Chapter 1:

Chapter 1- The 7 Deadly Witches

Sorrow Dayz

Long Ago in the 1500's there used to be a mobilization of witches. They were formed together to protect the people of Restaria. 
Furthermore it was over 20 witches within the radicalized group, all of them ran from Restaria. Bookmark here

All except Seven they stayed as a united front to protect their town from the demons who rose through the night in the air. Nevertheless after the bloody war the witches' bodies were never found. Also their nemesis were left on the ground to see. Bookmark here

The whole town saw what happened but no one could believe it. Years, Centuries later as time grew and decades past. The witches tale became a folklore they started becoming bed time stories, pictographs, ideas for movie directors. Along the older generations it brought back nostalgia of what their town stood for. Bookmark here

Unfortunately it was forbidden to talk about that day in history. Many were persecuted and tried for execution in suspicion of witchcraft. It was a band of adults who formed together to make their own refugee. The children were forced into refugee. While the others underwent a lot of test and observations. Later the Panchayat of new members led the others else where and returned to Restaria, every week.Bookmark here

 Until one day when the Panchayat were on there way back in, and the first member walked through the gates and his ears started bleeding. Thus he became irate becoming very hesitant with his members. No one knew what was going on neighbors, store owners, town medics. Started rushing out to see what was happening. No one could understand then the man rolled up his shirt there it was on his chest. Bookmark here

A massive seven covering his chest he turned and looked at his fellow members at the gate. All of sudden he was on fire it started at his feet going up by the time the fire reached his chest, it was blue. Without a doubt it was unbearable, when it reached his head the fire was purple. His skin had started falling off of his body with unspeakable horrors.Bookmark here

 On that horrific day no one was ever able to speak of that day again. It became a crime against the town on a better note those witches were known as the 7 Deadly Witches…Bookmark here

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