Chapter 0:

Beginning to the end.

The Hero Savior

   Long ago…there lived a great hero, known to all to have single handedly changed the world into the peaceful era we now live in today, he was renowned for his sense of justice, impossible strength, and fearful yet gentle soul. However, as pure-hearted as he was, this didn’t stop the world from flowing in the ways of greed. A world that’s split into 5 territories each with its own problems and enemies it was not a possible task for no ordinary human to save. Thus this brought upon the hero and his ambition to save said world had only become that much stronger.

Mocked, Beaten, Discriminated upon, and much more. He unfortunately had to deal with this as he wasn’t looked at as a regular person. When born with holy strength you’d only be feared at, however, that didn’t stop him. ignorant in usage and misguided, he was only looked at as a tool for the poor working class. He was raised in the Land of Estalica where the Local Lords only cared for money so this was inevitable as the many other children around him were treated almost exactly alike. However, with the strength he possessed he was eventually scouted by a Lord and picked to go to school to nurture and use that strength for his own benefit.

This was their mistake and the beginning of the end for the tyranny of the world, here is his story...

Tuflyel [2VL]

The Hero Savior