Chapter 1:


Giant Hero No. 1

In the beginning, before time and the universe began, there was a void. Although there was nothing, there was two “somethings” whose names were Null and Void. The two giants then created everything. Time began as did the universe. Born into their universe were their children. A red one, being the embodiment of Space and Light, and a blue one who was the embodiment of Time and Darkness. From their first battle, which lasted eons in the new empty universe, pieces of them broke off and eventually sank onto an uninhabited planet. Those pieces grew, evolved, and eventually became the powerful race of people known as the Ulticenturians. A powerful spices which thrived and was unrivaled, until…Bookmark here

Planet JitsuenBookmark here

The people of Planet Jitsuen, which grew and evolved from Ichiban and Reigou, were quite powerful beings. They possessed immense strength, immeasurable speed, and incredible durability. On the center of their chest sat a bright blue orb which was an external heart. Many of them wore padded armor around said heart to keep it safe in case they went into battle. The people had primarily red, silver, and blue skin. Their skin looked almost like a liquid latex covered wetsuit. Their eyes were either round or almost box-like in shape, and they seemed almost like goggles, their eyes protecting them from any and all forms of harsh light in the universe. Their hair was a white color, for the men it was usually flame-shaped, and for women their hair was usually either frizzy, wavy, or curled. Bookmark here

The people of Jitsuen ranged in sizes from 10 to 15 meters in height. Average height for women was about 11 to 13 meters tall, with men being anywhere from 12 to 15 meters. To them their world was in scale with everything to us on our home planet Earth. They considered their height normal, and anything smaller than them was rather abnormal. The people were also a race of science and logic, the universe's top scientific minds coming from their home planet. A few of the structures were comprised of crystals and glass-like materials, while others were made of lesser and more common materials. They of course had vegetation, animals, water, and many other things to keep them and their planet thriving.Bookmark here

In a large courtroom several commanding officers and high authorities held a discussion. In the center of the room was a dome which lit up and would change images. Everyone was there and accounted for. “Our population is steadily increasing at a normal rate,” one of the scientists said, “By this time next summer we will have the largest amount of life on any planet in the universe. Aside from that, our trade partners couldn’t be happier with us.”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” an authoritative voice came from the back of the room. The seats above the large dome sat around the room in the ring. A large seat sat near the top of the circle, as if it were a cornerstone holding the ring together. There sat a large man who sat leaning forward and with his hands in a resting position in front of his mouth. “It’s a shame it all has to go to waste.” Bookmark here

“To waste?!” A voice blurted out,Bookmark here

“What do you mean?!” One of the scientists asked, “Things couldn’t be better with us!!”Bookmark here

“I know,” the large man replied, “However, it was only a matter of time before we met our inevitable demise.”Bookmark here

“What are you blabbering about?!” The man beside him snapped, “Our race isn’t coming to an end, there’s no way!”Bookmark here

“There is a way,” he replied, “What started as nightmares thousands of years ago, then became a series of visions. I consulted an oracle about it and they told me what I was seeing was in fact the truth. We pride ourselves in our science division, but every now and then we need help from the outside. You may all think I’m delusional, but have I ever once lied to you?”Bookmark here

“I-“ the man beside him scoffed, “I suppose you haven’t.”Bookmark here

“So what is it that’s coming to wipe us out?” One of the scientists asked, “Are you forgetting what our people are?”Bookmark here

“No,” the large man responded, “We are comprised of Light, Darkness, as well as Space-Time. All things given to us through, Ichiban, the God of Light and Space, and Reigou, the God of Darkness and Time. It was only part of a Natural Order that they were born, and by extension, us as well. What’s going to bring about our end is actually something Ancient.” He then held out his hand causing the sphere in the middle of the room to change, “It goes against our Natural Order. If we are comprised entirely of positive Matter, then these beings are comprised of Anti-Matter. They have no official names, but myself and others have called them Zettamatonians, meaning End of Great Harmony.”Bookmark here

“Is there any way to stop them?”Bookmark here

“There is,” he responded, “However, the details on it are fuzzy, and I don’t know how much time we have. Essentially, a woman from our planet will grow close with Ichiban. She’ll carry their child and in due time a new God will be born. This God will be comprised of Light, Darkness, Space-Time, and will be the embodiment of Spatial Dimensions.”Bookmark here

“Wait, you said, Ichiban, what’s the matter with Reigou?”Bookmark here

“Being the embodiment of Time, he knows everything that can and will happen on an infinite level. His omniscience is his greatest gift, however, he’s never shown his face to me.”Bookmark here

“What?!” The room went in unison followed by gasps,Bookmark here

“B-But, Ichiban has been missing for centuries! We have no clue where he is, and it could take us months or years to locate him! If he doesn’t want to be found then-“Bookmark here

“I know,” the large man responded, “Which is why I have you all gathered here. Gentlemen, please, if you have a daughter, niece, cousin, sister, or know of any unmarried woman, we must send them to the far corners of the universe.”Bookmark here

“What?!” The room went again,Bookmark here

“One woman from each house, no more.”Bookmark here

“But won’t the Zettamatonians go after them?!”Bookmark here

“It’s possible,” he replied, “However, if this means finding Ichiban, and bringing the new God into this world, it’s a risk we need to take. I know it’s a massive ask,”Bookmark here

“Massive?! It’s colossal!!!” Bookmark here

He sighed, “It’s the only chance we have at saving our race. We deserve to live on, don’t we? Once the prophecy is fulfilled we will be reborn. None of us will be here to see the next generation, but just knowing there will be a next generation is enough to bring me peace.”Bookmark here

“What about you?” The man beside him asked, “You have no daughters, only sons.”Bookmark here

“My daughter has yet to be born,” he replied as he sat back and rested his hands on the table beneath him, “However, there’s been complications. She was due quite some time ago, however she hasn’t seemed to have grown much.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean? Your children have all been born perfectly and are thriving!”Bookmark here

“Yes,” he responded, “However, my wife was a much younger woman when our sons were born. Our daughter is still alive inside of my wife, she’s just…” he gave a heavy sigh before saying, “It’s a long, overly complicated, and heavy subject. Even if I send her off, there’s no guarantee she’ll survive and grow into a young woman.”Bookmark here

“There are various forms of life support, have you considered those?”Bookmark here

“What good is life support when she’s…well,” he shook his head before he leaned forward and hung his head, “She’s-“ Before he could finish the doors to the council room burst open, Bookmark here

“YOUR MAJESTY!!!!” A man said as he began to pant heavily,Bookmark here

The large man’s eye twitched before he looked across the room at the winded man, “Yes?”Bookmark here

“It’s your wife!!! She’s collapsed!!!”Bookmark here

“What?!” He responded as he sprung to his feet and dug his fingers into the table,Bookmark here

“Not only that, but we’re under attack!!!”Bookmark here

The King’s eyes widened, “Impossible….” The man beside him turned to him and said, Bookmark here

“Wait!!! This isn’t the Zett-“Bookmark here

“It has to be,” the King responded as he turned his head to him, “Damn, on today of all days.” He grit his teeth before he lunged from behind the table before he fell straight down to the floor below him. “Do exactly as I told you!!!” The King said as he began to race out of the large room, “Meeting adjourned!!!” Bookmark here

The King raced from the science building past crowds of people who ran in all directions. He looked up to the sky’s above to see several black disc-shaped vessels with bright orange orbs for their windows. The sheer number of them seemed to eclipse the star that gave light to their planet. “Damn, not now!!!” He then picked up his speed and soon went to full acceleration as he shot through the city. He moved in almost a beam of light as he avoided the many people before he came to a large crystal castle. Once he came into range he lunged through the air and straight through an upstairs window.Bookmark here

He turned as he landed and slid into a wall inside a massive hallway. The servants inside screamed at him crashing through the window before they screamed once more as he shot through the hall. He raced through the halls and up several stairs before he came to a large pair of twin doors. The two doors had the story of Reigou and Ichiban’s battle which then led to the birth of their people. He pushed the doors open with the powerful thrusts of his palms before he entered. “Get out! All of you!!” He shouted to the many women who hovered around a large bed. They gasped and all left the room as he came to his wife’s beside. He looked his wife over, she looked rather weak, and her eyes were now dim. He knelt as he grabbed onto her hand, “Sevvy, Sevvy, can you hear me?”Bookmark here

Her eyes slowly began to glow before she slowly turned to him, “Faiz-Oh…”Bookmark here

“Are you alright? I was told you collapsed.”Bookmark here

“Just tired…”Bookmark here

“I see,” he responded before he began to turn his head to look out the window,Bookmark here

“What is it…?” She asked as slipped her hand away from him and turned him back towards her, “You look worried….” She slid her hand onto his cheek as he sighed and gently pressed it against his face, “What’s the matter…???”Bookmark here

“That vision I had, the ones I told you about, all of it is happening. It’s happening today, it’s happening right now, and I need to prep you for surgery.”Bookmark here

“Surgery…?” She then release a soft gasp as she said, “You don’t mean-“Bookmark here

“I’m sorry,” he said as he looked deeply into her eyes, “In all honesty, if there was another way then I’d do it, hell I’d send the both of you if I could. However, there’s really no time, we need to do this now, and fast.”Bookmark here

“Father!!!” One of his sons called as he raced into the room followed by two others, “What’s going on outside?! Are we being invaded?!”Bookmark here

“Faiz-Oh…” His wife said softly as the King turned his head downwards as a shadow was then cast onto his face. Bookmark here

“What exactly are we going to do?! I’ve never seen ships like these before!!!” Another one of his sons said,Bookmark here

“Do exactly as I tell you,” Faiz-Oh said as he slowly turned to his wife. He began to speak to his sons as he slid his arms beneath his wife, “Send a planet wide Astral Signal. Engage the defenses, any and all men who can fight get them ready, hide as many of the women as you can, you and all your brothers will defend the palace.” He then took a deep breath before he then slowly lifted his wife.Bookmark here

“Mm…hmmm…nnn…” His wife groaned softly as she was lifted off the bed, Bookmark here

“What’ll you do?” His son asked,Bookmark here

“Just do as I say. You boys can all defend the palace, I know for a fact that you can seeing as there’s 999 of you.”Bookmark here

“Father…”Bookmark here

He then turned and began to walk away from the bed and across the rooms. He didn’t bother to look at his three oldest sons, but instead he walked right past them. He stopped as he came to the open doors, “I’ve never been that great of a king, or a person, I’ve destroyed, killed, and mistreated thousands of not millions of lives. However, I know for a fact that I’ve done my best as a father, I’ve done my best raising and training all of you to the best to my abilities, and there’s nothing I’d rather have done with my life.”Bookmark here

“You say that like-“Bookmark here

“Do as your told,” he said coldly as he then walked through the doorway and eventually down the hall. His wife then curled tighter into his chest. She could hear the steady illuminating buzz of his heart. She slowly curled her fingers into fists as she began to reminisce,Bookmark here

“It’s like…when we first met…” she spoke softly, “I was dragged out into the street by my father…he and his workers pounded me into the mud…but then out of nowhere you swooped in and fought them all off…after you asked for my name you picked me up and carried me back to the palace, just like this, remember…???”Bookmark here

“I do,” he responded, Bookmark here

“When my father found out I hadn’t saved myself for marriage…he was furious and told everyone in town, and soon I was treated harshly…the day you rescued me was the day he caught me in the act with a former lover…after killing him was when he dragged me into the street…when you brought me home, I-“ after a pause she said, “It was the first time I ever felt safe…the first time I ever felt loved…thank you for bringing me into your home, loving me, and giving me a new family.”Bookmark here

“Why are you bringing this up?”Bookmark here

“It’s just nice is all…being held by the man I love…”Bookmark here

After a moment of silence he responded with, “Tell me, did you pick out a name for her?”Bookmark here

“I did…” she responded with a weak nod, “Juusenhime.”Bookmark here

“It’s beautiful,” he said as they began to pass several large doors each with their own room. Bookmark here

“How old are you again…?”Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“I was just wondering…”Bookmark here

“I’m 70,519,437,101,966.”Bookmark here

“Ah…that’s still young…” Bookmark here

“Are you okay?”Bookmark here

“I’m in a little pain…”Bookmark here

“I can set you down if you want.”Bookmark here

“No…I’m okay…”Bookmark here

“Is it the baby?” He asked as they came to a room which he stopped at. He pushed the door open and entered the room,Bookmark here

“I think so….I think she’s ready but….I know for a fact that she’s just not ready…”Bookmark here

“We’ll have to see what’s going on,” He said as he walked across the room and over to an operating bed. He set his wife down before he placed his hand on the side of her face. He rubbed her forehead lovingly, “I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

“Don’t be,” she responded, “We knew this day would come.” She presented him with a weak smile as she said, “I can’t wait to meet our daughter.” He went to respond only to be cut off by his wife wincing. She then placed her hand on her stomach as she sat up and gave a dull groan, “Oh God….” Bookmark here

“Sevvy!!!” He exclaimed as he grabbed her arm,Bookmark here

“I think…I think she’s coming….! It hurts…!” Bookmark here

“Okay, just relax,” he said as he gently laid her back down, “Just relax.”Bookmark here

“Okay…”Bookmark here

The entire palace shook as explosions could be heard from outside. The King turned to the door as he could hear the sounds of gunfire as well as the sounds of lives being torn from their bodies. “Ichiban, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing…” He sighed before he turned to his wife to continue the procedure.  He continued his first thought by saying, “Please, save us all.” Bookmark here

July 10, 1971Bookmark here

Utah Salt FlatsBookmark here

The Salt Flats remained still and quiet. They eventually began to breathe, moving up and down slowly before caving in and a massive monster surfaced. It resembled that of a Brine Shrimp. It’s body was long and had numerous legs, it’s torso and midsection stood upwards with four arms, two of which had pincers attached to it. At the end of its body was a long tail. The monster roared before it began to advance towards the city. Before the monster reached the city a bright flash filled the air as a hero descended onto the ground.Bookmark here

The monster looked at the giant hero and roared. The hero stood up before it looked over at the monster. The citizens of the city were in total awe to see that a hero had come to protect them. The hero gave a “Sha!” as he got into a fighting stance before charging the monster. The monster roared as it advanced towards the hero. The giant hero ducked beneath the oncoming claw from the monster before he grunt “Ha!” And kicked the monster in the side. He then threw a punch which collided with one of the claws of the giant monster. The two giants looked intensely into each other’s eyes before the hero gave a “Hiya!” As he swung his other arm downwards to knock the monster's claw away. He then punched the monster in the chest causing it to stumble backwards.Bookmark here

The hero gave a “Schwua!” As he spun and performed a roundhouse on the creature's chest, sending it flying through the air before it crashed onto the ground. The monster stood up before it roared and opened its mouth and fired a condensed stream of salt at the giant hero. The hero grunted as the stream hit him in the chest and he was sent crashing to the ground. He rolled over onto his hands and knees before he dusted off his chest and stood up. He turned to the monster which went to fire it’s stream of salt again. As the salt flew towards the hero he removed the blade from the top of his head and used it to slash the stream in half. The stream flew in two opposite directions behind the hero before they crashed into the ground with an explosion. Bookmark here

The hero placed the blade back on his head before he crossed his left hand over his chest and tucked his right arm behind him before a laser shot from the gem inside the blade on his head. The laser slid along the ground in front of the monster causing the ground to go up in a wall of flames. The monster roared by suddenly being engulfed. It then roared angrily as it then charged from the flames towards the hero. Bookmark here

The hero got into his fighting stance before he charged the monster. The monster and the hero locked arms before the hero struck the monster in the chest twice before he jumped and delivered a chop to the top of the monster's head. He then rolled to the side as the monster swung its claws. The hero then jumped and shoulder bashed the monster to get distance between them, the monster spun as it was knocked off balance, and the hero grabbed the monster by the tail. The hero spun around before throwing the monster and sending it flying through the air before it crashed onto the ground. Bookmark here

The monster groaned as it got back onto its feet. The hero’s right hand and forearm then started to glow bright blue. The glowing started with his bones, his forearm, knuckles, and fingers before the exterior of his arm illuminated. The hero then shot his arm into the air before he slowly brought it downward before he tucked it behind his body as he swung his left arm across his chest in front of him, before mimicking the same movement with his right arm. He then roared his right arm to a vertical position as he tucked his left arm behind his body. “Single Space Shot!!!” A beam then fired from his right arm which soared through the air with incredible speed and power before it crashed into the creature's chest. The monster roared before it went up into a massive explosion. The hero’s forearm stopped glowing as soon as the beam stopped firing. He then turned to the city full of cheering people before he looked up to the sky, the gravity around him shifted before he then took off into the deep void of spaceBookmark here

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