Chapter 1:


The Dawn Of A New Age

Dark. Bookmark here

Everything is dark, I can’t see anything and I can only hear my thoughts ringing in my head like a church bell. Bookmark here

Am I dead? Bookmark here

Has the world ended? Bookmark here

Am I floating into the empty void remains of something that once was an universe? Bookmark here

How did it come to this? Bookmark here

Where did I go wrong? Bookmark here

Where did we go wrong? Bookmark here

It’s dark…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I turn on the other side as a loud voice keeps bugging me and soft hands keep shaking my shoulders. Bookmark here

“Yoshi, wake up! Wake up I said! You’ll be late to school if you sleep any longer. You haven’t even had breakfast yet!” Bookmark here

“Alright, alright, I’ll come. Just go ahead, I’m right behind you.” Bookmark here

The one that just left is my 8 years old sister, Narumi, Narumi Kudara. Bookmark here

I hardly get up, dress up, go straight to the bathroom and as soon as I enter I look in the mirror. Bookmark here

All I can see is the disappointing image of a 17 years old high school student, with a height of 1.80 meters or so, blue eyes and a messy black hair. Bookmark here

“Look at you Yoshiki, you’re a mess! Wake up!” Bookmark here

I say as I softly slap my cheeks in hope of improvement. Bookmark here

I quickly wash my teeth and face then head down to the kitchen. Bookmark here

My mother and sister are eating and giving me an expecting look as I get close to the table.
It’s only been the three of us ever since father died 2 years ago. Bookmark here

I still remember that day like yesterday. Bookmark here

We were watching a movie on a random channel that night when we heard knocks at the door.
It seems like it was the police, reporting our father’s death in a car accident. Bookmark here

He wasn’t the one at fault. Bookmark here

Two years have passed since then so the waters cooled down a bit, but I still think about him every day. Bookmark here

“Aren’t you going to eat, honey? You shouldn’t space out like this while on stairs, you might fall.” Bookmark here

My mother’s voice wakes me up from my reminiscing so I sit down and start eating. Bookmark here

“Sorry mom, I was just thinking about some stuff.” Bookmark here

“Aren’t we all?” Bookmark here

After that short dialogue I quietly finish my meal, pick up my bag from the chair and head out. Bookmark here

“I’m off.” Bookmark here

“Take care!” Bookmark here

I hear the voices of my mother and sister as I leave the house. Bookmark here

Little did I know that this would be the last time to hear their beautiful voices. Bookmark here

I take a deep breath and start walking the road to school in the exciting Akihabara, the city where, as I would eventually find out, everything is possible. Bookmark here

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