Takahashi  Eien

Takahashi Eien

I am just your average guy who one day thought, "Why not I write a novel?" From there I started my very first novel, 'Along The Way.' Writing is something I do as a hobby, not because I am passionate about it, but it wouldn't be half bad trying to gain something from my writings. Please read my novel and give your honest reviews, I would like to read what you think about the stuff I have written.

registered at: Jul 06, 2021
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    Along The Way (途中で)

    "What does it mean to follow one's heart?" Mizuki Yuki is an average high school student, carefree and humorous in front of everyone. But deep inside, she carries a burden from her past, a guilt she had subjected to and only keeps to herself. Even her dearest friend, Akihiko Aki, was never able ...

    Updated: Aug 03, 2021