Chapter 18:


The Scorned

Selene and I left the capital almost as quickly as we had entered. Standing outside of the entrance, I asked, "So what now? This almost feels like the start of our adventure." Laughing, she responded, "Who would have guessed a human child would be the thing that brought us together. Though I do agree, it feels like we just met and are traveling for the first time."

I paused for a moment, then asked, "So the only thing that we want to do is find your friend, but we have no leads, correct?" Selene nodded her head in confirmation but remained silent, waiting for me to continue.

Looking at Selene, I said, "I talked about it earlier, but I would like to visit where I grew up to give a friend a proper goodbye." Selene gave me an understanding smile and responded, "Not like I have anything better to do, so I guess I will tag along." Hearing this, I laughed and began walking.

It didn't take long before Selene got bored and began to complain. Staring at me, she said for the tenth time, "This is taking so long. Why can't we just run?" Giving her the same answer as always, I responded, "We have nothing else to do. Why rush for no reason?"

Hearing the same answer, Selene mumbled under her breath, "Why does my master have to be so damn lazy." Raising an eyebrow at this, I suggested, "Why don't you take to the sky and see if there is anything that can keep you entertained. Just make sure that it is on the way."

Selene didn't waste a second, and soon she was circling well above my head. Happy that I finally had peace and quiet, I got lost in my thoughts.

I was still happy with my decision to protect Selene. I was just worried about what would happen when we found her friend. I couldn't shake the thought in the back of my mind that she would leave me once she didn't need me anymore.

Letting out a sigh, I pushed the thought from my mind. I would deal with that problem when it arrived.

My thoughts began to drift to Rebecca and my old home that I was walking to. All of those memories and feelings were going to come back when we arrived. Would I be able to handle it? Then once I got that out of the way, what would I say to Rebecca? Apologize that I let her die, and I would do a better job protecting someone else?

My thoughts only succeeded in making me upset, and I needed to do something about it. Spotting a tree close by, I sprinted over to it and, with a yell, slammed a fist into it, cleaving a chunk right out of it. The lack of pain only made me more upset, and I continued my assault on the tree until it was nothing more than a pile of woodchips and leaves. I felt a little better seeing the destruction my hands had caused, and took a deep breath.

As I was exhaling, Selene landed next to me. She said nothing, but her expression said everything. Eventually, she said, "Look, it is obvious that you aren't happy. What can I do to help? You promised that you would help me. You aren't alone. Let me help you."

I stared at Selene for a long time, frustrated that I couldn't figure her out. I felt like she really cared, but I was scared to guess wrong.

I started walking again and said to Selene, "If you really want to help, take my mind off of things." Selene frowned in concentration, then said, "You know, when I was torturing the King and the women he was cheating with, they couldn't understand why. The women even knew that he had ordered his wife and daughter's deaths."

Her words had a strange effect on me. I was upset that they thought their actions were justified. Though I did feel my spirits lifting, knowing that their deaths must have been excruciating. Looking to Selene, I asked just to make sure, "It was painful for them, wasn't it?" With her huge smile, she replied, "I think it is safe to say there was some discomfort." My thoughts went back to the grotesque scene Selene left in the King's chambers, and I couldn't help but laugh.

Once I calmed down, I said, "Thank you. That did help. Now, what did you see when you flew over?"

Selene's happy expression instantly faded, and she answered with a pout, "Nothing, absolutely nothing to see." Raising an eyebrow at how fast her attitude changed, I said, "You know, you don't have to pout each time you don't get your way." With a sly smile, Selene responded, "Well, you did say you would give me what I wanted..."

Throwing my hands up in defeat, I muttered, "Fine. Apparently, you are in charge, so what are we going to do to have fun?" Happy that she got her way, Selene grabbed my arm and said, "Alright, enough of this boring walking. Let's move." With a smirk, she added, "I hope you can keep up," and began to quickly fly away.

Laughing to myself, I started to run after my friend.