Chapter 2:

Aboard the Boat

The Immortals

Cillian could tell she was up to something.Bookmark here

Her noisy attempts to move towards him as quietly as possible were almost endearing given how loud her shuffling was. Bookmark here

He decided to keep his eyes shut to let her have her moment of stealth. He could feel a heavy tug at his belt and instantly knew she was trying to grab his folded knife. Her shaky breath was so loud it was almost an audible whimper, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to prevent himself from laughing out loud. Bookmark here

Cillian felt a sudden jerk and almost choked as he had to hold his laughter. Was this girl serious in thinking he wouldn’t wake up after all her rough and tough movements? It was strange though, she had suddenly stopped moving, yet he could still feel her heavyweight pulling against his knife. Finally, he decided she had had enough fun. Bookmark here

He opened his eyes to see her feet on top of his knife handle, instantly grabbing her ankle to prevent her from kicking. Aer gasped as her hip muscles gave in to the intense battle between her cramping foot and her attempt to remain balanced. She fell flat on her back and cursed everyone and their mother. Bookmark here

How cute, he thought for a brief moment as he continued to hold onto her ankle, waiting for Aer to realize the predicament she was in. Bookmark here

“Nice view,” he said with a slight smirk. Bookmark here

Aer looked up. To her horror, her nightgown had risen up to her waist and revealed her bare lower half. Bookmark here

Fuck.Bookmark here

Cillian winced as a banshee-like scream pierced the air. Bookmark here

“Let go of my foot, you pervert!”Bookmark here

Aer tried her hardest to kick him away; however, his grip on her ankle was far too firm.Bookmark here

“You’ve seen enough for this lifetime!” She screamed, twisting her body like a crocodile’s death roll as she summoned all her strength to escape from the embarrassing situation that was basically life-ending. Bookmark here

Cillian decided to give the poor girl mercy and pulled her nightgown down to fully cover her once more. Although he couldn’t help but continue to tease at her naivety, he truly believed he was still a gentleman and forced himself to reel it back in. Bookmark here

Aer stopped moving and relaxed her body as she closed her eyes. Never had she felt so humiliated in her lifetime. Not even her adoptive granny had seen her naked buttocks let alone her other private part. Bookmark here

She couldn’t help but scrunch up her face as she began to wail in the ugliest manner possible, almost unrecognizable from her ethereal beauty earlier. Bookmark here

“I’m no longer worthy as a woman! Ughhhhhnngggggggggggg…”Bookmark here

Cillian couldn’t hold his laughter in any longer, and he burst out laughing, finally releasing his hold on her ankle as he bellowed out everything he had been holding in. Aer continued to wail out loud, tears and snot falling out of every crevice as she no longer cared, and their voices simultaneously filled up the silence of the night as the small boat they were on continued its journey.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Aer blew loudly into the napkin. Bookmark here

She could no longer bring herself to keep up a cold front as Cillian had seen all there was to see from the embarrassing predicament she was in earlier. Bookmark here

“Feeling any better?” Bookmark here

Aer snapped her neck to the left as she refused to look at his handsome face, her face as red as a beetroot, and ignored his question. Bookmark here

Cillian chuckled as he lit his pipe, leaning against the railing on the edge of the small boat. The sun was about to rise, and they had both barely gotten any sleep. They would need to dock at the next rest area and look for food and water, and essential supplies to continue their journey. Bookmark here

Perhaps also some…better clothes for her, he thought as he glanced behind him. He had decided to untie her wrists after her meltdown to better calm her, though she was clearly still hostile towards him in a non-violent way. Her nightgown sat daintily over her pale body, far too thin for the elements they would traverse over the next few days. Bookmark here

The next rest area would be Geranium Cove, a small picturesque settlement run by a group of Naiads that specially catered to travelers exhausted from the chemical-filled scent of the central canal. The water within Geranium Cove would be the only clean and chemical-free water for at least a days worth of travel and therefore provided many fatigued travelers respite as a mini oasis. Bookmark here

Cillian blew out the last bit of smoke as he finished up his pipe and prepared the rope to dock.Bookmark here

“We’ll make a pitstop soon, be good, and I won’t put a leash on you.”Bookmark here

Aer scoffed and responded to him with her middle finger. Bookmark here

The sun was rising, and the strong smell of chemicals was weakening, replaced by the sweet scent of flowers and the chirping of birds. Bookmark here

Cillian steered the boat towards the left as they exited the central canal, and it came to a stop as they reached the dock. Bookmark here

“Welcome to Geranium Cove.”Bookmark here

Aer looked up in response to the chirpy voice that greeted them. Bookmark here

A small pink creature with the appearance of an axolotl with white feathery wings hovered in front of her, bowing in a welcoming gesture. Bookmark here

The Immortals

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