Chapter 34:


Balancing the Scales: The Sage Hero's Story

Kaz catches up to Ferron in front of his shed, he follows him inside and grabs his shoulder, "We're closed, go home." He raises his voice as he turns around to see Kaz. His eyes widened, "Oh, it's you. Sorry. I can't talk, I need to figure out where I'm going to get enough silver mithril for this order." He tells Kaz. Kaz sits down, "Silver mithril, is that hard to come by?" Kaz asks. It wasn't an ore that Tasi told him about, so he was next to clueless. Ferron falls into his chair, "It's hard to find, and it's expensive. It's the only metal that's effective against a demon, and I need to make as many silver mithril longswords, spears, or any weapon possible for the knights. I'd decline the request, but it's from King Rayne of Vance!" He explains. "Even if I had the metal, I couldn't smelt it down anyway! My forge can't get that hot!" Ferron adds.

Kaz sat in silence for a moment, then pulled a bag of coins off of his belt and tossed it to Ferron, "Is anything in there made of silver mithril?" Kaz asks. Ferron dumps the pouch on his desk and looks over the swag, he sets aside a handful of odd trinkets and coins and tosses the rest back to Kaz. "These are all made of it, from ore of the highest quality too. Where'd you come by this old stuff?" Ferron inquires as he inspects the things he set aside. Kaz sits up in his chair, "A good friend of mine. He might have some more laying around, but you'd need to ask him yourself." Kaz says with a cheeky grin. Ferron stands up, "Take me to him then." Ferron pauses, "Wait, he isn't a dragon is he?" He asks with a skeptical look on his face. Kaz looked shocked, "How'd you guess?" He laughs. Just as they sit back down the door opens and the girls and Ezra walk in.

Lucia looks over and sees the two men talking, "Oh, pardon us. We aren't interrupting anything are we?" She asks shyly. Ferron gets up and chuckles, "Oh no, you're fine Miss Lucia! Hey Tasi, how have you and the little one been?" He asks. "Oh right, I won't understand you." Ferron mumbles. "Tasi has been well, how have you been?" She speaks in choppy, but understandable English. Ferron whips around, "Wait a minute, what?" He replies all confused. Kaz explains that they've all been busy learning to speak English from him. Zavi comes out from behind Tasi and introduces herself, "Nice to meet you Uncle Ferron, I'm Zavi." She exclaims in a confident tone. Not wanting to be left out, Ezra hops off of Lucia's back and bows, "I'm Ezra, nice to meet you!" He says with a grin. Ferron busts out laughing, "Well, It's nice to meet you too young'uns!" He shouts. He rummages through his desk and pulls out two small lollipops and tosses one to each of them. Their faces light up as they tear the cover off and pop them in their mouths.

Ferron turns to Kaz, "You've got some wonderful kids Kaz. So, about meeting that friend of yours. You really think he'd help me out?" Ferron asks as he watches Ezra and Zavi savoring the sweet candies they were given. "I think he will, he is family. By the way, why do you need weapons for demons in the first place?" Kaz asks in a hushed voice. Ferron grabs his shoulder and pulls him into the back room, "King Rayne has kept it quiet, but there have been several demons sighted near here. I think he fears that they're scouting out for an attack. So any help you can offer, I'll more than gladly take." He whispers to Kaz. "Alright, but you'll owe me a favor. Close up shop, I'm taking you to Rath." He tells Ferron.

The two exit the back room, "You guys all done shopping?" Kaz asks. Everyone nods and holds up their sacks, Ezra's was full of sweets, toys and clothes, Zavi's had books, lots of books. Ferron offered to carry little Zavi's bag on the way to the car, Kaz explained to Tasi and Lucia why he was coming along. They seemed to be alright with it, Ferron locks his shed and follows behind the party. They exit the gate and wave to the guard as they make their way to Kaz's car. Ferron wasn't a small man, they had a difficult time squeezing him in. The children ended up on their mother's laps for the trip back.

Kaz explained things much like he had to Malcolm, don't talk to others, don't draw any weapons, just stay with the group. They slammed the car doors shut after they pulled into the cavern that housed the entrance to Rath once again. Ferron was dumbfounded by the sight of all the dragons. Frightened, and dumbfounded. He followed the group back to the manor where they were waved at by Roarke, he saw Ferron and skipped the greeting and went straight to greeting him. Roarke showed him inside the manor and chatted casually, catching up on events that transpired since they last saw each other. They ended in Roarke's room, Kaz walked in, "You can really up the size of my armor? That's a relief! I'll leave it to you then." Roarke thanks Ferron.

Kaz had walked in on the last bit of their conversation. He sat down in a vacant chair, "So Ferron, I can get you a meeting with Salamat, but it'll take." Kaz was cut off by the sound of loud pounding on the front door. Lucia shouts up that she is busy and can't answer it, Kaz excuses himself and runs downstairs. He opens the door and stares up at Salamat himself, Lucia peeks her head into the doorway, "You're here early Father!" She greets him happily. "I thought I'd invite him over for supper, dear. Is that alright with you?" Lucia asks. "I don't mind, I actually wanted to speak with him regarding something important." Kaz replies. Tasi and Lucia had begun calling him father as well following their last conversation, Kaz greets him as well and shows him inside.

Kaz goes upstairs to grab Saphana, he opens the door to find her still curled up around their egg, "Hey Saph, your Father is here for dinner. Care to join us for a bit?" He inquired from the doorway. Saphana slowly rises to her feet and nudges the blankets over to cover the egg, she heads to the balcony and hops down to head around the manor to meet them in the main hall. Kaz returns downstairs, "Father?" Kaz speaks coyly. Salamat turns and faces Kaz, "Why so shy my son, what is it?" His voice booms along with a happy smile directed at Kaz. Kaz sits down, "Do you remember when I told you about the other species in the capital being mistreated? I brought a good friend here to help me with some things. He ended up taking Telos back to Vance to work with him, when we visited we found out some grim news." He explains. Salamat lies down on his stomach, "I trust your judgement Kaz, I am guessing that Mister Telos is doing well under that person's care? Also, what is this about bad news?" Salamat asks. Kaz sighs, "You have quite a bit of treasure piled away somewhere correct?" Salamat nods and replies, "Of course, why do you ask?" Kaz calls in Ferron, who walks in cautiously gazing upon the great red drake.

Salamat turns to face Ferron, "A friend of my son's, I take it?" He asks grumpily. Kaz gestures at Ferron discreetly, Ferron nods and gets on his knee, "Lord Salamat, I am Ferron. The best smith in the Capital city of Vance, I've come to beg for your assistance. Demons threaten the safety of the capital, and we lack the armaments to defend our citizens. Kaz shared a treasure made of silver mithril he claims he obtained from you, it is the only metal that is able to properly cut down a demon." Ferron explains formally and politely. Salamat turns to Kaz, who nods in confirmation of Ferron's request. "Arise Mister Ferron, you must be truly desperate, or stupid to ask a dragon for aid." He pauses, "Very well, I will show to my hoard. You may take what you require, no more than that, but first let us feast!" He shouts. "Dear Lucia, is the food ready?" Salamat calls out.

Lucia rings her bell, "Supper is ready everyone!" She sings joyfully. Tasi and Zavi slither down from upstairs, Ezra runs in from outside, and Roarke follows behind him. They all sit down at the table, Saphana and Salamat both sit next to the long table waiting for their platters to be served. Lucia brings pot after pot of food and places it on the table as if it were a buffet, potatoes, soup, steak, and various vegetables. Lastly Kaz helps drag out the large pallets of meat for the dragons, the sounds of munching, crunching, and the occasional belch resounded throughout the manor.

After much gorging the food was gone, everyone's appetites had been satiated. Salamat is the first to get up, "What a wonderful meal my darling Lucia!" He bellows out. Everyone added their compliments to the chef as well and went to wash up, Salamat turned to Kaz, "You and your friend are to meet me at the council chamber bright and early tomorrow morning." He tells Kaz before he says his goodbyes and heads back up the hill to his dwelling. Roarke sets up a cot by the fireplace for Ferron, just aside from where Saphana usually slept. The space was currently vacant due to Saphana sleeping on her nest of blankets in Kaz's bedroom along with her egg.

Kaz kisses both Ezra and Zavi goodnight and sends them to bed with their mothers. Roarke approaches Kaz, "I think we're going to have to expand on our home soon. Those two will need their own rooms soon, would you like me to start making up plans?" He asks. Kaz agrees and lets out a long winded yawn, he then heads upstairs to his bedroom and kneels next to Saphana. He wraps his arms around her head and gives her a kiss on the lips, "Goodnight Saphana." He whispers, then he leans further down and kisses two fingers, then puts those fingers on the egg. He pulls back his sheets and grabs his pillow, he sets them beside Saphana and lies against her back leg. Before Kaz knew it, he was snatched up in her forelegs again, he was used to it at this point and just let it happen, slowly he drifted off to sleep comfortably in his wife's grasp.