Chapter 7:

Based Steakhouse

Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

“There’s one, get him!”Bookmark here

Another couple of freshmen jumped straight into the ball pit of acid and died. Vorelando was sitting on his island cross legged, growing increasingly bored.Bookmark here

He was practically untouchable on this island, he had eliminated 8 people by doing precisely nothing. Unless someone came at him from above he was in a great position. But with so little to do, he was finding it hard to keep focus, he had nearly fallen asleep a couple of times.Bookmark here

That was dangerous, if he actually did fall asleep and someone came from above or someone with long ranged vore abilities and a brain passed by, that might be it for him. There was also the possibility that the acid pool might start rising at any moment, though, there wasn’t much he was going to be able to do about that either way.Bookmark here

He decided to start doing some aerobic exercises to keep himself fresh and awake. Bookmark here

“Look at this queer doing yoga in the ball pit, get him!”Bookmark here

3 more people, eliminated by the ball pit.Bookmark here

“I wonder what Kobe is up to right now?”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bang. Kobe ran straight into another mirror and further shattered his already broken nose. He had been at this for a while, running from his own reflections. Some of the mirrors seemed to ignore him, only reflecting the myriad paths behind. That’s why he kept running into them, as he fled from the reflections, it was hard to asses in a moment whether the path ahead of him was real or not.Bookmark here

Kobe hadn’t felt this alive in years. Bookmark here

He was not scared of his reflection as his assaulter must have assumed. He relished a novel type of vore such as this one, something he could counter on the fly. This is what he had been anticipating when he made the step up to college vore, a real challenge.Bookmark here

Kobe was nothing if not meticulous. He had scouted out everyone who had enrolled in Voregia states vore program, he knew who this had to be.Bookmark here

Robert Voretis, a recruit out of Arkansas. His signature move allowed him to transform any surface into a gateway as well as disguise it as what ever he wanted. It was genius in a way, often he’d transform one section of the bars in the cage into a gateway and force his opponents that direction. When they though they were putting some distance between themselves and him, they were actually walking directly into his stomach. Bookmark here

Even students of the game like Kobe had a hard time countering him as he wouldn’t transform the entire surface but only a section, they wouldn’t know which direction they had to avoid heading in. It was psychological warfare and Kobe had nothing but respect for the mastery of craft on display.Bookmark here

That didn’t mean he wouldn’t turn Robert into a 4 course meal though, respect was always left outside when it came to vore, whether that be outside the arena, the jungle gym or anywhere else.Bookmark here

Crash. He ran into another mirror on purpose. He wanted Robert to think that he was running scared from him, that he hadn’t figured out what was going on. If Robert did figure that out, he could change up his approach and that might be curtains for Kobe. Bookmark here

He knew that Robert would have to be somewhere nearby, his powers only extended so far. If Kobe could find his way out of the maze, he’d be able to make an escape. Better yet, Robert might be waiting at the exit.Bookmark here

That’s why Kobe sacrificed his nose to the mirrors, he was staining them with his blood so he could recognize the paths he’d already been down. He kept crashing into ones he’d already bloodied to keep up the rouse, but he was slowly building up a map of the maze in his head.Bookmark here

There should only be one place he could be. Kobe thought.Bookmark here

Now it was a case of figuring out a way to distract Robert while he inched his way towards him.Bookmark here

“Why is this happening to me?! Is it because I didn’t cry for Berry’s death? Is it because I let him go into a fight he was never going to win?!”Bookmark here

“Yes Kobe, you let your friend die.”Bookmark here

Even if he had let Berry die, he wouldn’t have cared. There was only one thing that mattered more to Kobe than his friends but that thing just so happened to be victory. Even so, he assumed Robert would try and latch on to any sign of mental weakness Kobe showed. He probably wanted to break his will and then eat him without resistance. Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Berry! What could I have done? What can I do?!”Bookmark here

You can die for your sins.”Bookmark here

One of his reflections managed to grab him by his ankle, a reminder to Kobe that he also had to be careful. He shook the arm off and staggered backwards in an exaggerated manner. He knew he was getting close to Robert, he could smell the arrogance.Bookmark here

“But I’m scared of dying…”Bookmark here

“Death isn’t something to be afraid of.”Bookmark here

The reflection to his right opened its arms to signal an embrace. Robert thought that he had Kobe cornered, now was the time to strike.Bookmark here

“Is that so?”Bookmark here

Kobe kicked with all his might and shattered the mirror revealing a room behind it and a terrified Robert within. As he was running around making his mental map, he had noticed a large gap where there seemed to be no paths. He’d taken the gamble that that was where Robert was hiding and it had paid off.Bookmark here

Robert tried to start changing the surroundings into something new but Kobe tackled him to the ground. The two of them grappled, biting chunks out of each others flesh for a few moments before Kobe managed to gain the upper hand. Bookmark here

“It was a good try Voretis but you were always outmatched.”Bookmark here

“It’s not over yet, Steakhouse!”Bookmark here

As Voretis screamed, the floor beneath them snapped in two and sent them both plummeting into the darkness below.Bookmark here

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