Chapter 8:

Chapter 8- The Five Triggering Affects

Sorrow Dayz

"Today we will discuss what triggers your art, is it rage, pain, love, hate, or sorrow." "I bring this up because I did hear about the commotion near the escoolur yesterday." "Also, that you Kansha were the one that broke it up is that true?" "Yes sir", "now Megumi what was that art that you used to break up the fight?" 

"Um I don’t know Mr. Howkuu." "Do you think you could do it now if you tried Megumi?" "No sir." "Come up here to the front of the class, OK now let’s try the five triggering affects, until we see which one works." "OK let’s try love is there anyone you love in this class?" Blushing Megumi said "No." "Are you sure Megumi your blushing?" Mr. Howkuu asked. "I’m sure Mr. Howkuu." "OK so you wouldn’t have a problem if I said another girl from this class liked Yuuta Ms. Ai?" 

"No I wouldn’t" she replied "OK, so let’s try hate is there someone you hate here in this village Megumi?" "No I could never hate anybody, but it is someone I strongly dislike." "OK so that’s not it, let me try rage, how would you feel if the person who attacked you and Yuuta yesterday was here now attacking him again?"

 "Stop I don’t want to think about that." "C’mon Megumi think the person who attacked him is here now, and attacking him again and again until he has blood running from his mouth." I said "STOPPP" as her voiced changed everyone was so shocked. Her hair began changing colors from blue to pink with white tips at the end of hair. Then her left arm began unwrapping her skin like tissue and it became skeletal. Still afraid to talk everyone just watched as she walked forward and forward towards Mr. Howkuu. 

She said "is this what you wanted to see all along, ill show you rage." She raised back her left arm she began to lunge at him. Yuuta cried out "DON'T." Then her hair changed back, her arm, and she couldn’t believe that she was about to attack her teacher. "Thank you Hedoidesu" Mr. Howkuu exclaimed!

 "See class her art is triggered by rage, now Yuuta you come up." Megumi said "no you don’t have to", "it’ll be fine Megumi besides you, Tasyoukee, and Enjo are here to help me if I need it." "OK" she replied "Yuuta is there someone here you love?" "No but there is someone I like" as he blushed.

 "OK it’s not love, is there anyone here you hate Yuuta?" "No certainly not." He responded. "Um what about someone who makes you feel of rage like someone did to Megumi?" "No" Yuuta replied, "maybe you feel full of sorrow most of the time?" "No, I’m pretty mellowed out most of the time." "So, it must be pain, you overcome pain with your art." "No when I got injured pain did not save me", "THAT'S RIGHT" Megumi exclaimed! 

"You make taker your seat Yuuta I don’t know what your art is or, how it has awoken." "I just hope that it is art, so that you can learn to control it one day, you as well Kansha." Mr. Howkuu said. "Class is dismissed for today, see you all again tomorrow" he said. "Hey, Yu-Yu so is it true?" "Is what true he asked?" "That your art requires none of the triggering affects to activate it?" "I don’t know, I can’t activate it anytime I want."

 "Hmm that’s strange, indeed it is" as Tasyoukee catches up, "WAIT UP FOR ME YOU GUYS", Enjo yells." Where are we going today you guys?" "Let’s stop by the Escoolur I’m hungry." Yuuta said. "Fine" Megumi said. They arrive at the Escoolur, and there they saw Kenta. He turned around and saw the four of them. 

"I’m about to leave to go to another Escoolur, I’m sorry for running into you guys." "Wow you really scared him away Megumi." As he’s walking away you can hear Kenta talking to himself asking, "what have I done to be treated this way please, forgive me, I am sorry, I won’t let this happen again." Then he started whispering to himself very slow and then fell to his knees. Megumi said "who is he asking forgiveness from, and who is sorry to?" 

"I am going to ask" "NO", Yuuta exclaimed as he interrupted her. "He owes you an apology Yu-Yu I’m going to get it", "NO it's OK Megumi let it go, he’s obviously unstable right now." "Forget it I’m going to get that apology Yuuta, just watch." 

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