Chapter 0:

How it all turned out this way

Parts of memory

*Phone ringing*

- Rover your cell phone is ringing, and you're late for school so wake up!

-Ok mom I'm coming, hello rover speaking...

Why would anyone call me at this hour? Do I really have something to do? It's... School.

-... And man you're late for soccer.

- Sorry, but who else?

- Huh? It's me, John, from the same class as you, we arranged to go play soccer at the schoolyard, remember? Hurry up or you'll miss your spot.

- Oh I remember, ok I'm coming.

What outfit should I wear? I think the sports one, right?

- Son won't you have coffee?

- Sure mom, I forgot.

- Are you going to play soccer with the boys today?

- Yes dad... Oh I could hang out with some friends later today after school?

- Sure you can, just don't go out in strange places.

- Ok dad.

- Bye mom and dad.

- Bye mom and dad. *said them both*

Oh that's right, Jane's always late so I thought I'd stop by since it's close by.

Now I remembered that I didn't tell you that today there's no school and I was just going to play soccer... Today I am more forgetful than usual, and will they really go out today?

- Oh Rover! Hi, what are you doing here in your school sports uniform? You know there's no school today, right?

- Hi Jane, you talk a lot, huh? I'm going to do what anyway? Hey man, I was just saying what I was going to do today... Oh I'm going to play soccer with John and the others.

- I'm late so if you'll excuse me bye.

- See you later Rover, don't forget it's back to school tomorrow!

What do you mean, back to school tomorrow? How many days of recess did they have? Do my parents know that there is no school today, but didn't tell me because they thought I knew?

When I turned to ask questions, she had already left.

But yesterday, didn't I go to school as usual? I guess the memory loss got stronger, but I'm going to play soccer even if I forget what a ball is!

Arriving at the schoolyard they were already playing.

- Aee! John can we still get in?

- Of course! How could the forward not join the team?

Attacker? What do you mean, I played soccer? Probably, because they called me.

I entered as a striker in the first team that was formed, as it was a field they said it was going to be 5-4-1, as far as I remember, these are the formations of the players.

In my team I didn't remember anyone, but as I played with them I remembered them.

"The defender was Rock, he looked like a tall, strong mountain, The goalkeeper was Rick Rock's brother only instead of that one looking like a mountain he looked like a lamppost."

"The left defender was ... if I'm not mistaken he's called Diogo I didn't know much about him because he was new to the country."

"The right defender...that was good, he played like a real right defender..."


- What was it SON!

- My head is aching.

- Son... hold on...

Huh hospital? Why?

Why are there two people with me? Do I know them?

- B-Good morning could you tell me who you are?

A- Yes dear...

I wonder why they would be sad for someone they don't even know.

They call themselves my parents, but, maybe it's real since I don't remember anything? I don't know maybe not or maybe yes...


-Is this your house?

-Not only ours but yours too!

Maybe I've lost my memory, what is it?


So my name is ro...ver...

Hospital again...

-From the tests we did on him, he has lost a part of his memory which causes him to have some lapses.

-Can I ask you a question?

-Of course!

-Are you the couple who were with a boy named Rover?

-Yes, we are.

-So you left before the final exams so you happened to come to the hospital ahead of schedule.

-Ah! -Okay, when's your next hospital visit?

-Two months from now.

-He's waking up!

-Hey rover, remember me?

-I think so, I just don't know your name.

-Your father's name is Saymon, your mother's name is Ayumi and the doctor's name is Briam....

2 Years Later

I think I am ready to go to school now!

Because I feel that every day I am becoming more independent although I still suffer a little,
 and I have been out of school for two years now. I would like to at least spend my last year in school.

-Good morning, Mom.

-Good morning, son.

-Where's Dad?

-He went to work.

. In these two years we haven't received anyone at home because we prefer not to have any
 problems with recognition and such things.

-Mom, I would like to go back to school because I feel that I am getting better every day, can I?

-We'll see about that when your father arrives, okay?

-Of course, no problem.

. What do I do until his time comes? I know... I'll play

Minecraft? Or CS:GO?

I think I'll play mine

A while later

I think I'm managing to play... At least how to play I remember a little bit... A walk forward W

 backward... Ok, the basics I know.

-Son, come for coffee!

-Ok! I'm coming!

How do you make an enchantment table? 

 If I'm not mistaken it was 4 obisidians: 2 diamonds and 1 book.

-Ah! -On time for the cake, I thought it would take longer.

And opening the door was my father.

-Hello family, I'm home!

-Hey dad, I know you just got here, but after breakfast can I ask you something?

-Ah... Sure!

After that we went for coffee, and it was very good. There was chocolate cake with chocolate filling.

-Honey, how is the cake?

-It's great, honey!

Soon after we finished breakfast I asked him if I could go to school.

-So you want to go to school?

-Yes ... Dad

-You know that you have just left the hospital!

-Ah Dad ... It's been two years since you left the hospital.

-Now you're 17, but you've missed two years of school. Do you know what two years is? It's the equivalent of eight seasons! Do you know what eight seasons is? 730 days. So of course you can go to school and it's also your last year.

-Thank you Dad!

-And as I kind of anticipated this I went to school and made your enrollment you start on Monday.

-Ok, it won't be a problem waiting since it's Friday.

-Good... I think I'll go back to mine.

Did I get the enchantment table, Sharpness or Knockback? I don't know, I'll look it up...Sharpness is better although Knockback plays away.

Okay, I'm going to sleep until dinner time.

-Honey, come here! He's not waking up!

-Calm down honey, let's get him to the hospital.

-What's this about why you're taking me to the car? Are you sure you are my parents? Well I guess there's some explanation?

-Of course there is. -Let me explain.

Your mother was going to the bathroom on the second floor when she passed by your room and the door was half open, so she opened it to see if everything was okay, when you were lying on the computer table and we thought you had fainted.

-That's the explanation we have.

-Ok so...

-It's so... Dinner is burning...

-Oh, the food!

-Looks like we're going to have to eat delivery... Pizza! Let's eat pizza!

Then we ate the pizza, without much conversation and went to bed.

Saturday didn't have anything cool so let's go to Sunday.

Sunday I woke up with a stomach ache because of anxiety. When it was time for lunch it got better.

-Did your stomach pain get better?

-It seems so, Mom.

-Then it's good.

I thought Dad would be home, but I guess he's not.-Mom, where's dad?-He went to pick up his school uniform, yes on a Sunday.School uniform, huh? A while ago I didn't think I'd be wearing that again, but I'm going.

-I'm home

-Oh dad!

-Here's your uniform.

-Thank you dad!

I think tomorrow it will be unnoticeable that I'm not from school...

-Come to lunch!

-Rover, is your stomach okay?

-Now I'm sure everything is fine!


The long awaited day has arrived...

-Rover Wake up!

-That reminds me of something... I'm coming

Joe Gold

Parts of memory