Chapter 1:

The first awakening

Elemental: The road to power

*Ring Ring* My alarm clock goes off and I wake up to a confused state "What was
. I yawn as I leave my futon and head into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. After freshening up I go downstairs still with the feeling I'm missing
something. "Good morning! How did you wake up? Must be hard with the time
change" my mom asks nicely.

I lived in Colombia before my dad divorced my mom, for what reason? I still don't
know, my mom won't let me know but it's fine I don't really care. We moved to Japan after the divorce, we arrived 2 days ago and I already need to go to school ."Fine,
kinda tired still"
, I say tiredly, "It's your first day of school! Aren't you excited?". I don't listen to her and try to remember what happened at night, I can't remember much,
 just the fact that I felt something in my heart, something like a flame of sorts.
"Hello? Hello? Earth to Martin, hey chop-chop come on you need to go to school,
 you'll be l

I finish my thinking and hurry to get dressed. I jump the stairs grab an apple and
start speeding over to the school. Finally, I get to go to school, hopefully, meet new
people and make some friends I've been training my Japanese for this moment. I run
through the streets to try to reach the school in time. While approaching the school I arrive at the last turn until I get to the building that's when it hits me, the same
feeling as last night. I ignore the feeling only to get stronger the more I get close,
"Am I nervous? no way I'm super excited"
. Sadly those words were about to change
since the second I turn the right to finally get to school I saw something terrible. The school is floating, or more precisely, a man is making the school float.
That was the second my life changed forever.