Chapter 0:

What Lies Ahead


It’s a damn shame that so many people go missing in Myrtlewood every year. From the moment they transferred me here, this town has just felt off. The culture here is just desensitized to the fact that people go missing all the time. Five people have already gone missing in the three weeks I have been here. It's quite depressing when you think about it, In places of similar size, you're lucky to see four people go missing in a year. Why couldn’t they have sent someone else?

The top brass has it out for me; knowing the reputation of Myrtlewood, they thought it would be an easy way to get rid of me. Quite simply, I’m a pain in the ass. The Chief of Police played it up to make it seem like I was the most qualified for the job, but I know he’s full of [REDACTED]. I know myself better than anyone, and there’s no way in hell I’m even close to the higher-ups of other units. I’ve been served the worst cases… in the worst city… there is no chance I’m solving these.

Detectives aren't qualified to lead missing persons investigations of this magnitude. Who even knows if these cases are connected. Who am I to assume that these aren't just isolated incidents in an unlucky town. 

Joe Gold