Chapter 1:

Chapter i: Rainy afternoon and bloodthirsty night (When it all started)

Memories of Rain

“Hey watch it!” a sound echoed in the boy’s ears. He thought of saying sorry, But why would he? It wasn’t his fault. He was never been in a crowded place like this. The crowds, all the people around him, the sound of their voices, shoes of office workers, fancy dresses of teenage girls, bags of highschoolers, sounds of different ringtones, umbrellas, everything around him were making him uncomfortable. He didn’t had any idea that an afternoon could be this busy.Bookmark here

It was drizzling since morning. But the rain drops are getting stronger while the time is flowing in its own pace. The sky is getting darker than before. A storm is coming. The cold air is freezing his body. Is it coming from the north or the south? With an empty stomach and a wet body, he couldn’t care less about the wind directions.Bookmark here

Thunder echoed in the sky. As its loud sound reached his heart, it felt surprisingly empty. Now, the emptiness is making him doubting his decision. No, he isn’t doubting his decision. Rather, he is doubting whether he should doubt himself or not.Bookmark here

He was getting drowned in his own thoughts. As the night was falling everything around him was getting darker and darker. As if the darkness is devouring the light just like his thoughts are devouring him. Hopelessness is swallowing his thoughts like a virus. Bookmark here

It’s about time he should stop running. Why was he running anyway? From whom? Why did he ran away? His eyes became blurry. He is on the verge of changing his path once more. About to accept his defeat. When he was swallowing all of these; a scream reached his ears.Bookmark here

The scream was coming from sideways. A howl out of pain. A kid’s voice. He started running toward it. Rather, his legs were carrying him toward it. He was feeling that he was getting dragged into hell. But he couldn’t ignore it. If he ignores it now, he won’t be able to call himself human anymore.Bookmark here

Finally he reached the place. His eyes were searching for the kid. His mind was praying. But why? He wasn’t so sure. Bookmark here

Suddenly everything stopped. He saw her. A girl around twelve. Her hair was darker than the night’s darkness. Her eyes were matching her hair. Even in this darkness she was shining. Anyone could tell that she was pretty. Another thunder echoed in the sky. From the light of the lightning he saw something. Probably imaginary, that’s what he thought. He heard a horrifying scream all of a sudden not too long ago after all. His mind must be thinking about it and making horrible pictures.Bookmark here

Another lightning struck far away. No, this time he saw it right. The girl was in pain. Her eyes were shaking out of horror. With all the courage he had, he took a step forward toward the girl. “h-hey are you alright?” his tongue was getting numb. For a moment she tried to look at him. But her legs gave up. The boy heard a sound, sound of metal. The piece of metal was shining. With a shaky hand he tried to pick it up. It was a knife, covered with blood. He took a step backward. Something like water was under his feet. The strong feet that dragged him here started shaking. He collapsed. His hand touched the same watery thing. He didn’t wanted to see what it was, didn’t wanted to feel, didn’t wanted to smell. Cause deep down he knew what it was.Bookmark here

It was that girls blood. Fresh and warm. That warm sensation in his hand… he was about to passed out. He was hearing a mild and soft voice. A voice that he didn’t wanted to hear.Bookmark here

“help me, Mommy” these were her last words.
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Memories of Rain

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