Chapter 1:

Prologue: Unknown Forest

The one to become The Adventurer

"It's not that I'm sick of life, but i guess it can get pretty boring." a figure spoke, as if replying to someone. He was standing on an object in the centre of the lake that connected to the entrance of a cave. Bookmark here

"I guess that's my own fault though, I've been living here for at least 3 centuries and nobody but you guys ever comes by." he spoke again, in reply. However there was no other person with him. All there was were sounds, sounds made by magical creatures to accompany those replies. Bookmark here

"No, no. I actually appreciate the company. That said, it's the new generation already. You've already got two youngins with you. I'm happy but it just goes to show my age." He spoke again in reply to one of those sounds made by those creatures. Bookmark here

More and more, various sounds continued to fill the space as if in conversation, which lead the figure to reply once again. Bookmark here

"You know what, I've decided, I'll get out of this forest and see how it's like outside these boundaries." he said, this time as if making a decisive statement. Bookmark here

This was followed by sounds from two creatures, those that seemed to be leading the group at the apparent conference. These two creatures proceeded to point out two of the group. Bookmark here

"Huh? You want me to name them and take them with me?" the figure replied in surprise, which was met with what seemed like noises of approval. Bookmark here

"Hm... well if you insist." he said, a cheery smile on his face. He then proceeded to the two that had been previously. Bookmark here

"You shall be Arcina." he said, holding the creature on its head and bestowing his mana apon it. This caused the creature to jiggle with what seemed to be happiness. Bookmark here

"You shall be Mariena." he said, holding his other hand on the creature, which caused it to howl in joy. Bookmark here

"From now on, you are to be considered my children and i shall offer you my power as well." As he said that, the creatures evolved. Bookmark here

The creatures who had been looking on began making sounds of what seemed to be celebration. Howls and purrs and all sorts of manner of sound was heard from the group. The leaders then stepped forward once more and continued to speak to the figure. Bookmark here

"It's not a problem at all. If I'm going to tour the world, i should bring them with me. They are your and my precious adopted children after all." the figure replied after the sounds stopped. Bookmark here

"I never would have thought to adopt a slime or a Fafnir either, but it'll be an interesting experience." he continued, as the said creatures stuck close to him. Bookmark here

The leader of the creatures spoke once more, which was followed by others chirping or howling in. Bookmark here

"Well you would figure but it's not that simple. I'm a rare breed. I'm a mutant so i wouldn't be compatible with my kind. This bipedal form is unusual yet I use it with a baffling simplicity." he said in reply. Bookmark here

"Oh? Humans? Is that how i appear to you?" he said, replying to one of the group who had spoken up. Bookmark here

"You see them often?" he replied to another. Bookmark here

"I'm also talking the same... Well then... That's interesting." he said, as if he learned new information. Bookmark here

"That said, I'm not exactly a fan of humans. Every encounter I've had with them has been bad. I guess it's because of my heritage. I'll transform to look more like them then" he said, instantly changing certain aspects of his appearance. Bookmark here

This caused some of the group to murmur and squeak and howl.
The leader also spoke, causing the rest to quiet down. Bookmark here

"Well at least i still have my horn and markings. That's the only ogre heritage i have by the looks of it. But even then, those are easily hidden by magic. Or by simply doing this." he said in reply to the leader of the creature group. He also proceeded to use his hair to cover his misplaced horn. Bookmark here

"Fun right? Well. Let's get going." he said to the slime and Fafnir, Arcina and Mariena, as he entered the cave. Bookmark here

After a few moments in the cave, he exited while wearing clothes of exquisite design, something akin to what a rich merchant or noble would wear in public. However in contrast, he had black fingerless gloves with oricalcum in the knuckles and adamantium strips in the palms in a skeletal hand design. Bookmark here

"Well, Arcina, Mariena, it's about time to venture out into the world. Since I look human, i decided I should go and be an adventurer like I've heard so much about from the Goldbaun clan stories." He said, bending down to pet them both. Bookmark here

"Farewell to you all. I hope to see you, or future generations of you when I come back here. Please live for as long as possible and wait for our return." he said, waving to the creatures who had been his family behind. Bookmark here

"Now, we're all set my girls. I wonder what awaits us. I'm excited." he said to his companions. 
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Golden Boy
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