Chapter 4:

Summoning the Generals

The Children of Eris

As soon as the figures had fully formed, colour returned to the world and time moved onwards.Bookmark here

The figures dropped to one knee, their heads turned to the ground.Bookmark here

When each introduced themselves, they lifted their heads and spoke loudly and clearly to their new master.
Bookmark here

“Abaddon, Demon of Destruction, your loyal servant, Lord Emperor.”Bookmark here

Abaddon was a tall, extremely muscular demon wearing demonic looking plate armour that complimented his title perfectly. It looked like it was made of molten rock and he had glowing orange eyes like a furnace beneath his helmet.Bookmark here

I hope he’s as strong as he looks. Bookmark here

“Mania, Goddess of Death, at your service, Master.”Bookmark here

Unlike Abaddon, Mania was sparingly wearing her armour. She was dressed in a short corset dress made of metal and plate greaves, and had fingerless chainmail gloves that reached to her elbows, leaving her bloodred, knife-like nails on display. She had a whip and satanic-looking dagger at her hips and large bat wings sprouting from her back. Bookmark here

It wasn’t a practical outfit to wear in battle, but David assumed she dressed in such revealing clothes because she was a succubus.Bookmark here

Perhaps when she’s in battle she’ll wear more armour.Bookmark here

She also had a beautiful face, long ebony hair and her eyes were a deep shade of red.Bookmark here

As David stared at her, Mania looked up and met his gaze, smiling seductively at him.Bookmark here

Under normal circumstances, David would’ve been enchanted by her looks.Bookmark here

“Mímir, Lord of Knowledge. Ready to serve, your majesty.”Bookmark here

Mímir was wearing grey leather armour with a thin white scarf wrapped around his neck, a sword strapped to his side and plenty of daggers strapped in belts across his body. His eyes were a soulless grey and his hair was snow white.Bookmark here

He was also wearing gloves that were made from leather but had metal lining the top of them, and razor-sharp fingertips at the end connected to wires wrapped in a container on the back of his hands.Bookmark here

Out of every possibility that David had imagined Mímir would look like, he hadn’t expected him to look like a rogue out of an RPG.Bookmark here

When he had first chosen Mímir, David had been worried about his own decision for one crucial reason; in Norse legends, Mímir was beheaded during a great war and his head was then kept by Odin and gave him wisdom.Bookmark here

However, David had gambled on the possibility of Eris not giving him a literal human head as a servant and, thankfully, it had paid off.Bookmark here

Maybe the scarf around his neck hides the scar.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a burning, throbbing pain spouted in his head. David groaned in agony as his vision went hazy and he struggled to keep his balance. Bookmark here

What the-?!Bookmark here

The pain grew again and David bit his lip to stop himself from crying out in pain. Bookmark here

“Lord Emperor? Are you feeling alright?”Bookmark here

David snapped back to his servants as the pain began to die down. They were all looking up at him with expectant, if slightly concerned, eyes.Bookmark here

Whatever that pain had been, he didn’t have time to worry about it.Bookmark here

Right now, he was the Demon Emperor.Bookmark here

“You must live the character in their entirety to be able to act as them.”Bookmark here

“I am fine, Abaddon,” David said in the deepest and most powerful voice he could make. “I was merely a little exhausted from being summoned here.”Bookmark here

Reassured, Abaddon nodded and lowered his head again. Bookmark here

“Master, we eagerly await your commands."Bookmark here

“Indeed. Your majesty, what is our first move?”Bookmark here

First move?Bookmark here

“Before that,” David said. “I want to ask you all this; do you all know the reason why I summoned you all here?”Bookmark here

“Yes,” Abaddon said. “We are your loyal servants, Lord Emperor, and exist only to serve you.”Bookmark here

“It is also our pleasure to assist you in fulfilling your ambitions, Master,” Mania added with a bright smile. Bookmark here

“My ambitions?”Bookmark here

Right…of course. Bookmark here

David let out a low laugh.Bookmark here

For Eris’s setting to work, it had to be David’s plan to conquer the world, not hers. Bookmark here

Right now, he wasn’t David Athelward; he was the Demon Emperor.Bookmark here

“Yes, but, for now, that is nothing more than a dream,” David mused. “It is a dream that we will make a reality, slowly but surely. However, for now, we need a temporary base and information.”Bookmark here

“As you say, your majesty. Might I suggest that we head to the mountains for the time being?”Bookmark here

“Based on what reasons, Mímir?”Bookmark here

“We appear to be far from any nearby villages, fortress or towns but, for all we know, this open plain is travelled along frequently, meaning that our presence could be discovered right away. Therefore, I believe it would be prudent to head to the mountains and either find a cave to stay in, or create one ourselves should we need to.”Bookmark here

“If we need to, I’d be able to make a gigantic one in minutes!” Abaddon proudly proclaimed.Bookmark here

Impressive. He came up with such a well thought out idea so quickly. David smiled a little. Maybe being the Demon Emperor won’t be as hard as I thought.Bookmark here

“Very well. Then, let us make haste.”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

By the time night had fallen, David and his generals had found a large, partially flooded, cave with high ceilings and a vast view that allowed them to see for miles around.Bookmark here

Abaddon had started a fire, conjuring flames from his hand and setting alight some wood he had found in the cave. Mania was standing guard at the mouth of the cave; her eyes were now a light blue as she gazed into the darkness, for she had the gift of night vision. Mímir had briefly left to explore their surroundings outside of the cave, checking for any potential threats and then began formulating plans to acquire the resources that they were lacking. Bookmark here

David hadn’t ordered them to do any of that; they had taken the initiative and come up with their own tasks to do, then asked David for his permission to act as such.Bookmark here

As his generals acted, David’s mind wandered as he looked down at his own body again and again.Bookmark here

I want to see if I still look the same or not.Bookmark here

After Eris had given David his power and, in her own words, remade his body at a genetic level, he wondered if she had altered his appearance at all, or if he was just the same as he had always been. Bookmark here

However, when they’d arrived at the cave, there was no clean water or surface where he could see his reflection clearly in it. He could ask his generals but he was worried that it might make them suspicious of him. Bookmark here

If David’s own generals didn’t think he was the Demon Emperor, then that could cause problems in of itself.Bookmark here

I don’t think my normal face is that scary, David laughed quietly to himself. I wonder if Kara or Hailey would make fun of me for trying to act like a big, bad villain.Bookmark here

David closed his eyes.Bookmark here

Don’t think about them! He told himself. If you do, you’ll get distracted and get them killed. Bookmark here

If I’m going to do this, I have to do it right.Bookmark here

He took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and exhaled. He turned his attention to his generals.Bookmark here

They seem capable enough so far, David thought, resting his back against a smooth rock chair that Abaddon had made for him. It’s hard to say for sure because I know nothing about this world, its people, what’s considered strong, what’s considered weak, or what kind of monsters there are. Bookmark here

He frowned and found his fingers digging into the chair’s arms. The thing I’m most worried about is how powerful I am. Eris said that she gave me power, but how much? Is it a lot or a little, or is it something that I have to earn? Bookmark here

In his old world, David had been a big fan of fantasy games and stories, as had his friends. His friends had told him about stories where people got summoned to other worlds, and that some of them acted like a game, but he never asked for any details. David remembered them telling him of stories where the protagonists could do anything with ease and others where it was just the opposite. Bookmark here

I need to know which end of the spectrum I’m on. If I’m meant to be the Demon Emperor, then I should be on the higher end of the scale, or have the potential to get that powerful. If I’m not, how the hell am I going to be able to do this?Bookmark here

“Does something trouble you, Master?” Bookmark here

David glanced to his side and found Mania looking at his face with a troubled expression. Then, once they made eye contact, she dropped onto one knee and lowered her head. Bookmark here

“Forgive my rudeness, but I worried that you were upset. When I heard the stone break, I-” Bookmark here

“Wait."Bookmark here

Mania went silent.Bookmark here

David looked down at his hands and, just as Mania had said, he’d broken both arms of the stone chair into tiny pieces whilst he’d been lost in thought. Bookmark here

David smiled.Bookmark here

“I’m actually in quite a good mood, Mania.”Bookmark here

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