Chapter 1:

Rules of the island

Guilt, Regret and Deceit _THE GAME

8:00 AM.

The alarm clock starts ringing.

I lazily roll over the other side of the bed blindly trying to reach the nightstand. Oh no! No no no no i am gonna be late for... Hold on a second. What is this room? Where am i? My previous thoughts completely fade away from my mind as i sit there dumbfounded. I have never been in this place before. I exit through the only door of the bedroom and arrive in a spacious and thoroughly decorated living room. It has all the things you could expect from a modern and decent household, as well as a kitchen area separated from the rest of the room by a bar-like counter. No, NO! I need to stop daydreaming and figure out where the hell i am. I exit the house through the front door and i look in front of myself just to see another 14... no, 15 identical houses all forming a circle, with an elevated wooden stage in the middle. Looking, around i see other people in front of their houses just as confused as me. We all gather around in the middle, near the stage, and after a bit of talking, we realise that we are all in the same state of what we can only call amnesia, not even remembering our names, much less what is this place. What's even stranger is that there are even children here, a young girl who i believe is around 12 years old and a boy of about the same age. Moreover, i only notice it now, but not everyone understands English, and it seems that there are people of many different ethnicities here.

Before i can look around any longer, a loud thud from under the stage interrupts our meeting. A humanoid but obviously metal robot clumsily makes its way out from under the stage, almost as if it was dizzy from a hangover, if such a thing would be possible for robots.

"WE-LC-O-M-E TO T-H-E IS-L-A-ND!" said the robot in a forced, mechanized manner. "YO-U ALL SEE-M CO-N-F-US-ED, SO I W-I-LL EX-P-La-iN aLL Y-ouu Ne-e-d To k-N-o-w." the robot continued, sounding like it was about to spit out his last sparkle of energy. Right after this the phones in our pockets (that nobody cared enough to even notice they were there) all beep at the same time. I take mine out and open it. The screen flashes for a split-second and then a huge paragraph appears:

"Welcome to The Island of Lies - a game of deceit, lies, strategy and slaughter!

We are sorry if we have provoked you any stress at the beginning of this beautiful day! We will try our best to make you accustomed with the island, so in the meantime we will relay to you your personal information, as well as the rules and objectives of the game!

Name: Michael

Birthday: 21st September 2103

Age: 19

Place of birth: London, England

Nationality: English

The Island of Lies is a mafia-like game where you must meet your objective in order to win. The game is made up of two main factions, the town and the mafia, as well as several other neutral characters who must each complete their own objectives.

General rules:

- 8:00 - 20:00 - voting phase - players can vote each other for the death panalty by hanging; if more than half the players vote the same person, they will be hanged at 20:00

- 20:00 - 00:00 - action phase - players can choose what actions to use for the night phase

- 00:00 - 08:00 - night phase - the system processes all chosen actions and reveals the results at 08:00

- players have to right to compose a death will, in which they can provide other players with useful info such as their role and action results. It will be revealed after their death

- game actions will not require you to willingly perform it yourself, you will only be required to input your desired action in your phone, and the system will automatically execute it

- the phone is your primary tool for participating in the game, and as such it will only allow action choosing when the player is alone and only with his biometric data; additionally, it is forbidden to show other players your role or your actions

- if the game doesn't reach a conclusion by the end of the 10th day (a town/mafia/arsonist win), everyone will be executed

In addition to all these, there is a special PARTNER RULE which pairs up two players with conflicting objectives. The partners can win if they are both alive at the end of the game regardless of their affiliation with other roles (Example: Gang Leader and Sheriff are partners; the Arsonist and all mafia members except the Gang leader are dead; that means that the Gang leader wins with the town, but the rest of the mafia doesn't).

Now that you are (hopefully) familiar with the general direction of the game, here are the roles:

Town roles:


- has a revolver with 3 bullets

- chooses a person at daytime to jail at night

- he will interrogate the person in the action phase, and if he deems it fit, he can choose to execute the person with one of his bullets; if the executed person is innocent, the sheriff loses his ability to execute

- the jailed person is blocked and granted immunity against shoot and arson


- bugs a player's house with cameras and can see all players who visited the house, as well as what actions they performed


- investigates a player and finds out their exact role


- places traps at other player's houses, which become active the following night and remain so until triggered

- triggered traps will catch all visitors from that night in a net, revealing them to the others


- can choose any person to save at night


- can choose any person to protect from shoot and die instead of them in the event of an attack, while also killing the attacker(s)


- blocks another person's night action


- swaps person A's position with person B, redirecting all actions from A to B and vice-versa


- has a shotgun with 3 pellets; he can choose to shoot one of his pellets at night, shooting all his visitors, while also making him immune to shoot

Neutral roles:


- is immune against shoot and arson

- he has a target with a town role which he must get hanged in order to win

- if his target dies at night, he needs to get himself hanged in order to win;

- if his target dies at night and the Revenger is hanged by voting, one of his guilty voters will be affected by execute the following night


- forcefully redirects person A's abilities to person B, while also finding out A's true role


- douses another player's house

- he can light up all doused houses, performing arson to the players inside (not the visitors)

Mafia roles:

Gang leader

- commands the Underling who to shoot; if Underling is dead, he performs shoot

- is immune against shoot


- shoots who the Gang leader orders to, or his desired target if the Gang leader was blocked

- can turn into Gang leader if the previous one died


- frames a person, changing what someone's role appears to the Investigator


- can alter another person's will to their liking

Everything's all cleared up now, right? Onto the needs and recreational activities that this island offers, you will be supplied with food, water, clean clothes and you will able to cook, play video games, watch TV or read books from the comfort of your personal home, as well as take part in social activities with other players in your free time such as swimming, playing sports, going to the gym, barbecuing, firework launching, shopping and whatever else you may desire to perform with the household items provided. 

If you have any more questions, you can always send a message to our tech support and you will be provided with an appropiate reply.

For accomodating purposes, the rest of the day will be free, and the game will begin tomorrow at 08:00, when your roles will be handed out through your phones.

Without any further ado, good luck to all players, and may the most cunning and skilled players win the slaughter!"