Chapter 18:

Dawn of Disaster

The Children of Eris

Much to his annoyance, Mímir’s fears had been realised.Bookmark here

After seeing Ryan’s men out, Mania had teleported out of the Hierophant and followed them into an alleyway where she could kill them. Had he been a moment too late, the men that had come from behind Mania to surround her could have escaped and put their whole operation at risk.Bookmark here

Thankfully, he had been able to easily find them and make sure there were no survivors.Bookmark here

However, there was a much greater issue at hand.Bookmark here

Ryan’s men weren’t even a hundred metres from the Hierophant when they had been slaughtered.Bookmark here

“Why couldn’t you hold it in?” Mímir asked as his comrade stabbed her heel into the skulls of the paralysed victims one by one, twisting it before removing it. “You know what the Dark Lord’s orders are and yet you have clearly violated them.”Bookmark here

“I know that!” Mania cried, wincing a little as she finished off the last victim. “But I just couldn’t hold it back any longer. I was able to for most of it, but then they-”Bookmark here

“The bit about the lover?” Mania nodded. “Mania, you can’t let every little insult trouble you this much, not when we are preparing in the shadows. This is not good.”Bookmark here

“I know that,” Mania weakly whispered, curling her fingernails into her palms. “I know I messed up and it’s worse than what you guys did, but.” She showed Mímir a pathetic smile. “Is it wrong to get upset for the one you love?”Bookmark here

So that’s how it is.Bookmark here

Mímir had his suspicions as to why Mania wanted to garner more favour with the Dark Lord than the other two, and why she had been so reluctant at first to give them her answer about working together.Bookmark here

It hasn’t even been a month since we were first summoned and yet she has already fallen for him, Mímir thought. This is something I must take into greater consideration moving forward. Bookmark here

“You didn’t leave any traces of our false identities on the bodies, did you?” Mímir checked.Bookmark here

“No,” Mania firmly replied. “I did shred my clothes but.” She snapped her fingers and small bats appeared in the air and began to feast upon what remained of the fabric. “That’s been taken care of. Should we leave the bodies for the wolves or try to dispose of them?”Bookmark here

Mímir shook his head. “I’ll string them up here and leave them as a grotesque warning of sorts.”Bookmark here

“A warning?”Bookmark here

“I’ll explain it once we’ve reported back to the Dark Lord.”Bookmark here

Mania flinched and dug her nails into her arm. “…Right.”Bookmark here

Once the bodies were left hanging across the alleyway, tied between two buildings like laundry left out to dry, they returned to the Hierophant.Bookmark here

Once there, they went into the office. Mímir locked the door and let out a frustrated sigh.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry,” Mania whispered pathetically. Bookmark here

Mímir sighed once more. Then, a thought crossed his mind.Bookmark here

This is actually a good opportunity to unite the generals together.Bookmark here

“Don’t be. Even if you struck first, I'm also at fault. I was going to kill them myself once they started insulting the Dark Lord; however, I don’t think that he will be happy to hear that we disobeyed our orders for such petty reasons.”Bookmark here

Mania winced and dug her nails into her arm. “He’s going to be furious with me.”Bookmark here

“Indeed. However, as I have already said to you and Abaddon, we three must learn to work together to ensure such things don’t happen again.”Bookmark here

“…Right.”Bookmark here

While their failure was a great one and one that would no doubt end harshly for them both, Mímir’s mind was already thinking through a thousand possibilities and eventualities of what was to come and one of them had been about how best to use this failure as a positive.Bookmark here

Of course, it would also mean that Mímir’s opinion would fall again in the eyes of the Dark Lord, but it was a sacrifice that Mímir was willing to make if it bore a greater benefit in the long run.Bookmark here

“Before we return, might I ask one final thing?”Bookmark here

“…What?” Mania muttered.Bookmark here

“Why do you love the Dark Lord so much?”Bookmark here

Mania smiled faintly. “His strength. His power. The way he commands absolute control over everything. For a succubus like me, there’s no one greater than he to serve and love.”Bookmark here

“…I see.”Bookmark here

Mania cast the teleportation portal and let Mímir step through it first, then quickly followed behind him, not wanting to keep the Dark Lord waiting any longer than necessary.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

The bodies of the Sons of Tartarus members were discovered not an hour after Mímir and Mania had hung them up there.Bookmark here

Once they had been found, news about their deaths spread throughout Stonefall like wildfire. Bookmark here

Soon, rumours, whispers and mumblings gave life to the first signs of a looming disaster approaching the Holy Empire of Themis.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

At that time, none of them knew that this was the first sign of the Demon Emperor in this world.Bookmark here

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