Chapter 16:


The Scorned

As soon as Selene walked into the King's chambers, I began to pace. I wasn't worried about her safety. I was bothered by how true her words were. There was a lot I wanted to do, but she was the one best suited for the situation. Though if I was her master, shouldn't I be the one making these decisions?

I was interrupted from my thoughts by one of the guards talking to me. Looking up, I noticed the guards were annoyed that I wasn't paying attention to them. One of them stepped up to me and rudely said, "There is nothing more for you here. You can leave."

Smiling at him, I continued to play dumb and responded, "No, thank you. I will wait for my wife." The soldier looked highly annoyed by my reaction and grabbed hold of my cloak. He roughly pulled me to him as he said, "You don't understand. Your wife now belongs to the King, and he will do with her as he wants."

Feigning innocence, I asked, "But he has a wife and a daughter. Isn't that wrong?"

Hearing this, all the soldiers began to laugh, and another stated, "Being Queen doesn't mean anything. Her only job was to give him a son, and she couldn't do that. So really, what good is she?"

Between somehow feeling Selene's anger and the soldier's disrespect for the Queen, I couldn't pretend anymore. I was about to figure out just how strong I was, when the King suddenly let out a pained scream from behind the door. Before the soldiers could react, I stationed myself in front of the door and, with my first genuine smile, said, "Well, it seems like my wife has started her fun, so I can start mine."

The soldiers were quiet for a moment as they took in what they heard, then suddenly sprang into action. The first two charged at me with swords drawn and took wild swings. Their blades looked like they were moving in slow motion, and I was able to easily dodge both. While their momentum was carrying them forward, I slammed both of my fists into their ribs, enjoying the crunching sound their bones made.

The remaining few guards with me were shocked by my display of power. To my disappointment, they took off running. Suddenly alone, I turned my attention back to one of the guards on the floor.

Effortlessly picking him up with only one hand, I held him in front of my face, forcing him to stare at me. With a snarl, I asked, "Let me see if I have got this right. The Queen deserves to die because she had a daughter? You think my wife is more attractive so the King can just have her? Well then, wouldn't my job be to protect her and make sure she stays safe?!"

At this point, I was yelling into his face out of anger and landed another solid punch into his stomach, sending him flying across the hallway. Turning my attention to the other guard, I saw fear in his eyes, which spurred me on. Picking him up the same way, I continued yelling as feelings seemed to pour out of me.

The man was staring back at me with wide eyes as I yelled, "I have lost everything in my life! Then I meet someone who might be able to understand what I went through, and you try to take her from me?! She confided everything in me, and you expect me to just let her go?! I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and make sure that she finds her friend!"

I surprised myself with what I was saying. Everything came out of my mouth at once, even though I hadn't given it much thought. The guard I was holding had no idea what I was talking about, but I gave him a wicked smile and said, "Thanks for listening." The guard gave me a confused look, but I effortlessly tossed him down the hall, making sure that he joined his friend.

For the first time in a long time, I had a goal that wasn't just to survive. I was going to make sure Selene found her friend. Hell, I was going to make sure she had whatever she wanted.

Turning around, I was surprised to see the door was open, and Selene stared at me with big eyes. Slowly walking towards me, she asked quietly, "Did you really mean what you said? Will you help me find my friend and take care of me?"

I pulled her in close for a hug and responded softly, "We only have each other. I think it's time that we take care of each other." Hearing this, Selene burst into tears clutching my chest. Between sobs, she managed to choke out, "I've been so lonely. Please don't leave me."

Hearing her cry, any doubt that I had about what I said disappeared. I don't know what it was, but I had the need to protect her, and I wanted nothing more than to see her happy. Brushing a tear from her cheek, I said, "I promise I won't leave you, and I promise you will never feel lonely again."

Hearing this, Selene pressed her face against my chest and whispered out, "Thank you." Holding her close, I ran my fingers through her hair and looked past her into the gruesome mess she left in the King's room. I was happy to see that the King had suffered, and it looked like the women with him did, as well. I took the view in with a smile. Selene had stopped crying, and right now, nothing else mattered.