Mom and I figured it out, we talked about it with dad and he seems fine with it too. We figured you’d talk to us when you were ready.” Bookmark here

“Ryusuke…” Daisuke said as tears formed in his eyes, he then turned to Ryuji to notice he was sitting with their parents. The three of them were having a conversation and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Bookmark here

“Get out of here,” Ryusuke said, “You’re interfering with the game.”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah, of course.” Daisuke said as he wiped his years before running off to the sidelines. Bookmark here

Minami ran towards Yakuza before she reeled her arm back and threw the ball as hard as she could. Yakuza knocked the ball away with the ball in his hand before throwing it at Minami. Minami’s eyes widened as she was barely able to move out of the way. She growled as she looked down at a red line forming on her face beneath her eye as blood dripped out of it. She then turned back to Yakuza who threw another ball at her. Minami was then hit in the stomach and sent flying backward. She clenched her teeth before she reached down and clasped the sides of the ball with her hands before it rolled off her body allowing herself to still be in the game. Bookmark here

The team's eyes widened to see that Minami had caught the ball Yakuza threw at her. Daisuke then turned to only to be extremely disappointed by the fact that Kyutaro had caught a ball that Gaoma had thrown at the same instant Yakuza threw his. In other words, Yakuza was safe, Gaoma was out, Minami was out, and Rentaro had now joined the game. “Are you okay?” Rentaro asked as he helped Minami off the floor,Bookmark here

“I-I…w-well, I-“Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you back in.”Bookmark here

“Promise…?”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Rentaro said, “The team sacrificed their playing time to get you back in.”Bookmark here

“Okay,” she said as he tossed him the ball before she started to walk off the court, “And Rentaro?” Bookmark here

“Yes?” Rentaro responded as Minami turned to him,Bookmark here

“Kick their ass.”Bookmark here

Rentaro nodded before he then turned to the three opposing players. “Looks like it’s you and me, Ryusuke.” He said as he came to Ryusuke’s side, “Did you confess to my sister yet?”Bookmark here

“I-“ he then turned and looked at Minami who smiled at him and gave him a wave. He blushed before he faced forward and said, “No, not yet. I’ve decided, no matter who wins the game, I’m confessing to her after.”Bookmark here

“Admirable,” Rentaro said, “Now let’s finish this.” Bookmark here

“Yes!” Ryusuke said as he picked up a ball and looked over at Rasen. Rasen chuckled as he approached Ryusuke with his arms stretched out,Bookmark here

“Come on now you scrawny puke! You got lucky last time, let’s see if your luck holds out and you can actually take me out!” Bookmark here

“I will,” Ryusuke said, “I must, I-I have to!” Ryusuke clenched his fist as he then reeled back the ball in his hand. He remembered something from back when he was a child. It was late at night and it was raining. He sat in front of the T.V. with his mother and Daisuke. The pitcher at the baseball game stepped up to the plate and adjusted his cap.Bookmark here

“Woah! There he goes!” Daisuke said as he pointed to the screen, “Go on dad! You can do it!” Bookmark here

Ryusuke’s eyes dazzled as his father reeled back his arm and threw the baseball as hard as he could. “Strike one!” The Umpire said as he threw the ball back to him,Bookmark here

“Woah…”Bookmark here

“Come on dad!!! You almost got them!!!” Daisuke said,Bookmark here

Their father then threw the next ball before the Umpire said, “Strike two!”Bookmark here

“Yes!!! One more and we can win this!!!”Bookmark here

“Daddy…” Ryusuke said in total awe, he then smiled before he said, “You can do it daddy! I believe in you!!!” His father then threw the next ball and the Umpire said.Bookmark here

“Strike three! Out!!! That’s the game!!!”Bookmark here

“YES!!!!” The three of them cheered in unison before embracing in a family hug. Bookmark here

“Dad was cool!” Daisuke said Bookmark here

“He really was, wasn’t he?” Their mother replied,Bookmark here

“One day I want to be just as good at sports as daddy!!!” Ryusuke said with a beaming smile.Bookmark here

As Ryusuke’s mind returned to the real world his glare on Rasen intensified, “I can do this…! I’ll be a great athlete like dad!!! I know I can!!!” He then screamed as he then threw the ball through the air. Rasen chuckled before quickly moving out of the way. As the ball rolled back to him he bounced it into his hands and said, Bookmark here

“Come on! Do better than that, you little twerp!!!” Rasen said as he then threw the ball as hard as humanly possible. Ryusuke grit his teeth before he quickly rolled to the side. When he did, Ryusuke had rolled right into the line of fire between Kyutaro and Rentaro. Ryusuke then reached his arms out and caught the ball Kyutaro had thrown. Kyutaro’s eyes widened,Bookmark here

“Impossible…” Kyutaro said,Bookmark here

“YES!!!” Minami screamed,Bookmark here

“WAY TO GO RYUKO!!!!” Gaoma screamed, Bookmark here

Minami ran out onto the court and embraced Ryusuke in a tight hug, “Ugh!!! You were so freaking cool just now!!!!” Ryusuke blushed heavily before saying,Bookmark here

“Thanks, Minami!” Bookmark here

“Maybe I was wrong,” Rentaro thought with a smile, “Perhaps Minami truly likes him more than I thought she did.” Rentaro the gave a soft hum as he felt Yakuza’s glare land on him. Rentaro then looked Yakuza the n the eyes as he said to himself, “However, for some reason this is the person my sister truly loves.” Bookmark here

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