Chapter 4:

Chapter 4- The Return

Sorrow Dayz

All of the children ran up and hugged Yuuta even the bullies. Then one of the elders asked "Yakeen how did this happen, he was pronounced deceased remember?" Then Yakeen told him. "I begged our God to save him and he did." 

"When everyone went in that night and slept after all that had happened at the burial ground." "I told him if he would save him I would sacrifice myself and give him my soul for my son’s." "I haven’t told Yuuta yet elder so please don’t say anything to the others." "Of course you have my word Yakeen and may Heiwa be with you." 

As all the tears of joy flooded down the kids face, it seemed as if a dream to true hit reality. By the time night came everyone started heading back home. Yakeen had made it home with Yuuta he set him down and asked him. 'Yuuta how old are you now?" He responds. "I'm 14."

 "Yes you are your becoming a young man now." "I think you will have a lot of responsibility to deal with now, can you handle it"? Yakeen asked. "Yes sir but are you going somewhere father?" Before he could finish Yakeen interrupted. "Yes I made a promise to our god Yuuta and I cannot break it." "Who Hedoideusu?" asked.

 "In do time you will find out, but for now just take care of the young, and watch over the elders when they are sick Yuuta." "Do you hear me son?" "Yes sir", but before he could ask his question Yakeen had given him one his remedies to make him fall asleep early. Unfortunately Yakeen knew what his task was now, and it could be prolonged no longer. He left the gates of Serenual and entered into the Forest of Han’ei. 

There when he finally made it to the back of the forest, he turned around and didn’t see anything but tree after tree. Then he found a piece of rubble rubbish to sit on. He took out a poison remedy that he made, he starts taking it. Then all of a sudden he starts hearing voices. His vision is completely gone blacked out he can no longer see anything. 

His hearing fading in and out. Then he looks down at his stomach his stomach is glowing bright blue, and he feels a burning sensation. The voices grew louder in his head as Yakeen began to yell. Out of nowhere a hand print showed up on his chest as his chest turned blue. You could easily see the hand print because it was black, then a gust of wind so strong shook the gates open at Serenual. The villagers ran to the gate to close it, Yuuta looked out everyone heard Yakeen’s screams from the forest. Yuuta wanted to run but an elder grabbed him and stopped him. He told him "He went to the forest Yuuta I'm sorry, he’s not coming back."

 Also the forest began to corrode and started picking up wildfire so strong the heat was felt all the way to the back of the village. As they were trying to close the gates they couldn’t it was scorching hot and the fire wouldn’t stop its path was basically lit up to the village. 

The fire passed the gates making its way inside near the villagers including Yuuta. He ran to the back fearing the heat. One of the elders fell over a plant running and the fire was to hot for anyone to turn around and get her. Yuuta ran to her the elder told him "run back." The elder was caught in the flames and they began to burn her, she begged Yuuta  "turn around!" 

He finally reached her and he didn’t know what to do,he tried moving her but she was so hot. Yuuta's vision began becoming weak as well like before, he felt as if he was going to pass out again. He hit the ground and the villagers all screamed "Noooo elder and Yuuta are stuck we must help them!" Nevertheless everyone was too terrified to help them. 

The elder was tearing up and almost out of breath. She was using her last breath to thank him. Yuuta couldn’t do anything but look at her while the fire began covering her face and he extended his arm to her. Yuuta closed his eyes and begged "Please Hushur save her." Then everyone noticed that his arm turned entirely blue it was so bright that the elder’s eyes were forced open to be blinded by it. Yuuta screamed grab my hand and she pushed with every inch of might she had left.

 She finally reached him and Yuuta grabbed her and then asked another villager "help me pick her up now!" He yelled while shes out of the fire a villager ran and helped. It was astounding the fire was perched right there massively in front of them like it was in a glass mirror no one could feel the heat. 

That’s when Yuuta's arm started becoming of normal skin tone again. He ran to the gates the heat was beginning to creak back in he turned around and yelled "get back hurry!" The fire burst back in making its way to the villagers. Then all of a sudden an explosion happened and a smoky fog appeared. Everyone looked ahead until it disappeared and the gates was closed. 

There was Yuuta laying on the ground in front of the gates the villagers ran to him and took him to the sanatorium. No one could believe what happened everyone stayed long as they could until they heard the report on Yuuta. The Ishi came out and told everyone that he will survive but he is in critical condition.

 Now everyone go home and try to get some rest, I will return later with an update. The next day had arrived an Yuuta awakened from his injuries all healed and bandaged up. He thanked the ishi and returned home, but before he could every villager thanked him for his bravery and courage. 

Then a girl that seemed of his age  approached him, and said "Hi you saved my grandmother the other night." As she was tearing up as she was trying to tell him my name is "Megumi Ai you saved that elder who was Michiko Ai, I love my grandmother to death thank you again Yuuta." 

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