Chapter 10:


The God Eater

Charlotte passed me a cup of hot brown liquid. Bookmark here

“What’s this?” Bookmark here

“It’s a tea that is infused with several herbs and a hint of my healing power.”Bookmark here

I took a small sip, it was hot, but it made me feel more awake. Bookmark here

“Thank you. And…..I’m sorry. About last night.” Bookmark here

I felt sheepish and in my sleeplessness I had concluded several things. And my apology to Charlotte was one of them. Bookmark here

She had been nothing but helpful and kind. And I had snapped in the bath. It wasn’t right of me and I needed her to know it. Bookmark here

I also needed more information out of her, so I could start acting on the other agendas I now had. Bookmark here

Charlotte just looked at me as if my head was melting. Her face tilted, eyes wide, mouth open slightly. Bookmark here

“You’ll catch flies if you stay like that.” I joked. Hoping to change the subject and avoid the awkwardness. Bookmark here

“HA! Ahahahaha! No, no, no.” She burst out laughing. Bookmark here

When I dropped my smile and started to turn away she stoped me. Bookmark here

“Thank you. It means a lot to have you say that. I just have never heard someone, who’s station is so high above mine, actually apologize. Not even to equals, let alone a Eta like myself.” She smiled genuinely and offered to refill my cup. I let her, it was good. Bookmark here

“What’s an Eta?”Bookmark here

“Its my ranking, in the hierarchy. I’m part of a seventh in line command. We deal with the injured and sick mostly. But we all have skills that allow us to serve our betters and masters in any way they desire.”Bookmark here

“Seventh? How many are there?”Bookmark here

“Twenty-four in all. Including the outcasts and renegades.”Bookmark here

“So if J, is Alpha, your Eta, what am I?”Bookmark here

“Well, since this is J’s ship, and his pack, your a Gamma. Third in line. All of the Beta’s out rank you in every way. But, if this were the old worlds that still lived the original pack way, you’d be a Beta/Alpha. Second only to your mate who would be Alpha. You would’ve held supreme rankings over every wolf that entered, or was a part of your territory.”Bookmark here

“So I’m basically getting a fancy title here, but no real power?”Bookmark here

“Correct. However, if J allows you to actually become his bride and rule next to him, you would the be the Alpha/Beta. Never being the same rank as him, but having command over everyone else who would bow to your strength. That’s how his society works.”Bookmark here

“That seems like a backwards society, if what else I know about it is true.”Bookmark here

“And yet, nothing can be done so long as J holds the Alpha title.”Bookmark here

“What would you do if you were Alpha, Charlotte?”Bookmark here

She opened and closed her mouth a couple times. Her eyes darting to every corner of the room. Bookmark here

“I would never even try to become alpha, that would be treasonous.”Bookmark here

Her words were sharp, almost as if she thought someone was listening and we were about to be punished for speaking. Bookmark here

“Isn’t this your personal space? I thought we were alone here?”Bookmark here

“It is. And we are. But you will never know when someone is listening. We all have extremely acute hearing. You should know just how well you can hear things when someone doesn’t know your there.”Bookmark here

I did. And she’s right, anyone could be listening from just outside. Unseen and undisturbed. Bookmark here

“Why don’t I show you my other rooms. I think you’ll like them.” Her smile had returned. It’s beaming warmth making me feel welcome. Bookmark here

I finished my third cup of Charlottes tea now and got up.Bookmark here

“Right then, where to first?”Bookmark here

“I know just the place.”Bookmark here

We slid open the door to the hallway, leaving her pile of blankets and pillows behind. From the looks of the desk, she hadn’t slept much. Bookmark here

There were more papers stacked there now, then when we entered. And her pillow was still sitting neatly on top of the pile of planters she had grabbed. Bookmark here

Charlottes hand was holding mine, her touch was cool, but firm. She lead me to the next set of doors down the other side of the hall from her room. Bookmark here

As we passed the corridor connecting us back to the rest of the ship, I swore I saw a shadow move. Bookmark here

“Hey, Charlotte?”Bookmark here

“Yes?”Bookmark here

“Is there anyone else down here? I think I just saw something move over there.” I pointed down the side hall, a small single flame burned and it’s light flickered slightly. Bookmark here

“I don’t see anyone. I can’t sense anyone else’s presence but our own either.”Bookmark here

“I must just be seeing flickering shadows and spooking myself.” I tried to reassure myself. Bookmark here

We kept walking. It wasn’t very far until Charlotte stopped and turned toward a blank panel in the wall. Most of them had electrical read outs or ventilation duct openings. Bookmark here

This one was a single sheet. Nothing on it. The drab grey was a bit brighter on this panel. Bookmark here

“This room is special. Only I and things I hold can enter. Please understand that this room is the only one off limits for that purpose.”Bookmark here

I just nodded. Charlotte started walking again. The end of the hallway turned to the right and there were more doors. Two on the left wall, one on the right. Bookmark here

“So…” A deep rumble from behind us. “Is this the vital treatment a dying patient always receives?” Bookmark here

A ground shaking footstep. I could already feel the sweat running down my whole body. I breathed in sharply. Allowing my senses to focus and hone in on the massive Alpha behind me. Bookmark here

His energy was now radiating out in thick waves. I had never been able to sense it before, but now I felt like I was going to puke. Bookmark here

I could smell the terror it produced. Taste the defeat, like I had tried to swallow ash. My ears folded in against the screeching and whining they perceived. Bookmark here

I clenched my fists, without my notice I had already started to shift. Long black claws began to unsheathe. The fur starting to grow out of my wrists. Bookmark here

“Forgive her. It was not her doing.” Charlotte was kneeling and had her head to the ground. Bookmark here

“Her. I would never think she would be so clever as to hide with you on her own accord.” J swiped his giant paw down across her back. Bookmark here

His claws tore open her clothes and left giant gaping wounds in her back. Bookmark here

“Argghhhh!” Her scream was high pitched and drawn out. She fell limply to the ground and didn’t move. Bookmark here

“You bastard!” I screamed. Bookmark here

His aura wasn’t gonna hold me back anymore. I wasn’t gonna let Charlotte die like that pup. If I didn’t fight for them, no one would. Bookmark here

I had already decided J would die. I might as well do it now. I felt the shift happening this time. Clearly. I understood just what my body was doing now. Bookmark here

The hardening skin, the expanding muscles, the clarity of my senses. Suddenly I could feel more. Not just my own physical self. It felt like I was in that tub again. Bookmark here

But this time I didn’t lose my physical senses, they just became more acute. And now they included a new sense. Bookmark here

Something about the air around me. I instinctively read the energies. Now I could see the real J. Not just a beast. But a monster. A true terror. Bookmark here

The darkness that swirled around him was being sucked into where his heart should be. It came from all around him. Bookmark here

“Why! She did nothing wrong!” My voice was a growling roar. Shouting was all I could seem to do now. Bookmark here

“She’s my toy. I don’t share.” Was the low rumbling reply. Bookmark here

He killed her out of jealousy? Bookmark here

“Seriously? That’s how low you are?” I spat the insult at him. Bookmark here

Every time I had attacked first he had anticipated it and blocked me. Even when I managed to strike him it didn’t seem to effect him. Bookmark here

Maybe if I baited him into attacking first I could dodge and play defense until I figured out how to actually hurt him. Bookmark here

I didn’t look forward to the beating I knew was about to happen, but I was beyond upset now. My resolve just firmly locked itself into fighting him every step, every moment. Bookmark here

“You couldn’t even give her a fair fight. Just slashed her while she was trying to beg. Why would any one ever follow someone who kills their underlings so casually.” Bookmark here

“Hush girl. Before your next.” His threat cut me off. Bookmark here

“No!”Bookmark here

His right arm came at near blinding speed. If I hadn’t seen the swell of darkness just before he moved I never would have stopped it. Bookmark here

Darkness seemed to cover my entire vision, J’s body at its center. I leapt away after taking the blow with both arms. I was sent flying again as J ran up to kick where I landed. Bookmark here

I held onto his leg as tight as I could, using his momentum to flip him over. I moved back a step, my right hand on my side. Bookmark here

That kick probably broke something again, I couldn’t tell. It just hurt. Bookmark here

As J stood, he unleashed a roar, the darkness stopped flowing into him for a brief second. Bookmark here

Why would it stop flowing?Bookmark here

I wish I knew what that energy was. Being able to perceive it did me little good for understanding it. Bookmark here

My eyes widened.Bookmark here

It was expanding one moment, and as soon as it started flowing back into J, it all winked out. Bookmark here

The darkness was just gone. Bookmark here

His body flashed to the right, I turned to follow him, but he moved faster than I could follow. And soon he was gone. Bookmark here

I closed my eyes and focused on smell and sound, but nothing. Bookmark here

Then a blow to the back of my head. I fell to my hands and knees. Bookmark here

I could sense the second blow coming, I darted forward. Dodging just in time. Bookmark here

“Your learning!” He bellowed. A third blow following my escape path. Bookmark here

“But your slow!”Bookmark here

He connected his left fist with my back. The blow laid me flat on the ground. The steel surface giving slightly. Bookmark here

I coughed, a spittle of blood coming out. The bright red a contrast to the grey of the rest of the hall. I tried to roll over, but J’s foot caved in my rib cage. Bookmark here

I coughed again. More blood coming out. Bookmark here

“Your lesson can end here. Just snap the neck of that waste laying next to you.” His sneer was so apparent I could hear it in his words. Bookmark here

“” I choked out the word. Bookmark here

I can’t. I won’t give in to him. This was the other resolve I had committed to. Bookmark here

If I couldn’t beat him, I would never join him. Bookmark here

And I wouldn’t be his slave. Bookmark here

I would rather die.Bookmark here

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