Chapter 6:

Yui's Self-Loathing

Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

Under the bright sun and the cloudless sky, two high school students were on their way to school together.Bookmark here

One of them was a girl with deep black hair and crimson red eyes. Each of her step held great force and intensity as she walked ahead of the boy.Bookmark here

The boy had brown eyes and black hair like her. His face though, was in agony due to both of his cheeks being red and swollen from being pinched too hard by her.Bookmark here

“A-are you perhaps still mad?” he asked nervously.Bookmark here

“I'm not mad!” she responded aggressively.Bookmark here

Kazuma, who thought that it would be a nice day today, had to face Yu's wrath this morning.Bookmark here

Yui may have said that she was not mad, however, she was still incredibly mad.Bookmark here

What led her to being that angry? Was it truly because of the missed calls or was the reason something completely different?Bookmark here

Last night she could not sleep due to being worried about her friend Kazuma. Back then, she had to leave him behind even though he was barely conscious.Bookmark here

When she arrived home, she was most of the time mentally absent. She did not respond to her family when they talked to her, she did not realize that she was under the shower for too long, she did not eat anything at all but all she did was to worry about Kazuma.Bookmark here

Yui blamed herself. She should not have run away. However, she was too scared. Ken surely would have beaten her up, too, despite Yui being a girl. She cared deeply for him but not in a romantic way. He is the only friend she could carelessly talk to. And she knew that for him, she was the only person he could talk to. But she ran away in that moment.Bookmark here

And yet, deep down in her heart, she felt glad when she ran away. Yui was glad that she could escape the dangerous situation and avoid being beaten up by Ken.Bookmark here

Guilt, worry or anything else did not matter to her when she realized that she she felt glad.Bookmark here

She loathed herself.Bookmark here

She loathed herself so much that she threw up in the bathroom and then crouched in her bed the entire night staying up all night.Bookmark here

She tried to call Kazuma multiple times to ease her mind but he did not pick up. Thus, each time her call did not get picked up by him, her anxiety and disgust at herself grew more and more.Bookmark here

When the birds began to chirp in the morning, she rapidly made herself ready for school. Yui decided to not wait any longer and wanted to check up on her neighbor as fast as possible.Bookmark here

Standing in front of his door, she took many deep breaths before she called out to him. She was nervous and scared due to not knowing how to face him and there being the chance that he may hate her. So she tried to act as natural as ever.Bookmark here

But when Kazuma opened the door, she only saw his usual carefree look on his face.Bookmark here

It was when she saw that face that turned her negative emotions into happiness.Bookmark here

However, her self-loathing still lingered somewhere in the back of her mind while they were walking to school.Bookmark here

“H-hey, don't walk so fast! I'm still injured, you know.” Kazuma tried to clam her down.Bookmark here

“Hey...”Bookmark here

She stopped in her tracks and turned around to face Kazuma.Bookmark here

“I'm so sorry for running away yesterday!” she bowed her head sincerely.Bookmark here

Being slightly surprised, Kazuma was startled.Bookmark here

“N-no need to apologize. Just raise your head already. I mean, you have nothing to apologize for. It was me who told you to run away, right?” he said with a kind smile.Bookmark here

“I'm happy enough that you stayed there until the end.” he continued.Bookmark here

“B-but-” Yui tried to counter him.Bookmark here

“No buts. In the end, nothing happened to me so it's fine!” he interrupted.Bookmark here

“Alright...”Bookmark here

Despite being not entirely satisfied with this outcome, she tried to move on from this topic.Bookmark here

“Geez, and I thought you were mad at me for missing all these calls from you, haha!” he laughed.Bookmark here

Then, Yui burst a blood vessel.Bookmark here

“Huh? You think I forgot about that?” she asked.Bookmark here

At this point, her anger was clearly visible and her malicious and forced smile did not help to cover it.Bookmark here

“E-ehm...” he had no words.Bookmark here

“Come here for a second.” she ordered.Bookmark here

Not being able to talk back and only being able to listen to her orders like a dog, he walked to her.Bookmark here

As they stood right in front each other, Yui took one step further to him and reached out her hands so she could place them on his cheeks.Bookmark here

The boy thought in that moment that she would come closer to his face and especially his lips. It could be his first kiss with a girl his age. Internally, he was glad that he chewed gum with mint flavor making his breath fresh and pleasant. As she came closer and closer, he formed kissing face with his lips even though it just looked like a fish. Kazuma was truly a virgin.Bookmark here

“Aaahrg!!!” he cried in pain.Bookmark here

“Accept your punishment for not picking up any of my calls, you idiot.” she said while she was grinning like a sadist.Bookmark here

Now, back in the present.Bookmark here

With the great mystery, why Yui was mad, being solved, the two of them almost reached the school gates.Bookmark here

Entering the school, they could finally begin their next chapter, especially Kazuma.Bookmark here

However, as soon as they entered school ground, they were confronted with the roots of all their problems. Kirisaki Ken.Bookmark here

“Yo, you alright?” Ken asked Kazuma despite not really caring about the answer as he smirked like he schemed his next plan already.Bookmark here

“Don't worry about the authorities. I did everything in my power so nobody would get suspended.” he continued.Bookmark here

Ken wanted to humiliate Kazuma by making him own him a favor after saving him from a suspension from the school.Bookmark here

“Tch.” Kazuma could only click his tongue in response.Bookmark here

“And did your mommy comfort you after I bea-”Bookmark here

Smack.Bookmark here

Before Kazuma could move his body, Yui already stepped forward and slapped him across his face. Kazuma was so surprised that even his jaw dropped a little bit.Bookmark here

“Scumbag.” Yui said with fierce eyes and a voice containing her rage.Bookmark here

Ken spat on the ground before touching the cheek he was slapped at.Bookmark here

“You damn bitch!” he shouted.Bookmark here

Woosh.Bookmark here

As he raised his fist, Kazuma pulled Yui in his arms and as a result, Ken only hit the air.Bookmark here

“You really intended to hit her...” Kazuma stated.Bookmark here

Like an intern switch, Kazuma's expression turned grimmer again.Bookmark here

“Round 2, huh?” Ken commented excitingly.Bookmark here

Ken already was in his fighting stance and was about to attack him. But he got interrupted again.Bookmark here

“Ken-kun, enough!”Bookmark here

After hearing those words and that voice, both of the boys got startled and just like yesterday, Ken pulled back after noticing the presence of his fiancee, Tachibana Emma.Bookmark here

With her appearance, Kazuma also slowly switched back to his casual look.Bookmark here

“What do you want, Emma?” Ken asked.Bookmark here

“Why didn't you pick up my calls yesterday?” she asked firmly.Bookmark here

“Your calls? Oh right, I just ignored them. What? Are you mad? Did you miss me or something?” he remarked letting out a laugh.Bookmark here

“...” Emma still stared at him sternly.Bookmark here

“Geez, I get it. Probably something about that bastard there, right?” he turned serious for a moment.Bookmark here

“Yes. I want you to leave him alone. I mean it.” she said or rather, ordered him.Bookmark here

“Fine, fine. If you say so.” he agreed.Bookmark here

“Thank you.”Bookmark here

Not believing their ears and eyes out of shock, Yui and Kazuma could only stand on the sidelines like statues.Bookmark here

Then, Emma walked over to the two still shocked students.Bookmark here

“Well then, it seems like this case is closed.” Emma stated happily.Bookmark here

“Y-yeah, seems like it.” Kazuma answered baffled.Bookmark here

“Oh, you are Nagisa-san, right? I have to apologize to you, too, for the trouble Ken-kun has caused you!” she said as she clasped her hands together.Bookmark here

“Ah, no need to! It's fine already, Tachibana-san. Really.” Yui tried to hinder her from apologizing as she saw no reason for it.Bookmark here

“But!” Emma would not let go.Bookmark here

“Really, it's fine! Case closed, right?” Yui said with a nervous smile.Bookmark here

While the three were chatting, Ken turned his back on them and walked away.Bookmark here

Kazuma, who was still focused on his crush, Emma, was able to catch a glimpse of Ken leaving.Bookmark here

He spotted a slight smile on Ken's face. Not caring enough about him, he looked back at Emma, who was talking happily with Yui.Bookmark here

However at that moment, Kazuma did not know that Ken's smile was no indication of happiness or something of that sort.Bookmark here

It was a sly and ecstatic grin embodying his future plans for Kazuma and his surroundings.  Bookmark here

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