Chapter 1:

Her Prologue

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

   “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West

It happened again. She lost one more person that once promised to stay by her side forever, but this time is only her fault. Maybe her luck is actually the misery of others.

Her father attempted to strangle her to death with a rope, but she managed to draw the attention of several neighbors who were outside. They dialed 911 and requested an ambulance from their local police station. There was a newlywed couple and an elderly lady who was referred to as Grandmother by everyone. The man dashed into the surprisingly unlocked residence, followed by his wife and grandmother. He arrived barely in time to save the girl. Despite the fact that she had fainted, her heart was still pumping and she could hear every word her father uttered.

“You brought misfortune to the family!”

“You drink and smoke everyday like it’s your last!”

“I have never regretted something so much like the day you were born.”

“I hate you from the bottom of my heart!”

“Just kill yourself so that this world to become better!”

He was a little bit high. As he usually is.

It already been five and a half years since the man started taking drugs. He grew very aggressive and always fought with his wife. He started cheating; missing for long periods of time; he even started to use violence on his women and his daughter.

I’m sure everyone can guess what happened next. The man was charged for attempted murder of first degree.

The girl was revived by CPR while her mother persuaded everyone that her kid is perfectly well and does not require any more tests or admission to a hospital.

First and foremost, this unconcerned woman was present during the entire incident but did nothing.

Second, she refused to have her daughter checked or taken to the hospital because she couldn't bear the thought of others seeing the marks, burns, and bruises on her child's body. She's all right! She doesn't require any special treatment!

In the end everyone listened to her and left the child resting on a couch.

Even if the truth was that her mother never locks the door, the girl chose to believe that it actually was intentional.

“I’m going out with my friends so don’t bother to call or message me! I added money on your credit card so you should have enough!” – The woman leaves without any other words.

When did those happy moments go? Why did they stop? At this point she doesn’t really care anymore. She tries to enjoy life but since no one tells her exactly how, so she just follows the trends.

She has a lobe piercing, two cartilage piercings, and a labret piercing. In addition, she had her hair dyed sky blue with pastel blue and purple highlights and an undercut on both sides of her head. She thought that changing her appearance would make her feel better. She felt wonderful at first, but she began to be ridiculed at school because of her makeover. People labeled her as "The spoiled bad girl of Tokyo”.

Because of how her life had turned out, she began drinking and smoking in the hope that her life would end sooner.

In summary, this is the story of the 17-year-old Kibo Maboroshi. Besides her bad habits that she developed in time, she is quite a fighter.

She lives to prove others wrong, no matter how difficult it is and never satisfies her bullys with fear.

She began to adopt a negative attitude toward bad people, but she never turned her back on those in need of assistance. She understands what it's like to be helpless. Since she is tall (about 5'6) and has many scars, not to mention her empty eyes, she can be rather intimidating at times.

Even though she is aware that others have it worse, the money her mother gives her will never be enough to bridge the gap between a parent and his child. She imagines how different her family's lives might have been if she had performed better or at least matched her father's expectations. She had a lot of dark ideas, without a question, but she never shared them.

She keeps telling herself that after a big storm, the sun will take again over the sky. Perhaps a rainbow will arise at the right time, but what if it symbolizes a scar in the sky that everyone finds beautiful? If is truly like that, then even her wounds can be acceptable in people’s eyes.

God? She doesn’t acknowledge a God. She has faith in both herself and the universe. They are quite similar after all; there are certainly many mysteries between them and, life is never boring this way.

Her brother taught her about this universe that knows no limit and that can’t be controlled by anyone. It rules himself. He also showed her how wonderful life can be if you see it through the right perspective.

Sadly, when she was 14 years old, he died on his birthday, January 2nd. He suffered from lung cancer. His last words became her purpose in life, despite any hardship.

“Life is like an wild animal, sometimes it approaches you and give you hope that maybe, just maybe, you can tame it, but while you think that you own such a beautiful creature, you are not capable of understanding that in the end, it will want to return home, sooner or later. I think that my soul wants to return to its right place today. Kibo, we have one life, try to enjoy it at least through those little things that matter. Live each and every day like tomorrow doesn’t exist and give yourself that happy ever after because you deserve it!”

Since then, she changed drastically. At first, she cried every time she remembered him, but then she smiled while remembering his last words. Now she is finally proud to be alive just for the sake of fun.

From a distance, it is clear that she is not a depressed person, but rather a beautiful mess, the type of shambles that attract your interest in learning more about the mystery around her.