Chapter 5:

Aoshira Part 2 (Takara)

Special Fighting Club

“Everyone´s so motivated.” Kei mumbles.
“Duh, Japan won the world cup. Everyone’s pumped up, how could you not with such a show of fighting spirit!” I tell him. The finale yesterday was incredible. Onii-sama won his fight, naturally.
Taiki looks a bit less motivated. He always gets like that when he sees Onii-sama.

“Everyone listen up!” Manami-san yells.
The two Aoshira coaches stand next to him. The male bows. “I´m Hyuuga Nao. Aoshiras head coach. This…” he points at the female. “I´m Kagami Suzume, the co-coach.” She introduces herself.
Hyuuga-san continues. “After warm up, we will tell you who you´ll be fighting against. Please be careful, the interhigh is close so try to avoid injuries as much as possible. These fights will be very short, five points each.”
Kagami-san pulls out a list. “First Fujima Takara vs. Ichinose Jinpachi, I will be your referee. Fujima Taiki vs. Yagari Kita, Kiyoshi will be your referee. Mizuki Nanami vs Kurosaki Midori, Nao will be your referee. The managers will be writing down the points after these three fights the next will be announced.”

Jin-kun and I are standing opposite of each other. We got to know each other pretty well yesterday. He´s also a fan of Onii-sama. I try to get into fighting mode.
“Start!” Kagami-san yells.
I turn into my unicorn form; Jin-kun turns out be a nixie, no problem I think. We have them in our team, albeit it they´re female, but I´m used to fighting against them, he can´t be stronger than Na-chan. That´s where I thought wrong.
His snakelike tail coils around one of my forelegs, ripping it away from under me. I fall.
“Point gain Jinpachi! 1-0.”
I get up and manage to piece his tail with my horn.
“Point gain Takara-chan! 1-1.”
He backs of, still in nixie form. He opens his snake jaws and a gust of water hits me in the face.
“Point gain Jinpachi! 2-1.”
I run towards him, turn around and hit him with my hind legs with as much force as I can muster.
“Point gain Takara-chan! 2-2.”
Jin-kun flies a few meters, turns back into his hybrid form and with a smile on his face wills the water around me to coil around all four of my legs. With one smooth motion the water lifts me up and vanishes, letting me fall to the ground. I turn back into my hybrid from too. Jin-kun comes running pinning me to the ground with his knees and punches me in the stomach. I get him off of me, make gems appear around my fist and punch back.
“Fight ends in a tie!” Kagami-san yells. She walks up to us. “That wasn´t so bad, you two take a break now.”
And with that Jin-kun and I decide to watch the others, well we watch Na-chans fight, I´ve seen Taiki fight so often that it´s a bit boring now.
“Midori is a dryad, second year. She´s pretty fast.” Jin-kun tells me.
“Oh, please, Na-chan as a nixie has way batter chances of winning, unlike you.” I tell him.
He smiles. “Ok, then let´s bet.”
“Sure loser has to fight against one of the first years.”
We shake hands.
Looking at the fight, we seem to have missed just a bit of the start. Na-chan in her beautiful nixie form, her tail shimmering in all kinds of shades of blue with hints of green, has taken her usual defensive stance at the corner of the ring. As a nixie, she told me, it´s pretty had to move around so she prefers to stay in a corner and fight long distance. The fight is over before it even really started; a few water balls are shot towards Mi-chan and Na-chan is announced the winner.
“Well that was, anticlimactic.” Jin-kun says.
I smile. “You lost.”
Mi-chan comes towards us. “That didn´t go as planned.” She says.
“I lost a bet because of you.” Jin-kun tell her.
“It´s not my fault that I´m not used to fighting long distance fighters! You could train with me, you´re a nixie too.”
He nods. “Ok, ok. I´ll train with you, happy?”
She nods and walks to Yuki-chan, one of Aoshiras managers.
Jin-kun and I are joined by Taiki, he also managed a tie. He looks at Jin-kun. “You two seem to be awfully close.”
“Yeah, he´s a fan of Onii-sama.” I tell him.
“Oh is he? I heard he´s a, what do you call it?”
“Playboy.” Leiko chimes in. “The girls were talking about how you couldn´t trust him.”
Jin-kun looks embarrassed. “Those are just rumors and Takara-chan isn´t even my type.”
Now Taiki seems angry. “Really? Look at her! She´s adorable!”
“Well I´m more into the serious type.” Those two continue with their… whatever they’re having. Leiko and I go watch another match: Ren-chan vs. Rai-kun.
Ren-chan stays in hybrid form, she´s also a nixie. Rai-kun on the other hand goes full Naga mode, his tail seem to be that of a corn snake.
Leiko giggles. “Who should I cheer for? I mean Ren is a team member, but Raidon is a fellow Naga.”
“Cheer for both.” I tell her.
The fight at first seems unfair. Rai-kun is more experienced and a lot faster, but surprisingly Ren-chan manages to get a few hit in before she´s defeated. I run towards her. “Don´t worry, you did well.”
“You think? I think that was pathetic. I´m just not very good at fighting.” She changes her sports glasses back to her regular ones.
“I don´t think that. You´re just, how do I say this? ... You´re too nice.”
She looks confused.
“Well you always try to avoid hurting you´re opponent. You have to try and be more assertive.”
Ren-chan smiles shyly. “I guess.” She pokes me. “Kozato is back at watching, should we talk to him?”
I shake my head. Aki-kun has to come back by himself.

“Everyone, gather around!” Manami-san tells us. “The second and third years all got to fight a bit now it’s the first years turn. You´ll be fighting against a second or third year of the opposite team.”
“Isn´t that unfair?” one of Aoshiras first years, Yuu-kun, asks.
“A bit, yes, but if you fight in an official match be it interhigh or the nationals the chances are pretty high that you won´t be fighting a fist year. Just see this as regular training. Rules are the same, five points per fight. Nao will announce the match ups.” Manami-san continues.
“Aomori Yuu vs Tousen Chiko. Tanaka Megumi vs. Kyousuke Kenta. Haiba Beni vs. Fujima Taiki. Suzuki Katsu vs. Ichinose Jinpachi. Suou Ran vs. Yagari Kita. Hiroto Haruko vs. Yamamoto Raidon. Nura Akaya vs. Miki Yasutomo.” Hyuuga-san says. “You get ten minutes to prepare. We´ll have one fight after the other. The order is as I have announced. I wish you both luck and fun.”
Our first years gather around me. “Any tips captain?”
For a second I´m perplexed. “Just do your best, you don´t have to win and try to get the most out of it. The same goes for the others.”
Kat-kun suggests a short jog as warm up, so the four of them leave.
Taiki sits down. “Another fight?” He sounds exhausted.
Kei gives him a cold water bottle. “You´ll manage.”
“Easy for you to say you aren´t the one who has to fight, again.”
I sit down next to him. “Don´t be to mean to Be-chan, ok?”

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