Chapter 1:

The Almost Normal Day

Book Of Worlds

Author’s note;
I’m SilverFeather, not the best name I know but this is the first thing i’ve written that i do something like this with. Well I’m kinda ‘scared’ about how people will think about my weird fantasy...
I am not the best writer but I want to improve here.
I just want to say that if there is any question at all please comment.
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Domino, a girl who just started her third year in high school. She has brown hair just about to her stomach, and she has heterochromia, with the left eye dull green and the right is ice blue. But she is surprisingly short for her age, if you didn’t know better you would think she was an eight year old girl. Seriously.
She is one of those not very average girls you meet from time to time. She has a family; one step father, and a dog. Her mother died when she was born and her father was unknown. She was adopted by a man called Zeph, he later on unexpectedly became famous through his work.Bookmark here

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It was almost a normal day, I was going to confess to my crush today, there were three people who knew about this, my best friends Crystal and Claire, and a close friend Lindsay.
I know the name of Crystal’s crush, but one thing I can’t say I am is social so I couldn’t tell who he was by just knowing the name.Bookmark here

But before any of that love stuff I have art class, art is a really big part of my life. I’ve been the artsy type as long as I can remember, my favourite thing to do is when I can paint whatever I want. I love to draw fantasy related things like mythical creatures, when it comes to realism drawing I just get bored, to be honest I often think that real life is boring, it feels like I have 
already seen everything.Bookmark here

But can you blame me?Bookmark here

After art class it was time, I was going to confront him. While most people see me as cute, there is rarely someone who see me as a potential girlfriend.
I asked the guy if we could talk alone, as the polite guy he is, he said yes.
When the time was right I confessed, I was very scared of what the answer would be.Bookmark here

“I really appreciate that you think that way.” He said with his soft voice. “But I will need some time to think”’Bookmark here

If you didn’t know better you would think he had been confessed to by everyone considering how good he was at taking it.
But even that wouldn’t be surprising.Bookmark here

There was a time where I was one of those “I hate love” or “Why would I fall in love with that guy”.
But now i know what it is like.Bookmark here

After school out of old habit I walked to the bookstore and when I realized I said to myself; “Why don’t I buy myself a new reference book like a little hurray I confessed.”
I know it is not the best reason but I needed some excuse.
When I was in the bookstore I saw this book that seemed really old, but it looked very fantasy like.
My first thought was “This must have some good references!
So I bought the book.Bookmark here

I walked home pretty fast, I couldn’t wait to use this book.Bookmark here

When I got home my dog, as usually, greeted me happily. To be honest I have never seen a happier dog than her. My father weren’t home yet but he usually weren’t home when my school days had ended.Bookmark here

Which I for that part liked, being alone was one of the top points of the day.
But it was also very nice when he was home since he always worked otherwise. But he was a great father.Bookmark here

I changed into something comfy and sat down on my bed, my dog immediately followed me and wanted to sit with me. She took a lot of place so I had to tell her to leave or I wouldn't be able to read.Bookmark here

I opened the book and started reading, I usually don’t start in the beginning of the book but I wanted to do that here. Since I use most of my books as reference book I have to learn the characteristics of what I’m drawing, like if the creature is able to do this or that. 
I was halfway in the first page about some fantasy world when a silver light flashed before my eyes, and the next thing I knew I was in the middle of the ocean.Bookmark here

To Be Continued....Bookmark here

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