Chapter 36:


Balancing the Scales: The Sage Hero's Story

Ferron was staying one last night in the manor, Salamat had come back with them. All the swords, arrows and the spears had their shafts removed to save space, and had been loaded into the trunk of his car. Kaz pulled Salamat outside into the yard and explained his plan in full detail to the elder drake. "Salamat, when I first met your daughter she mentioned a problem you needed my help with, was it dealing with the humans?" Kaz asks in a serious tone. Salamat sighs, "Yes, is it that obvious? We dragons live a long time, while we do accumulate wealth in our years, what we value is knowledge. Those dragons that were shot down in the past were merely attempting to make peace with humans. The communication barrier between us made it more difficult. Now, what about this plan of yours?" Salamat inquires curiously. "Stand still." Kaz commands with a mischievous grin as he raises his palm to the curious drake. Bookmark here

Kaz closes his eyes and focuses his entire being on casting the spell, he clearly envisions the desired form in his mind as he recites the incantation. A bright yellow spout shoots from his palm engulfing Salamat, he was shrouded in an enormous cloak of bright light. After it subsided moments later, what Kaz saw emerge from the glow was a human form. Beefy and nude, Salamat stood there confused. "What is this? What did you do?" He shouts as he stumbles on two legs. Kaz smiles, "I made it so you enter the capital without causing a panic. You really should thank Ishvara." Kaz tells him. Salamat comes forward and puts Kaz in a headlock, "Brilliant, let us go now!" He yells excitedly. "We will go tomorrow when we deliver the arms to King Rayne. I was thinking you could..." Kaz whispers his plan into his ear. Salamat's face brightens, "Hehe, you're right. That would work, we could do that easily. It'd be fun too! If they agree, that is." He jests. Kaz looks down at Salamat, "We should probably get you some clothes first." Kaz says as he averts his gaze. The front door opens slowly and Lucia walks out holding a bundle of clothes, she looks away as she hands them to Salamat. "I'm already one step ahead of you Kaz." She says before telling the two goodnight. She bows and returns inside to prepare Ezra for bed and clean up herself. Salamat decided he'd stay the night as well and threw the clothes on before following Kaz inside. Bookmark here

Salamat slept in a number of blankets on the floor in front of the fireplace next to Ferron's cot. After Ezra and Zavi were asleep Roarke rolled up the plans for the addition to the manor he was planning for Kaz and went to turn in for the day himself. He was stopped by Tasi in the hallway on the way to his room, "Do You know anything of Kaz's plan Roarke?" She asked, letting out a lengthy yawn afterwards. He stops in front of her, "He wouldn't tell me a thing. It must be big for him to resort to such secrecy. I asked Saphana and she claimed she hadn't a clue either. I apologize, I must get to sleep, we have a long day tomorrow." He says before slipping past Tasi into his room. Tasi turns the knob and opens the door to her room and slowly slithers in, as to not wake up Zavi. She then slips into her bed alongside her child and falls asleep not long after. Bookmark here

Kaz is woken up the following morning to someone shaking him. He opens his eyes to see little Zavi in front of him, Kaz reaches out and pulls her up onto the bed and wraps her in a hug, "Good morning my beautiful daughter." He says as he sits up in bed. "Are you ready to help Auntie Ishvara today while we're away?" Kaz asks. Zavi looks down, "I'd rather go with you Papa." She mumbles. Kaz hears the rapid pitter-pattering of claws on the wood floor outside his room. Ezra comes bursting the door shortly after, "Breakfast is ready, Father!" He yells and dashes back out the door and downstairs. Kaz stands up and carries Zavi down with him. Everyone was at the table waiting for Kaz and Zavi, as they sat down breakfast began. Bookmark here

After everyone had cleaned their plates Kaz stood up, "Alright Zavi and Ezra, are you ready to go to Aunt Ishvara's?" He asks. The two hop off their chairs and each grab one of their father's hands and head out the front doors, "I'll be back in a few minutes, then we'll get going!" He shouts back as the doors swing closed with a loud slam. The three arrive at the bookstore, Kaz heads inside with the two and they find Ishavara at her usual place behind her desk in the back. Zavi quickly slithers up to her and climbs the leg of the desk and hops onto it, "How are you this morning, Auntie?" She asks with a wide smile. Ishvara chuckles and shovels Zavi up onto her head with her snout and turns to face Kaz, "I appreciate the opportunity to watch your little ones Kaz." She says in a sincere tone. Ezra gazes upon the walls of books and picks one off the shelf. It was a picture book of course, Kaz sets a book of his own on Ishvara's desk, "This is for you Ishvara. You two better do as you're told while we're away and behave yourselves." He says as he leans down to give Ezra a goodbye hug. Kaz stands again and gives Ishvara a hug around her neck as well. Zavi hops onto the desk and wraps her small arms around Kaz's head and gives him a goodbye kiss on the cheek, "Don't worry, I'll keep Ezra in line." She whispers in Kaz's ear. Bookmark here

Somehow that made him feel a bit better about leaving them there. He waves goodbye on his way out and starts walking back to the manor, he finds everyone in the front yard ready to head out. He waves an arm and motions them to come follow him to the vehicle. After Kaz, Lucia, Tasi, Salamat and Ferron were all buckled up and ready, Kaz yelled out the window, "Saph, we're off! Meet us at the usual place!" He then turned the key and drove out of the cavernous tunnel entrance and drove off toward the Capital of Vance.  Bookmark here

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