Chapter 5:

Chapter 5- Hushur: Of Legend

Sorrow Dayz

"See you in school tomorrow!" Megumi said. "OK." Yuuta responded, as she hugged him goodbye. Yuuta went home after saying goodbye to everyone. He tried not to look at anything reminding him of his father. Unfortunately, he stubbed his foot against his father's door walking past his room. 

All of sudden he heard a thump in his room, he went to check it out. He saw nothing checking everywhere, there it was right on his bed under the covers. The same book he saw in his father's room that fell out of that dresser that had the depicted writing. Hedoidesu began reading the second page it said "the man of many shapes and forms, but the god of all creatures". 

As Hedoidesu began reading Hushur says "I was in fact human and then became a god, who can take any shape or any form". "Now the creatures serve Hushur and Hushur servers his people, but those who do not respect Hushur will be forsaken." "I am in your dreams, your nightmares, I can reanimate, I can decimate, never the less I can reciprocate." "There are 2 crucial rules you must never break, and 5 rules you must always follow." 

"If you truly honor me you will follow these rules and into your acclamation." "Formed all together these rules are called The 7 Rules of Norowa Remashita."
"The first rule is if you make a promise to me you must keep it." "No matter what promise, it can be seen through if you hold your end up with me."

 "The outcomes may vary depending on the request you ask me it could end in death, sickness, wealth, destruction, corruption, or prosperity." "The second rule is never call my name in Munashiidesu(vain)." Be sure, focused, and very precise when you call out for me, I am always listening." "I only listen to those who truly believe and have felt my presence, those who have are extremely lucky, and some are extremely unfortunate to have promised me something else."

 "These other five rules you will hear from me in time." "Maybe through your sleep, nightmares, daydreams, or even injuries." "You will know in due time just remember I am always near, to those who are truly measured by fear." Yuuta feeling shaken by what he had read, he rushed and put the book back in his father's dresser.

 "So this is what my father knew of him, did he know him?" "I want to get to the bottom of this but not now one day." "For now I must get some rest and go to sleep." 

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