Chapter 1:

The detective arrives

The Real Culprit

It was a bright Sunday morning of July 1,2018, with me using my phone checking for the latest news. Suddenly a news came that a student from Holy Spring High School, Tokyo was found missing from last night. This news made that Sunday a tense day. It was fifth case in a month from our school. Everyone was worried of them. Our school was already closed for about three weeks. but it was not an incident which was happening only in school. The student missing last night went to a club and didn't return. most awkward thing was that there was no demand of anything by that kidnapper. As my dream was to be a detective, it was a perfect chance for me to show my skills. So, I also started investigating in it. OOPS! I forgot to tell my name. I am ICHIGO KUROSAKI, a student in Holy Spring High School. This is my last year in the school. But due to this incident this whole year is spoiled. Later, in the news, it was written that a detective is called to solve this case. But no specifications were told of him. His identity was kept a secret. This case was becoming more mysterious day by day. This whole thing started a month and a half ago in May. Our class was having their last year so we all decided to go on a vacation trip to a beach. Everyone was excited about the trip. At last, we all went on the trip. Everything was going smoothly. But on the last day of trip, something happened which changed everyone's life. One of our classmates named Denki Kaminari jumped from the rooftop of the hotel, we were staying in and his friend Hiruko was kidnapped but it got recorded in the camera of hotel. When police investigated the scene, there were no clues of murder, so it was stated that Denki committed suicide and investigation for Hiruko went on but is not solved till now. When we came back from there, after that till now five final year students have gone missing. It was a kind of suspicious so, I also started investigating it. As there were no clue left behind, it was clear that the person doing it was skilled in this line. But I was relieved to know that a professional detective has been hired. I was eager to know, who was he/she who came to solve this case. But I also can't sit behind just watching them solve the case. So, I will also try my best to find the clues.Bookmark here

Date: July 7, 2018.Bookmark here

It's been seven days till the last case came. Maybe the criminal is working safely as he/she may also have heard of the new detective. I saw the timeline of the last victim of kidnapping. But his mobile phone was switched off outside the club where he went missing. Even everyone missing's mobile phone was switched off where they went missing. Even all the cameras nearby were hacked and switched off. The only thing common in all places was a sign of the sign of letter H painted with spray paint. I found it strange that a person who even don't leave a clue behind, will draw a sign which may lead us to him. I thought about it a lot but couldn't come to any conclusion. Now I am thinking of going back to the hotel where this all started. I may find anything which leads me to the culprit. Now I am packing all my detective equipments for this daring and thrilling investigation. I hope that you all will also help me in this investigation. By tomorrow, I will leave this place and go to that hotel. You must be thinking that aren’t my parents stopping me from doing this whole thing. Reality is that my parents are dead. I live on my own, do a part time job at a book store. My dad was detective in profession, and so by admiring him I also decided to become one. I thought of getting training from him but he died before that only so I trained on my own. I may be able to become one like my dad and to take a step forward towards my dream, I will solve this case. I am going to use my dad’s equipments which I have kept as his momento till now. Its time to show to the world that I can also become detective. Bookmark here

Date: July 8, 2018Bookmark here

So, now I have reached this place and I am going to search for the clues. I will start with the room of Denki. I have to firstly find the cause of his suicide.Bookmark here


later Ichigo went to his room and started finding the clues. Whole room was cleaned as now, all people forgot about the incident. It was obvious that police was not interested in a case which was already declared a suicide. But his senses were telling him that it was somehow related to the kidnappings happening in his city. It was because when he saw the list of kidnapped people, they were the only one who went with him to the beach. There were total of 40 students of their class and all of them went there on vacation. One died, another was kidnapped from the hotel, other five went missing from the city and all of that happened within the time period of less than two months. It was not a coincidence at all. Now the main thing to be known was that what happened at the hotel with Denki that he committed suicide. According to Ichigo, Denki was a delightful person with lots of friends. He had never shown any sign of depression. According to the family of Denki also, he was not at all worried about anything. Instead, he was the one who came up with the idea of vacation trip. Also, he didn’t even leave a note before suicide. It only gave two conclusions that either he was forced to do suicide, or something happened to him during the trip. As Ichigo was not a professional detective, he had to face some problems during the investigation like he was not allowed to see the camera recordings. So, he had to hack their system. Ichigo was a brilliant hacker. He developed his own software compatible for hacking. He surveyed all the places where Denki went outside the hotel. He was unable to find anything. The only places where camera was unable to reach were his room and backside of hotel. So, something must have happened in any two of places there as Denki didn’t go anywhere far from hotel. Ichigo tried to recall everything about that vacation. First when they reached the hotel, everyone went to their respective assigned rooms to refresh. One room was allocated to two students. Thirteen rooms on first floor, seven rooms on second floor were booked by them. Denki and Hiruko were in the same room on first floor. Ichigo somehow managed to get the same room booked, so he could do his investigation. He started his investigation by checking the bedroom but unfortunately whole room was cleaned by the hotel staff. There was very less chance of finding any clue. But Ichigo didn’t lose hope and started looking all over the room. He searched under the bed, in the drawers, behind the mirror, in the washroom and everywhere, where anything could be hidden. But as thought earlier, there was nothing mysterious. Ichigo started losing hope. But suddenly something happened, when he went to the washroom. He found a clue. When he flushed, he could hear a sound od polythene from the flush box. When he opened it, he found a letter in which, some address, some numbers which appeared to be as phone numbers, some amount of weight was written. Ichigo as unable to understand it. He thought about it but couldn’t come to any conclusion. Later a thing came in his mind. He thought “what was this piece of paper doing here, it should have been to be with the one to whom it was to be delivered”. It was obvious that the one to whom this letter was to be delivered has not reached there to take it. A brilliant idea came up his mind that he may capture the person who’s that letter was. When he went to the reception, he asked whether anyone came to book that room earlier. He came to know that a person came there to book that specific room but due to investigation of police going on that time, he was unable to get that room. Ichigo was sure that, that person will come again to get that letter, so he waited at the hotel to catch him. Nearly a week passed on but no one came to book that room. Ichigo tried to do the investigation by himself but as unable to find any other clue. Suddenly on the date of July 16, a person came to book that room specifically. Ichigo had already left that room and booked another one, so that room was vacant now. Ichigo prepared himself to chase that man and knock him down. He was having a stun gun which his dad owned earlier. He chased that man till the gate of the room. He had already fixed a camera in that room. He started watching the man through his mobile connected to the camera. That man was acting suspicious, as he didn’t directly go to the bathroom to take that letter, instead he started looking for it in whole room. It was like he himself didn’t knew, where the letter was. Suddenly something happened which Ichigo hadn’t even thought. A third person came in that room by window and when those two people saw each other, they started fighting, that third person was getting beaten. Ichigo was just going to that room but he suddenly saw something which stopped him from going to that room. The third person took out a gun out of his shirt and pointed it towards the second person. Ichigo hadn’t even thought that this type of risk was there in that case. Suddenly Ichigo saw a tattoo of letter h on the hand of third person. It was not present on the hand of another one. Ichigo concluded that the third person was the villain there. He took his stun gun and climbed through the balcony to their room. He shot it on the third person which gave him a little amount of shock and he fainted. After some conversations, Ichigo came to know that the second person was the detective called by police to solve this case. He was detective Yuga, the famous detective in another state. Yuga was happy to meet Ichigo as he saved Yuka’s life. But when he came to know that Ichigo was also investigating on that case then he stopped him to do any further as the case was filled with dangerous people. This time he was lucky that he had to face only one person but he may face a whole gang next time. After hearing this, Ichigo became upset. He said that he can work with Yuga but Yuga refused. Suddenly Ichigo came up with an idea. He said that he has found a clue which is with him and he will only give it to Yuga if Yuga will accept him as his sidekick. Yuga knew the importance of even minor clues in that case so he accepted Ichigo as his sidekick. Ichigo was very happy after becoming Yuga’s sidekick. His journey to become a professional detective has been started and he took his first step as becoming a sidekick of a detective named Yuga. Now how difficult will be his journey and what will he learn from Yuga will be known in rest of the chapters. Bookmark here

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Will they be able to catch ‘THE REAL CULPRIT’Bookmark here

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The Real Culprit

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