Chapter 1:

Arc 1- First day to school.

The Hero Savior

   Hello, my name is Savior, I’m currently 10 years old and I was gifted with abilities that far exceed any human. However, when I was born I was told most of these wouldn’t awaken until the time was right, so, as for now I’m just about as average with a few exceptions. Recently, I was scouted to become a student at our town's School of Power. The School of Power is one that exceeds the rest of the schools neighboring as it's home to almost all nobles in the area, they always make sure they have the very best teachers, equipment, and facilities to train the nobles and always win every competition they’ve entered. However, to me joining would feel like betraying the people I've grown up by and the school I'm going to but my family wants me to go so I’ve decided to go and so my first morning walk to school begins!

  As I walk through our Local Area I notice a pattern, the pattern of a fake smile. People were smiling but not meaning it, everywhere I went through people looked down on me as I wore my old beaten up clothes, knowing I don’t have much to offer. But It was still beautiful to look at all the different races and species that brought so much diversity and feelings into our town.

Vendor: Hey kid where are you going?

Savior: Me?

Vendor: Yes, you.

Savior: I’m on my way to the school of power.

Vendor: The school of power? Isn’t that school only for nobles?

Savior: Yes, but I was granted permission by the local lords to go to it.

Vendor: Oh really? Well good job kid, here kid take a drink and an apple you’re going to need it.

Savior: I’m sorry sir, I don’t have anything to pay for it.

Vendor: Oh come on I wasn’t asking you to pay I’m giving it to you, just make sure you make us poor folk live more comfortably when I’m old.

Savior: Really sir, I promise I'm going to do that, thank you!

  As I took the food I looked back and saw the vendor smiling and waving goodbye. It reminded me that it’s people like this that brought me to believe that this world can be saved if you’re strong enough and reminded me how people are actually nice when you factor out all the bad influences. Then I was reminded how horrible this world really was. As he was smiling and waving back at me someone came from the corner of his store and stabbed him, took everything he had on him and ran. I stood in shock and started to burst out crying, I couldn’t do anything to help out the way he helped me and now he was going to die and not being able to give back the promise I gave to him killed me. I ran up to him and as I came to see the wound, people surrounded me and that’s when it happened.