Chapter 0:

Prologue-Nothing changes a person quite like a Near Death Experience

The Aftermath of the Magic Apocalypse

Prologue - Nothing changes a person quite like a Near Death Experience

For the majority of people who face death, we generally experience one of these five reactions:

Despair: Being so terrified and feeling so powerless that we can’t think of anything else. That feeling when your legs are too wobbly to run, you just can’t stop crying out, your body is trembling all over, you find it hard to breathe, or you shut out everything so you don’t have to face that what is happening is real. Even for the logical ones, overwhelming despair overrides what we may be telling ourselves.

Fight: You overcame your fear enough and see a way to overcome the danger using your wits, or perhaps your physical abilities, or maybe you and others around you will cooperate to improve all your chances to survive. Or maybe we take the path of valor, giving up our lives in order to give those around us a chance to survive.

Flight: Whether it’s because you are confident in your ability to get away, or you decide to leave someone else to die, or you have a compelling reason that drives you to your limit to get away, you give it your all

Insanity: Those who experience this have either been overwhelmed by despair or they are so used to death coming for them, but their actions are unpredictable and they are as dangerous, sometimes more dangerous than the cause of the death throes. If you are able to maintain your fortunate enough to notice such a person, get away from them

Regret: When one accepts they are going to die and believes there is no hope, perhaps this is our body’s way to cope with the end.

The first time I thought I was going to die, I experienced both despair and regret in that moment, even though I prided myself as a logical thinker. I never would have guessed at that time, my first encounter with death would result in an experience that would forever change my life. To this day, I am still grateful for that event. But, I would not want to experience that again, if possible, nor would I wish such an experience on anyone else, no matter how much of a bad or annoying person they may be. Because going through 3 near death experiences in just 5 days is more than enough for a lifetime, thank you very much.