Chapter 21:

Chapter 21- The Mysterious Guards of Divinity...

Sorrow Dayz

"You people." Tasyoukee said. "Like something is going to fall out the sky and save you." He also stated. "Well I hope something doesn’t fall out of the sky and take you." The librarian said. "I think it’s time for us to leave" as Enjo whispered in Mr. Howkuu’s ear. "Yes your right it’s getting really late I think it’s time for us to go." 

"Once again thank you for the books." As they walked away the librarian gave them this soulless death stare. "Mr. Howkuu where are we going to stay it is night now?" Megumi asked. "Well that’s the problem I didn’t think it would take us this long you guys." He replied. "We’ll just have to make our way back" Mr. Howkuu said. "Really through all of this pitch darkness" Tasyoukee sarcastically said. 

"Wait do you guys hear that?" Enjo asked. "That sounds like, then Yuuta blatantly interrupted a "Slooping Slew Rize." "Yes." Mr. Howkuu said. "Those three-legged birds are very intimidating." "Well let’s go you guys we have a ways back", as the group started approaching the gate they met the two elder guards again. The two elder guards grabbed Yuuta’s arm and told him. "You are the one of Wakai" they both said simultaneously. 

"OK." Mr. Howkuu said "we must get going see you guys later he told the guards." "Those are some creepy elder guards!" Tasyoukee exclaimed. "Yes, they’re just worried" Mr. Howkuu said. "I mean did you see their attire, the way their hats stood on their head." "Their hats were curled like toes to the back and had 2 small strings of thread coming out of the front top of them drooping down."

 "Then their shirts has small writing at the bottom going across their entire waist line." "Also, their collars were growing like a tree stretching across their shoulders like they were shoulder guards or something." "Then the pants they had were so baggy, and don’t forget those pointy shoes they were curved to point at the toes of the shoe."

 "If you looked closely enough like I did I noticed they had these three talon like claws from that point." Tasyoukee said. "Oh, and don’t forget how adapting, they were to everything we did" Enjo said. "Don’t forget how silent they were, and why did they keep whispering things behind us?" "I don’t know you guys, but just be grateful we didn’t have to be thoroughly checked for anything." Mr. Howkuu said. "What they do that?" The group asked.

 "Yes they usually do" Mr. Howkuu said. As the group left the gate and began getting back on track. Mr. Howkuu told them "OK pick up the pace." "Wait why?" The group asked. "I didn’t like their personas" He replied. "So, It wasn’t just me who thought they were completely sketchy." Tasyoukee said. "Not just you but all of us thought that" Megumi said. 

Back at the village the librarian ran out to the guards and told them, that he thought one of those of the Wakai saw something he wasn’t supposed to. The two guards told the librarian "OK, we will handle it." The two elder guards put their hands together in a clinching motion, not a praying motion but just clinched. Then they bowed their heads to the librarian, and stuck their left foot out while their heads were bowed.

 They still had their hands in this clinching motion, head bowed, and left leg stuck out not bending. Then the two guards turned towards the gate, they stood up straight but kept their hands clinched. Then proceeded towards the gate running with speed, amazingly they jumped over the gate flipping in the air hands still clinched. 

Then the librarian ran to the gate and put his right hand on the gate, and stuck his ear to the gate listening to see if they were gone. Out of nowhere he heard one of the elders in his mind. "we are still here don’t get too comfortable, we help you but you still owe us.

 Don’t forget we can take this village without even raising a finger. Then he heard both of them "NOW GO BACK AND COUNT YOUR BOOKS!" They exclaimed simultaneously. 

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