Chapter 8:

25 July 2017

My Not-So-Perfect-Life

24 July 2017 10:30 pm
“We should better sleep didi!” said Devi. She calls me ‘didi’ because i am her elder sister.My family has made it a habit that if anyone is elder than you then you gotta call the person ‘didi’ or ‘bhaiya’.Its in the Hindu tradition,though nowadays these practices are not practiced.It is mostly done to convey respect(not like Devi super-respects me)
“Just this film..only 30 mins of it is left” said me!
“huh! i am feeling sleepy..”
(no response from me--this works you know,you just dont respond to her and then if she is in the mood of listening, she will if not then may god be with me..cause if Devi wants she gets it)
“well i think i can play this game for 30 mins more..) said Devi
We were alone in our was at the hospital with mom though he was gonna arrive..but that was late.
You know its the best experience ever- Having the house all to yourself..and when you have gadgets and a person next to you(just so your mind decides to think of monsters and the most scariest horror scenes you have seen) the experience is the bestest!
I was watching Twilight-Breaking Dawn part 1..and as you all know,it has some ‘scenes’..well most of you would say that Twilight’s a romance,and that it has ‘scenes’ all over..but well this is not true..the other movies dont have that much of ‘scenes’ in them.This whole movie is based on Edward and Bella’s honeymoon so yeah..
anyway when i finished watching the movie..the phone rang and i went to pick it up.It was mom telling us to sleep and usual talk.The thing is i saw a lizard in my room! like seriously A F-ING LIZARD! IN MY ROOM!
See before you misunderstanding the whole situation..let me tell you i am not one of those girls who would run away from a roach or one of them who would scream when they see an unless and until the insect is doing some harm to me..but lizards! i hate them! i hate lizards!!..i used to not like them but the moment i saw The Amazing Spiderman i was like ‘i hate lizards and they ARE disgusting!’
when we went to bed, i was not feeling like sleeping in my room cause it terrified me that when we go to sleep the lizards may be above or heads onto the ceiling,or on the wall beside us..ugh!! I can recall the feeling! it was terrible and i was feeling(dont take it the wrong way) dirty.
So i asked Devi if we could sleep in our parents room(well basically i shouted and demanded that-cause we had a slight argument before)
and then we were sleeping-kinda.when i heard dad come in.and then well i asked him that maybe we could sleep in his room hoping that he would go and sleep in our room but then he just offered to put down mattress on the i just went to my room saying that "okay for me sleeping there but i dont want Devi with me,i wanna sleep alone”
and so LaraAngel drifted off to a neverending sleep in neverland(also know as my room)
25 July 2017
“do you want to sleep more?” asked a really familiar male voice.Dad.Maybe its him..who else could it be? my boyfriend? no i think not.Why?.CAUSE HE BLOODY DOES NOT EXIST!!!
Me and Devi werent going to school because dad had to set things up a was in hospital
see- i am NOT playing the ‘pity me’ game..(makes a sickly sing song voice) ohh! pity me my moms in hospital! i dont go to school because dad has to set things up! and morely(which is not obviously a word) we did not want too..
I probably missed a lot of in Footballer was absent yesterday but maybe he will be there today,we had our Bio practicals today and were doing the cheek cell experiment..i bloody missed that thing! damn! i was looking forward to it! like from weeks! anyway whats gone is long gone!
anyway back to my day
I grunted-my response to dad’s question
anyway when i got up dad was getting ready to go to the hospital. and i spent the rest of the day like this:
Me and Devi cleaned up the house.
Then i watched Breaking Dawn part 2 and Easy A..This Easy A movie is kinda good..if you are looking for the teenage girl in whose life everything turns bad and then she makes it right and then at last she gets the guy of her dreams-i recommend it for some strength(not like i am gonna get the guy of my dreams and anything like that)..but it is that type of movie from which you know that it will be okay
anyway i watched these and then started play games online(i know this is childish but i was playing papa’s sushiria ) and then i got bored of it and then started playing other games(like papas cupcakeria or say papas freezaria etc-etc)
and then soon papa returned..we talked about how we were gonna go about after this..cause i had to go to tution and this timing clashed with the chef. unfortunately i had to go..i even wanted to cause i think its irresponsible of me to bunk tutions so much..and i thought mam was gonna teach Euclids Geomectry to us and if i am not there maybe she would delay it because of me and the whole class would suffer.So i went and guess? mam did not teach Euclids Geomectry. wow! but the good thing was i got to sit next to Rom..not like i have a crush on him or something but he is good to fool around.meaning i like to tease him and retorts nicely too! and you know i kinda ship him with every girl he talks to! like with aura(even though i think Rom is also scared of talking to Aura),and there’s this rebel bitchy type girl in out science tution named Miksha. I ship him with her too!
anyway we were starting Congruency. we had learnt it in 7th grade but then i was total zero in mathematics back in 7th be honest i didnt even open the books back then.So well just say i started revising(thanks for the guidelines from the book) but then mam asked me what i was doing and i had to embarrass myself and tell her that i had not paid attention during my 7th grade maths class..
embarrassing it was!
anyway we were then allowed to disperse and then i was walking back home along with Ishti,Aura and another girl named Nya. It is a routine of ours,Every maths tution we walk with each other and have a small chit-chat.and during science tution, it depends whether i choose to stay with Aanya or go straightway towards my house.
Anyway since mom wasn’t home, i had to but a few things that is food items like maggi and a stack of bread.
When i returned home with Aura,well aura is the only person who knows of my true identity and is reading these she wanted to read some of my posts and i offered her to stay since our exams were over we spent a few hours watching and talking and then she went home meanwhile i had to make dinner..i did not do much just made few garlic breads(devi’s idea) and pizza..i need to tell you that the pizza was dead delicious! like really good! seeing we did not have enough topping,just onions,tomato,and cheese..lots of cheese!..
so we ate it along with each other, i gotta tell you..i would enjoy staying alone! we ate and then started doing our work again..that is i started writing this post and Devi started completing her homework.Anyway we are going to school tomorrow!..i wanna stay home as much as i want to go to school,meet Iomhara and see my Footballer! that guy isn’t even on any social media ‘cept his father has posted a video of him singing live on a comptition or somethoing
ugh! i dont want to study this bloody subject.Geography!! its sooo irritating! i dont bloody care about the f-ing land forms!
and what is this term geo-syn-cline?
hell! now i need to watch a youtube video to understand this thing better..the definition in the book looks like a combination of latin and greek along with some spanish maybe(guys this is purely exaggeration! not like my text book really has all these languages in it)
wild thought- man! i cant stop thinking about Footballer! he is just so hot! and cute! and not to forget incredibly sexy! let me type his name on youtube first just to find no result and to get disappointed(i am making fun of myself-seriously i am not that mad to think like this)
and this is the story of how i could find my crush on youtube when none of my friends found it on any kind of social media.
so i watched this vid like 5 times! he was in 10th grade at that time! and wore a red shirt..maybe he likes red..i like red! and he looks so cute in it!..his voice, its like a drug!..and puberty did hit him!..hard! really hard!
anyway, the next day i made a youtube account and asked ‘if it was Footballer from NorthHigh?’ (NorthHigh is’nt a real school..i made it up)
and his father(most probably- it looked like it was him) replied yes
and then after that i made a new account UpAll Night and commented- aww..he is so cute! and talented too!
and guess what happened?..he deleted the comment! like really people!
anyway i am really tired now and have to go to school ! so bye!

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