Chapter 3:

The new member (Takara)

Special Fighting Club

Aka-kun salutes. „General I have news.”
“Tell me Private, what have you found out?”
“The first year targets name: Suzuki Katsu, Class 1-A.”
“Good work. What else?”
His shoulders drop. “That’s it. I think he doesn´t like me. I tried to talk to him but he said ugh and left.”
“Ok. Try again.”
He nods.
“General I have news too.” Chi-kun salutes too.
“I found a new way to get Koto to come back. I stopped asking him. The other second years and I decided to just talk about practice.” He points at a corner. A red haired boy jolts and runs away. “I think that´s a lot more effective.”
“That´s the ace?” Aka-kun askes.
Chi-kun and I nod. “He´s a scaredy-cat.” I say.
“Nah, he´s just nervous.” Chi-kun says.

A few days go by before Aka-kun comes running towards me. “Takara-senpai, I have good news.”
Taiki and Kei look interested too.
“But I may have messed something up.” Aka-kun continues.
“What have you done?” Taiki asks.
“I made a bet. Suzuki and I are going to fight. If he wins he joins the team.”
“That´s great!” I hug Aka-kun.
“And if you lose?” Kei asks.
“I´m not allowed to talk to him again and I have to leave the team.”
The three of us stare at him unbelieving.
“That´s why I said I might have messed up. But I´m good, I can do it.” He tries to reassure us. “Takara-senpai could you be our referee?”
I point at myself. “Me? Why?”
“Yeah why?” Kei asks.
Taiki puts an arm around me. “She´s the captain, that´s why. Akaya-kun good luck. Break a leg, not literally though.”

Another few days go by until the big day of the fight arises. Aka-kun and I are waiting for Suzuki Katsu after practice ends. Chi-kun also joined us.
The door slides open. A tall blonde boy with glasses enters. “Let´s get this over with.” He says bored.
Aka-kun runs up to him. “To a good fight.” He holds out a hand.
“Who are those two?” Suzuki Katsu points at me and Chi-kun.
“She´s our Captain and referee for today. The other one is one of our second years.” Aka-kun answers.
“Isn´t that kind of unfair?”
I walk up to them. “Don´t worry I´ll be a neutral ref.”
Suzuki Katsu shrugs. “Fine.”
They get ready. Starring at each other as if they want to kill the other.
“Are you sure this is a normal sports fight and not a battle to the death?” Chi-kun asks.
“Dunno.” I shrug. “They´re just taking this really seriously I guess.”
Suzuki Katsu points angrily at Aka-kun. “Do you know how annoying this guy is? Waiting at my locker every morning. Pestering me during lunch. Putting letters in my locker and my desk!”
Chi-kun and I look at each other. “Are we sure Nura asked for a fight and not a date?” He asks.
“Does it matter?” I ask.
“Could we start now?” Suzuki Katsu asks even more pissed.
I walk up to the ring. “On your positions. Standard 18 Points fight. Start!”

“Don´t even think you have a chance.” Suzuki Katsu says, turning into a flaming phoenix.
Aka-kun just smiles and turns into a massive black hound with flames swirling around his fur. He runs towards Suzuki jumping and managing to dig his fangs into one of his legs.
“Point gain Aka-kun 1-0.”
Suzuki shakes him of and dives towards the hound. He picks him up with his beak flies into the air and throws him onto the ground again. He does that several times.
“Point gain Suzuki 1-7.”
Aka-kun manages to jump out of the way, does a backflip turning into his hybrid form. Charcoal appearing in his hands, he lights them on fire with his tail and pitches them towards the still flying Suzuki.
“Point gain Aka-kun 6-7.”
One of the coals hits Suzuki on the forehead. He loses balance falling to the ground.
“Point gain Aka-kun 7-7.”
Suzuki turns into his hybrid form trying to get up. Aka-kun, back in his Hellhound form jumps onto him.
“15, 14, 13, 12…”
Suzuki manages to get Aka-kun off of him, fire in hands he shoots little flames at the hound.
“Point gain Suzuki 7-11.”
Suzuki turns back into a phoenix, flying into the air again, still shooting flames. Aka-kun dodges them. Running at full speed he jumps onto Suzuki’s back, biting into his shoulder. He uses his weight to get Suzuki to fall again.
“Point gain Aka-kun 9-11.”
Both turn back into hybrid form. Aka-kun sitting on Suzuki punches him in the face, shoulder, chest and stomach over and over again.
“Point gain Aka-kun 16-11.”
Suzuki struggles but manages to punch back.
“Point gain Suzuki 16-16.”
Suzuki stands back up. Aka-kun smiles, runs towards Suzuki his head hitting Suzuki in the stomach and one more punch in the face. Suzuki goes down.
“Point gain Aka-kun 18-16. Aka-kun won!”

Suzuki sits on the ground still not grasping that he lost. “How?” He looks up to Aka-kun. “Your whole plan was really to just rip me out of the air and have a brawl?”
Aka-kun smiles and holds out a hand for Suzuki. “My fists hurt like hell, don´t they?”
“You´re a Hellhound for heaven’s sake you could do so much more than just beat the shit out of someone.”
I smile at Suzuki. “Welcome to the team Kat-kun!”
“Kat-kun?” He looks at me confused.
“Moring practice starts a 6, hope to see you then.” Chi-kun smiles.
“I´ll introduce everyone to you tomorrow.” I say.
Kat-kun mumbles. “I can´t believe I lost.”
We get ready to leave, it´s pretty late now. While locking the door I catch a glimpse of red hair running around a corner and can´t help but smile.

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