Chapter 4:

Chapter Four

Bookworm at the end of the world

Alexander and Elizabeth left their base and taking the back alleys made their way down the block towards the west where a building that had been picked clean ages ago was. Alexander led Elizabeth towards the back of the building. He snuck in through the back door and opened up the delivery door, Elizabeth passed beneath the door as it was rolling up. They walked into the freight elevator ready to take it up and get the mattress they came for.

"Alright before we go up take out your knife, this place may have been picked clean ages ago but there is still a chance some scavengers are here, also we'll be taking it from the top floor less likely to encounter scavengers that way and we'll see any who are approaching from the streets," Alexander said
"Got it" responded Elizabeth

Alexander pressed the button for the top floor and the freight elevator began to shudder as its doors closed and it began to rise. Alexander took out his axe ready to brain any scavenger without a second thought, Elizabeth took out her knife as well holding it tightly in a two-handed grip looking ready to jam it into a scavengers heart without question.

Their Elevator came to a stop and the doors opened, they stepped and they hear heard the click of two guns being cocked. 

"Drop your weapons and put your hands behind your head," said an unknown voice

Alexander and Elizabeth did as the voice said letting their weapons clatter to the floor and placing their hands behind their heads.

"Now turn and face us" another voice commanded

Alexander and Elizabeth obeyed again turning to face the two men holding them at gunpoint. Alexander looked them up and down, one had black hair while the other was blonde they were both suspiciously clean and well filled out seemingly despite the conditions following the disaster. Alexander was looking at their outfits hoping to determine which gang they were a part of, they were wearing no uniform he recognised but it was definitely a uniform of a dark blue puffer jacket over a T-shirt with a pair of blue cargo pants. Alexander realised who they were and was astounded as they shouldn't have been there.

"What gang are you a part of," asked the black-haired interrogator
"None, we are independent but we'd very much like to ally ourselves with you" Alexander answered
"You don't even know who we are," said the blonde interrogator
"Oh but I do, it's plain as the nose on your face, you're both members of Reboot, advance scouts I presume" Alexander rebuffed

Both interrogators went wide-eyed with shock and looked at each other then back at Alexander gripping their six-shooter guns handle tightly.

"How were you able to tell we were from Reboot?" asked the blonde
"you're wearing the same outfit meaning its a uniform, I know all the factions of the city centre and I don't recognise your uniform, so logically you are from outside, Fortifiers are ruled out automatically, Nomads are too far away and you don't strike me as hunters leaving only Reboot which makes sense considering how close your territory is to here and since there is only two of you carrying six-shooters that makes you advanced scouts" Alexander explained
"Alright, we believe you but we need to know why you're here," said the black-haired scout
"Elizabeth over here recently found herself staying with me in my base not too far from here, we came to this building to pinch one of the mattresses for her to sleep on" Alexander answered

The two scouts satisfied with Alexanders answer stowed their guns away. Alexander and Elizabeth picked up their weapons and stuck them through their belt loops.

"Sorry about all this, I'm Rhodes and this is Bart," said the black-haired scout called Rhodes
"We know next to nothing about this area, since your an ally maybe you could help us out?" inquired Bart
"Sure if you're willing to help us steal a mattress" answered Alexander
"Sure" answered Rhodes

The four of them then walked into the nearest apartment and made straight for the bedroom where they found a bed with a mattress stripped of all its sheets and blankets. Alexander walked over to one side of the bed and dug his fingers underneath the mattress and tried to flip it but he lacked the strength.

"Could one of you come to give me a hand here?" Alexander asked

Rhodes rushed over and helped Alexander flip the mattress off the bed frame leaving it angled against the bedroom wall. Alexander climbed over the bed to the other side and balanced the mattress onto its side. Rhodes grabbed onto the other end of the mattress and together they maneuvered the mattress from the bedroom to the freight elevator with Elizabeth and Bart helping to guide them. They all got into the freight elevator together with the mattress and pressed the button for the ground floor. They reached the ground floor and pulled the mattress out through the delivery entrance,  Rhodes and Bart were stunned for a moment.

Bart then asked, "Where's your transport?"
"We don't have any" answered Alexander
"How were you going to get it back to your base?" asked Rhodes
"The same way I got mine there, with the added benefit of having at least one more person help" Alexander replied

Rhodes and Bart then reluctantly helped Alexander and Elizabeth move the mattress through the alleyways till they made it to Their hideout. Rhodes and Bart were impressed with Alexander's base in the train station.  They finished moving the mattress to a space on the station's floor.

Alexander sat down on his own mattress while Elizabeth, Bart and Rhodes all crammed together on the new one.

"Alright let's get down to business shall we," said Alexander

N. D. Skordilis