Chapter 0:




(Translated into Earth language for your reading pleasure)

A small galactic vessel hovered around the atmosphere of a space that not long before this moment, inhabited a small, luscious planet. Planet Earth. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of debris now drift in this space. From the vessel, the sun could be seen through the floating debris. The light Illuminating and casting shadows bouncing from Earth shard to Earth shard. Creating a sight that Noah, the last surviving Earthling couldn’t pry his eyes away from. His eyes were red, and the surrounding skin of his eyelids were tender. He had been crying.

Isolated in his cramped holding cell, Noah looked out his small window with a deep sadness that dug its way into the depths of his soul. A large bestial figure started making its way down a corridor filled from one side of the room to the other with adjustable cells on both sides. The technology and engineering behind them were alien and foreign to Noah. Metallic bars connected to electro-magnetic tracks that could adjust their size depending on the needs of the species held Noah in from three sides. Clean, circular flashes of light composed of non-lethal molecules, but still incredibly painful acted as the prison bars for these cells.

This bestial walked from cell to cell, inspecting one Earth specimen after the other. It was logging and recording observations on everything from a Lion to a Gazelle. The former of which ferociously launched for him, being stunned by the flashes of light. The figure let out a boisterous laugh, a strangely human reaction. As the figure neared closer to Noah’s cell, Noah eventually took notice. One thing Noah immediately noted was that there was only one of each species in captivity, and that each was male. After seeing that, he felt strangely connected to all these other species. Because they were all connected in their loneliness and isolation. All of them were the last of their kind. Noah curled, sitting in an upright fetal position. And next thing he knew, the figure was standing in front of his cell.

The figure was horrifying to him. It towered over him and eclipsing him, and was easily five feet taller than he was, and three feet and some odd inches wider. Its skin was rough like a rhino and its neck was long with rolls of fat that looked like slices of roast beef folded and stacked on top of each other. Its eyes were dark and consisted of a singular, brown color palette. Staring into those dark eyes were for Noah, like staring into the void of space. The bestial looked at him with the opposite reaction.

“AH!” The bestial said with enthusiasm in a very common alien language Noah couldn’t comprehend. “Those eyes are quite exquisite! That blue hue is very rare in a lifeform.” The bestial logged everything from Noah’s blue eyes, blonde hair, and average humanoid build into his computing device.

“I’m sure you’ll fetch a fantastic price as a rare species!” It said with what could maybe be considered a smile from Noah’s perspective.

The figure then stood up and moved on to the next cell. And suddenly but surprisingly Noah tensed up further. Strangely craving that one and only interaction he’s had for what had to be hours since he was forcibly brought on to this space craft. He looked back out to the shattered Earth outside his window. Lamenting the fact that he was here, and not with his family or his friends. And as he toiled, the large, almost square cargo vessels propulsion systems began winding up as it rotated. The vessel faced itself in the opposite direction of planet Earth, and at near lightspeed blasted off to new galaxies.
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