Chapter 7:

Chapter 7- The Beloved: Megumi Ai

Sorrow Dayz

Not even Yuuta could believe it Megumi was there holding Kenta’s foot in the air. As she was crying her voice changed a little bit "its time for you to go noww" she said. 

Her hair changed colors her hair was naturally blue, it changed to pink. Her left arm was completely skeletal and her body was wrapped in this pink glowing aura. Still holding Kenta’s foot "I don’t ever want to see you outside of class again." "Do you hear me" 

"yes yess I do please let go." Kenta pleaded.  When she let go some of his shoe tore off into her hand. As she slowly looked up and still in rage, she said "Leave now." Everyone scattered except 2 people, "what are you doing here didn’t I say leave?" "Yes" as they were startled we're sorry this happened to him, we didn’t like it, but we were to afraid to do anything." "My name is Tasyoukee, and my name is Enjo were can help you get him home if you would like, and let us help." 

"No leave its ok." "Megumi let them help", "fine but only for you Yuuta." "Tasyoukee you grab his legs, and Enjo you grab his arms." As they finally stand him up Megumi’s hair began changing back to normal color and arm was transforming back to normal slowly. Yuuta asked "what was that?" 

She tells him "don’t worry about it we’ll talk about it later when you get done resting and, healing." "Where are we going?" Yuuta asked. "You’re going to the sanatorium to get your injuries bandaged." She replied. As they check Yuuta in the three stay out and talk for a while. "OK I’m back, where to now?" Yuuta asked. "let’s go to my home, I have some tea I can give you to help you feel better." 

"Its my grandmother’s recipe she makes tea for most of the elders." Standing behind awkwardly "you guys can come to" laughingly she said. "Thanks, Megumi" as they get there, Hedoidesu said "your grandmother has some fine decorations, and fortune" laughingly. "Shut up she is old fashioned, sit down I'm going to make us all some tea." "So your name is Hedoidesu is it you’re the one who not only saved the elder, but the entire village from burning." "Also the person who was supposedly dead and brought back to life?" 

"Yes that’s me, so how does it feel being the first of us you know the Wakai?" "It’s really not that big of a deal to me." "Are you kidding you’re the first to access your art Hedoidesu" Enjo says. "Let him rest he needs it" Tasyoukee says," ok boys are you ready for your tea?" "Yes" "ok here you guys go" Megumi holds Yuuta’s head back and gave him some tea. "Yum that is some very good tea Megumi" then everyone bursts out laughing. 

"Shut up" "no seriously that is some good tea", "yes it Megumi as all three of them told her." "Yu-Yu" Megumi said as he begun falling asleep she lays his head down on the pillow. "So Megumi are you and Yuuta are like a couple?" Tasyoukee asks. "No" Megumi said "we are friends, he saved my grandmother the other night when that tragedy occurred." 

"When all seemed lost he rose up from the crowd and saved her." "That’s when I met Yuuta I was very honored to meet him, it was not only brave what he did, but courageous." Enjo asked "so have you been to his home and met his parents?" "No that mysterious man, the elder that walked into the Forest of Han’ei that night was Yuuta’s father." "What!?" Enjo said and "he knows that?" 

"Yes" Megumi replies "I'm going to always be here if he needs to talk about it." "Me too" Tasyoukee said, "me three" Enjo said." So your grandmother is a elder here in the village?" "Yes you guys may know her as is Michiko Ai, but she goes by The Great Supika in this village." "Of, course she’s known as Michiko Ai in the other villages." 

"Wait its other villages?" "Yes, your parents haven’t taught you guys that yet?" "No, they haven’t oh wow!" Megumi exclaims. "So you have 3 villages, that are to my knowledge." "The Village of Divinity, Those, who are from that village, believe to possess the power to become a god." "Legend has a man named Hushur was from that village but died saving that village on the front line." 

"Next the Village of Thaumaturgy, those who are in that village, believe in the power of magic and that they can do miracles." "It is a great lore that can be told during any night that 20 witches ran from Serenual all but 7." "When they were needed the most those 7 stayed behind and fought demons, from Jigoku(Hell)." "There were thousands of them, they were badly injured, but they never ran they killed every single demon." 

"In the aftermath the Lore was believed so much that they put in trials, for people to pass to detect if they were a witch." "Those who did not pass were persecuted, may have been killed." "Many were persecuted for a long time." "Then one day a man was not only maliciously, but viciously killed." "It was like a slaughter in front of all the villages to see." "That villager did not survive that night and he was an innocent man", supposedly. "It was said that the witches came back to punish all those who persecuted innocent people."

 "Also, any sisters that they could’ve had were probably killed because they were a witch." "The lore has is that was a warning, if anything else were to occur like that again, their presence, and wrath would truly be felt." 

"Finally ours The Village of Sorrow." "We were not officially a village but after that night of the witches return." "You had those who could not stop grieving and those who were very troubled from every village." 

"So those in charge took them and gave them some land, space, and food to create their own village." "It became The Village of Sorrow." "Those who are from this village, believe to access great power, now it is considered raw art in time of a very dire need." "Yuuta one day will be that legend for the Wakai." 

Then Yuuta woke up "woah guys, how long have I been out for?" "For a while" Megumi said, "we're just talking to each other about legends of Serenual." "Oh OK, guess I better get home then", "do you need me to come with you." Megumi asked. "No, I'll be fine don’t you guys worry about me I’ll see you guys at school tomorrow." 

"OK" everyone replied, "I guess we’ll be heading home too Megumi" Tasyoukee said. "Speak for yourself dude do you not see how hot she is" trying to whisper to Tasyoukee, "um I can hear you." "You do know that right Enjo?" "Ohhh ok yea I think I’ll be heading home now." "See you guys at school tomorrow." Enjo said. "OK bye." Laughingly "where did you two become friends Tasyoukee?" 

"Who Enjo and me we go way back we practically grew up together." "Of course, that’s a story for another time see you later Megumi." "OK see you at school tomorrow Tasyoukee", the next morning came. Everyone arrived to class "good morning class in case you weren’t paying attention on the first day of school my name is Salul Howkuu I am your teacher for this semester." 

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