Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Raiden the strongest Mortal

My name is Izumi Takaro, I am 19 years old and I am what society calls a Hikikomori. I don't have a job yet, and I receive weekly money from my parents. And today I decided to leave the house and buy my dinner at a convenience store.
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"Hmmm I can't wait to get home and start eating."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

And as I was on my way home I started to hear a noise coming towards me fast, I was quite worried I looked both ways  and saw nothing until I looked up and I couldn't believe what I saw.Bookmark here

"What is that? My god is that a plane coming towards me."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

I was so scared that i  dropped the food and started running as fast as I could.Bookmark here

"I have to get out of here fast Run,Run,Run."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

Until I hid behind a car and heard the plane explode, everything started shaking.......... I was scared and looked slowly over the car.Bookmark here

"Oh my God, what just happened? How am i still aliv-"  (Takaro)Bookmark here

Everything went  black..... After a little while I slowly started to open my eyes.Bookmark here

"Hey you finally woke up Izumi Takaro."  (Mysterious Girl)Bookmark here

when I heard a voice I quickly got up. And I noticed that in front of me was a beautiful girl with long pink hair and blue eyes. And she was wearing a long white dress.Bookmark here

I blushed a little.Bookmark here

"Hello who are you and where am I? And wait a minute how do you know my name?"  (Takaro)Bookmark here

" My name is Saki and I am an angel."  (Saki)Bookmark here

"Wow an angel? Wait a minute does that mean I died?"  (Takaro)Bookmark here

"Yes the moment you peeked over the car a piece of the plane's turbine landed on you." (Saki)Bookmark here

I was a little confused and laughed a bit.Bookmark here

"Aahahah it has to be a prank, I don't leave the house that much how could I die?" (Takaro)Bookmark here

"You were a little unlucky Takaro, it could happen to anyone."  (Saki)Bookmark here

" How is this possible? At least I didn't suffer.......... And what is this place I'm going to assume it's the afterlife isn't it saki?"  (Takaro)Bookmark here

"Yes this is the afterlife, all living beings when they die come here, and further on they can choose whether to reincarnate and live a completely new life."  (Saki)Bookmark here

"Further on? What do you mean?"  (Takaro)Bookmark here

"Yes, for a mortal to be able to reincarnate they will have to complete some tasks."  (Saki)Bookmark here

"What kind of tasks?"  (Takaro)Bookmark here

"I'll explain right away. The afterlife is not a place like you humans imagined. It's quite similar to your world, except that our technology is more advanced than yours. After a Human dies they will  comes here, and their hidden power will be unlocked to their full potential that lies dormant in the center of the soul, like a seal that it's only released after they die. After the potential is unlocked, it will allow a mortal to reach the ultimate level as a god. I am talking about increased physical strength, use of magic, skills, having access to one's own stats and control of the aura. All of this is possible after a mortal has progressed to the afterlife....... And now I will explain the tasks that need to be done for a Mortal to be able to Reincarnate:Bookmark here

1.Step- Be level 1000.Bookmark here

2. Step Win at least 5 Magic Tournaments.Bookmark here

3. Step Defeat the God of Afterlife which is only possible with incredible stats and a supreme magic that can only be achieved by rigorous training. After this the Mortal will have the choice to become the new God of Afterlife or decide to move on to a new life."  (Saki)Bookmark here

"Wow it's  like an RPG game.........I have a question how do I check my stats? It's the most important thing to me right now."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

"Stretch out your left arm Takaro."Bookmark here

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what did you inject me Saki?"  (Takaro)Bookmark here

"Calm down Takaro I just gave you the bracelet called (GAMA) this is the afterlife bracelet, with this bracelet you will be able to see your STATS and upgrade skills, everyone wears it in the afterlife, the bracelet is now a part of you."  (Saki)Bookmark here

"Wow it looks like a normal bracelet, but I can feel power surging  inside me......this bracelet will be very useful."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

"Try saying STATS."  (Saki)Bookmark here

"STATS."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

.........................................................................................................................Bookmark here

Name - Izumi TakaroBookmark here

Level - 1Bookmark here

HP - 100Bookmark here

MP - 197Bookmark here

Magic - 200Bookmark here

Attack - 100Bookmark here

Defense - 95Bookmark here

Agility - 102Bookmark here

Strenght - 25Bookmark here

Vitality - 57Bookmark here

Intelligence - 50Bookmark here

Resistance - NoneBookmark here

Special skills - NoneBookmark here

Nickname - NoneBookmark here

.......................................................................................................................Bookmark here

"Wow starting with Magic at 200 I'm already off to a good start heeheheh."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

I'm so happy with my STATS, it looks like I got lucky.Bookmark here

"Very good. Your STATS are definitely amazing at the moment, it means you have a lot of potential."  (Saki)Bookmark here

"HEHEHEHEH I will train hard Saki, first I will start with basic training like Push-ups, Crunches, Running and Squats."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

"Well I have nothing more to explain to you simply good luck out there and stay strong. I'll teleport you to the city..... Oh that's right I forgot, I'll add some money to your GAMA, you can also use it to buy items, food, etc. I will give you ¥700,000 . Don't spend it poorly, it should give you 1 year if you use it carefull. As you level up you will also get money.  for each level is ¥100,000..... Oh and if you have any questions say HELP to GAMA and he will help you with your question. "  (Saki)Bookmark here

"Thank you very much Saki, to be honest I was getting bored in my original world. This is what I need, I will get to Level 1000 Fast and have the best STATS in Afterlife."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

I am quite curious to see what this world will give me, I am sure I will meet new people, friends and enemies.Bookmark here

"Good luck Izumi Takaro until we meet again, I will teleport you to the main  city where you start."  (Saki)Bookmark here

I Nod my head to her at that moment very exicted for what comes next.Bookmark here


"Wow it really looks like Tokyo. It’s just like on earth."  (Takaro)Bookmark here

I can't wait for the adventures I'm going to have.Bookmark here

"Okay, time to LEVEL UP!!!!"  (Takaro)Bookmark here

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