Chapter 12:

Mr Morales' Den

New Leaf!

And so, Mr Morales left to go to his work. I’m not doing anything right now, so I guess I should familiarize myself with where I’ll be staying for now.
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The floor plan of Mr Morales’ unit is really simple: upon entering, you are in a hallway that leads to other rooms. On the left were two doors — one led to a small room with a dryer and washing machine, while the other one led to the washroom. On the right were two more doors — both of them are probably both bedrooms that are similar in size. At the end of the hallway was an opening to a spacious common area.Bookmark here

The laundry room only had a dryer, a washing machine, and a tall laundry basket in it — its name was pretty self-explanatory.Bookmark here

The washroom that was next to it was also simple. Since the laundry room was small, the length of the washroom was probably the length of a bedroom and a half. The door was on the left corner of the rectangular room. Upon entering, in front was a beige and dark brown counter that spanned the majority of the length of the room. The counter had cupboards and drawers in it, as well as a sink. On the bare counter was a white station holding toiletries such as sprays, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and razors. On the wall behind the counter was a large mirror that covered the wall’s height and the counter’s length. In the small area to the right of the counter was a toilet with a toilet paper roll holder attached to the counter next to it.Bookmark here

I said the bathroom was about the size of a bedroom and a half, but the washroom was about the same size as one bedroom when looked at from the inside. That is because this was actually not the entire bathroom; on the left wall on the right side was a door that led to a room that was the size of half a bedroom — the bathtub and shower room. From this mostly tiled room’s entrance, next to the wall on the left was a bathtub that spanned that wall’s length. The bathtub also had a showerhead above it, so it could function as a shower. There was also a laundry basket similar to the one in the laundry room in the right corner of the room. Next to the bathtub and on the wall in front of the entrance was a bar that was most likely for towels, and parallel to that bar was another counter for clothes.Bookmark here

Anyway, moving right along with the house tour…Bookmark here

At the end of the corridor was the common area. The area was pretty spacious, and it was divided in two; on the left was the kitchen, and on the right was the living room.Bookmark here

The kitchen was also split into two parts. On the section closest to the hallway was the kitchen part. The refrigerator was on the far left corner, and there were brown counters and cupboards along the wall next to it. In the middle of the counters was an oven with a microwave hanging above it. On the counter to the left of the oven was a small microwave oven. Oh yeah, all of these kitchen appliances had a black colour scheme that matched with the brown cupboards and counters.Bookmark here

I walked around the kitchen. In front of this section — about the length wide enough for two or three people to walk through — was a rectangular kitchen counter. A kitchen sink was embedded into the counter with a cupboard underneath, and there was a washing machine beside it. On the side opposite to the sink were four light-brown stools tucked underneath a hanging part of the counter; it kinda reminded me of a bar — I know what a bar looks like not because I have experience, but because I think it’s common knowledge… Bookmark here

Nothing much to say about the other section other than that it’s where dining happens — there’s a dining table. There was a square table with a size of about a third of the section with four chairs on each side. The chairs were a shade of beige similar to the hardwood flooring of this section and the tiles of the kitchen.Bookmark here

I turned around; the area on the right is most likely the living room. Again, it was very simple; there weren’t even decorations on the walls. There were two couches of different sizes besides a coffee table on a carpet. A bit further from the coffee table and next to the wall was a television stand built with cupboards on either side. What’s a television stand without a television? On the stand was a flat-screen TV with a width slightly shorter than the TV stand. I walked closer to the TV and inspected it. On the bottom right corner, it said… OLED? What does that mean? Hm… the name sounds like a characteristic that would be useful for a TV to have but would be detrimental for a human to have.Bookmark here

Anyways… that’s Mr Morales’ condo unit. It’s not an apartment? He said that it was a condominium, but what’s the difference? Regardless, this is it. I rate it… maybe 4 out of 5 stars! Bookmark here

But… Why is it like this? Its size is definitely suitable for two, maybe three people… But Mr Morales lives alone, right? Maybe he had to choose a larger unit because of shortages and stuff? It’s also furnished so that it's fitting for multiple people. Could someone else be living here? Or maybe, someone else used to live with him. I wonder… Bookmark here

Oh wait, there’s still one more thing to check — the balcony. I walked towards a transparent sliding door that was in the living room — symmetry ruined, the door isn’t in the middle! I opened it, and outside was the balcony. The door was on one side of the balcony, and the balcony extended up to about half of the dining room; I knew because there was a window that allowed people to look into it. On the balcony were two black garden chairs and a matching table and… nothing else. Hm...Bookmark here

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