Chapter 3:

The demonstration

Sunset;Daybreak [On hold]

Here I am elven o clock at the port just like she wanted, however there is one problem she isn’t here. Why isn’t she here she even said be on time?

“She couldn’t have lied to me and not show up”

“I would never do that”

Oh god, that scared me I never expected that she would suddenly show up behind me. And I didn’t hear anything how does she move in complete silence.

“Dusk don’t just stare at the sea. We should go to the restaurant that is right in front of us. You wanted to talk to me, correct?”

I hate how she exactly knows what I am thinking. Should people be allowed to be read that easily, I don’t think so, but she just does it the whole time.

“I don’t have any reason to decline let’s go.”

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to agree that easily.”

“Like I said I don’t have a reason to decline I am here to meet with you after all.”

Why does she want to go to this restaurant well I guess it is new and exotic it’s a Brazilian restaurant so of course its exotic. But it’s expensive and I am not rich. Well, don’t think about it just sit and order something less expensive. They have quite a lot to choose from, they even have iced latte Brazilian style.

“Here are your iced latte and cappuccino.”

Why? I didn’t even order yet? How in the world did they get our order neither Dawn or myself did order something how did they know what I want?

“Is there something wrong Dusk? Not satisfied?”

“No not at all its exactly what I wanted”

“Then why are you looking at me like this?”

“Forget it, it’s nothing.”

I could never ask about what happened. I am sure that she won’t give me a serious answer.
“So, Dusk what is it you wanted to ask me?”

“Nothing just tell me about something like you power that could destroy the whole city and such things.”

“Rather than speaking about it could I just show it to you.”

How in the world is she going to show it to me?

“Do you see that mountain with the forest on it behind me?”
“Yeah, why?”

“Nothing in particular just look.”

“Why there is nothing happening…”

What’s that there is coming smoke from the forest. No, it’s not just smoke the forest is burning.

“What? How did you do that?”

“I didn’t do anything it was the family who lives in the forest. They forgot to turn off their grill behind their house.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Don’t ask about these unimportant little things. Aren’t there more important things you want to know about? See the firefighters are already on their way.”

It’s disturbing how she says these things with a smile on her face. It’s like she doesn’t care one bit about what is happening in this world. But that doesn’t make any sense either she said she doesn’t use her "powers" because it would destroy the city. That means she cares at last to some extent.

“Where are here now at the site where the fire took place just some minutes ago… It seems that the family that lives here forgot to turn off their grill and in combination with dry forest did it cause a fire.”

What did the news reporter just say its exactly what Dawn just said a minute ago? How did Dawn know what is going to happen? But that can’t be she either had to know what is going to happen or she caused it herself.

“Dusk don’t look at me like that it was you who wanted a demonstration.”

“But how? I mean you were here the whole time.”

“Ah look at the time it's already quite late. Dusk lets meet up again some time. Goodbye.”

“Yeah see you again… Wait what!?”

Wait where is she? What am I going to do she didn’t pay either or did she? I don’t know I could just ask but I didn’t order either I would be awkward to ask but I wouldn’t hurt either.

“Excuse me did my partner pay I sat here with pay or do I have to pay?”

“Sir what are you talking about you sat there alone and never ordered something.”

“Is that right?”

Well, it was even more awkward than I thought but what does he mean with there was nobody there. Dawn was right beside me the whole time. I shouldn’t think too hard about it I should just go home.