Chapter 1:

Dreams and Nightmares


It starts the same way it always does the girl fleeing, the creature chasing. The scenery was always different, this time in foggy woods . She had pale snow white skin. Shiny black hair, pink cracked lips. You could sense the fear from her .Green eyes that appeared puffy and red ,probably from crying. It was hopeless the beast was right on her trail. Practically playing with her. The beast would let her gain a little distance, before jumping right near her or breaking a tree by her. He certainly enjoyed daunting the girl. Bookmark here

He has seen this vision more than 100 times now. Even so it felt just as frightening as the first.It was convincing as ever, never once did it feel like a dream nor a nightmare. He watches as the beast grabs the girl slamming her to the ground. Standing over her with a malicious smile, dagger in his hand. You could feel the bloodlust in the air . He forces the blade so hard into her body, you hear the blade punching the ground beneath her. Bookmark here

The blood slowly drains from her body leaking over the dirt. The beast’s face is masked by a cloud of smoke. Even though he can’t see it’s face he knows who it is, the beast was all too familiar . Revealing it’s ferocious fang once the deed was done. The worst part is he isn't sure if this was a clone or a mirror trick. How could the beast have a human face? Worst of all it has Damian's face.Bookmark here

Damian jumps up in a cold sweat. Still in a daze unsure if this is reality. He quickly tries to calm down. Bookmark here

"It's just a dream, it's just a dream", he says while panting trying to convince himself what he just witnessed wasn't real. Bookmark here

He takes a few deep breaths , he hears his name and glances over to the tv. A slight smirk overtakes his face. He grabs the remote and turns up the volume. Bookmark here

"This kid is amazing, Guaranteed number 1 pick." Proclaims one of the Commentators. Bookmark here

"No doubt about it the guy’s putting up 45 points a game, and that’s on a light day."Bookmark here

"The big question is,is he going to go to the league next year or will he play overseas?"Bookmark here

"Even though he is still a kid you’d have to be crazy not to bring him to the next level, college would be a waste on this guy."Bookmark here

While admiring his highlights Damian notices the time is now 7:00 am. Bookmark here

"Crap I'm going to be late."Bookmark here

Suddenly a knocking sound comes from the door. It startles him as he is still not 100% over the nightmare. Bookmark here

"Come in," he says. Bookmark here

A tall muscular man with a very fancy suit opens the door. His foster father Eric Hampton, a successful lawyer, who raised him since he was 5. Damian looks up to him. Eric always took great care of him, even when Dame had his rebellious phase. He risked his job for Damian in the past, ever since Damian has put his effort into more positive things such as basketball and school. Bookmark here

"Waking up a little late I see." Eric says Sarcastically. "I made breakfast."Bookmark here

He notices Damian sweating "You okay?" he asks concerningly. Bookmark here

He stutters getting the word out "Ye..Ye..Yeah, just a little hot."Bookmark here

He could tell something was off but he didn't press the issue. "Okay well I'm heading off to work ,I can't take you to school today you mind walking with Jada " Bookmark here

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Golden Boy


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