Chapter 1:

The Grey Thing

The Labyrinth

It's pitch black. You can't see anything. Or more accurately, Tamashi can't see anything. There was nothing in front of him. Nothing behind him. And his head was throbbing. It felt as if a rock had just been smashed into his head. It felt terrible. It hurt. It hurt. It hurt. Then a loud scream can be heard as light began flooding the darkness. But it didn't feel comforting at all. 

No, it felt...different. And then he opened his eyes. A grey sky. His eyes darted around. Walls?  Walls. Walls everywhere. And a grey sky above him. He tried to move his arms. He tried to move his legs. His neck. Anything. 

But nothing other then his eyes could move. And that's when Tamashi began breathing heavily. He couldn't move at all. Instead the only thing that he felt was pain. And fear. His brain hadn't processed the situation at all. In fact, it was just panicking. Tamashi tried to open his mouth, and he was able to force it open. But no words came out.  Just a series of coughs and gibberish. And that's when he heard it.

 The scream from before? No, it sounds more like a roar. A roar of hunger. 

That's when he saw it. Flying above him was a grey...thing. What was it? How the hell was Tamashi supposed to know? All he knew was that something, something dangerous was flying above him. And it sounded hungry.

 Tamashi groaned. I need to get up! Up! Up! Up! UP!  Tamashi began to slowly move his fingers. It hurt. He began slowly moving his hands. It hurt. He began raising his hands up into the grey sky. It hurt. 

And through all of this pain, Tamashi could see it. The grey thing. It was flying around is circles, while slowly closing in on the cold, hard ground that Tamashi was lying down on. Tamashi's heart was beating fast. Incredibly fast. He placed his hand on the ground and slowly began raising himself up. It felt like millions of needle were pricking him. Slowly penetrating his flesh. But Tamashi needed to endure this pain, or he will die for sure. The grey thing was near the ground. Tamashi had finally raised the upper half of his body. And when his eyes slowly looked around, he saw blood. Human blood. He screamed. 

Bodies were littered in multiple places. Most of them were torn apart and left in pieces. Some were decapitated. Others had pieces of their flesh missing. But all of them were...children? Children with their heads ripped off. Children with no arms. Children with no eyes. Blood was all over the bodies, for some the blood had dried up, and for others the blood was still slowly trickling down their broken corpses. Some still had fresh blood leaking out of their injuries, leaking out all over the ground. 

Tamashi continued screaming. Then he hears a groan. He slowly turns his head to the right, and spots a girl. A little girl. She's already gotten up. Probably sometime before Tamashi. And then Tamashi hears another groan. A boy. And the boy is shaking. Shaking with fear. Tamashi stares at him, and then the boy sees him and stares back. Tamashi opens his mouth to speak. And then he hears a scream.

 It seems that the girl has discovered the flesh around her. The boy doesn't look around at all. Instead he just stands there. Not making a single noise.  Tamashi turns his attention to the girl, and then back to the boy. And then a shriek. A scream loud enough to shatter your ear drums. Tamashi looks at the sky. The grey thing is nowhere to be seen. 

Shit!  Tamashi had completely forgotten about the grey thing. Is it coming from the left? From behind? From the right? He looks at the boy, who has begun to move his legs. He looks back at the girl. And the grey thing is coming at her from behind. He tries to scream to her to get out of the way. But no words come out of his mouth. No words at all. Tamashi can't talk. He can't say anything. But why? Is it because he's tired? Is it because his vocal cords aren't working? Or maybe he's just afraid. 

The grey thing flies right behind the girl at a high speed, before opening its jaw, and grabbing onto the girls head with its teeth. She screams. She screams in horror. In absolute horror. The teeth slowly penetrate her head as she screams and calls out for help. Blood begins bursting out of her head like water flowing out of a sink. Tears flow from her eyes. She screams. She keeps screaming. And Tamashi can't help but smile. Why? Why would he smile at such a horrible sight? He doesn't know. He doesn't know anything. The bird's teeth keep sinking into the girls head, going deeper and deeper, until she can't even scream. Blood streams out, her eyes become lifeless, and blood slowly leaks out of her mouth. She's dead.

 Tamashi can't help but admire the situation, standing there, infatuated with the corpse that's being flown throughout the air right now. And then he comes to his senses and looks around. 

The boy is nowhere to be found. The pain in Tamashi's body is starting to fade as he realizes that the boy ran away while the girl was being eaten. Tamashi tries to get up, and falls back onto the ground. He groans, trying to push himself off the ground as the grey thing continues eating the girl's corpse. He slowly gets back up, letting his legs get used to standing as he gets up. Everything hurts, but its not unbearable now. 

Tamashi looks up at the wall in front of him. It's incredibly tall, and its so wide that it seems to go on for miles and miles. He slowly turns around to the other side, and another wall stands tall in front of him a few miles away. He looks to his side, and sees that if he continues straight, he'll be heading south. The other way is north. He needs to escape this area. So he decides to head to the pathway in front of him. The one to the South. 

He starts walking, and then tries to run, but collapses quickly. He can't run, he realizes. He's not strong enough yet. All he can do is walk. He slowly gets up, and then begins his long walk to the south. Tamashi tries walking as fast as he possibly can, and every few seconds, he looks at what's behind him. He sees the grey thing raising its bony arms,  and taking the girl out of its mouth. It then proceeds to turn her around, and slowly begins biting her legs. Tamashi looks on in terror, watching the monster slowly work its way to the young girls genitals. 

Tamashi turns around. He can't risk throwing up right now. He just needs to keep walking. And walking. And walking. Its around ten minutes later when he hears a loud shriek, and a crashing sound. He recognized that scream. It was the grey thing's scream. Tamashi now had to assume that that monster had finished eating the girl, and that now, it was coming after him. He needs to keep moving. He can't let it catch up to him. Then he collapses. He's tired. He's too tired. His legs feel like they've been broken hundreds of times. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. He quietly groans in pain, slowly trying to get back up. 

He can't die. He doesn't want to die. And then he hears a familiar sound. The shriek of the grey thing. he slowly turns around, and his eyes widen. He sees it. The grey thing. Its coming for him. 

Joe Gold

The Labyrinth