Chapter 20:

Chapter 20- The Strange Village of Divinity

Sorrow Dayz

"The people looked down in the ground and snatched a pair of roots out." "They looked at both of them the roots were brown, but had the strangest details in them." "It was like looking at a brown vein." "They had blood like lines running through the roots glowing red like the tree was alive."

 "Then a man squeezed the roots, and red like substance came gushing out." "The people began to notice that it was blood." "They started screaming dropped the roots and covered the hole back up they had dug." "Then they got some people and made an entire plate of wood between the base of the tree and roots." "Then, came the next day and they noticed it grew more through the wooden plate." 

"Then every day the tree grew, and people started sitting under the tree." "Those people who sat under the tree became, very prosperous, they either became rich, or were sick, and healed." "Those are the 6 founding sisters of Serenual." "WOW!!" The group exclaimed. "Yep" Mr. Howkuu replied. 

"We're here now, just in time it’s nightfall" Mr. Howkuu said. As they approach the gate of Divinity. They meet 2 elder guards at the gates, "we're here on an appointment" Mr. Howkuu said. The 2 elders said "OK, but we have to check you guys first", as the elders walked over they carried a book in their hands. Yuuta thought to himself that’s the same book father had in his dresser. "Ostul, Eesto, Aasta" is what came out of the 2 elder guard’s mouths. The group asked Mr. Howkuu "what are they doing?"

 "They’re just doing their duty as guards in this village." As the group walked by them they noticed the 2 elder guards dropped their heads, and shook them. "Oh, I might have forgotten to mention that this village does not believe in the power of art." "Instead some god, man or hybrid I don’t know." As they make their way inside "wow this village’s formation is very different than ours." Enjo said. "Indeed, it is" Mr. Howkuu replied.

 As they make their way to the library they see that it is plenty of people their tonight. So, they go inside "you guys wait while I go introduce myself to the Librarian." Mr. Howkuu said. OK they replied. So, the group sat on the ground and watched all of the people who were standing and talking to each other. They overhead this one woman saying they were all there to meet their god ask him for forgiveness. Mr. Howkuu came back "OK you guys ready to look around?" "Yes sir they" responded. 

"OK I’ll be in the back if you guys need me", OK they said. "Yuuta what are you going to get?" Megumi asked. "Hmm I don’t know." He replied. "Cool they have the third installment of Cheetsow Ku Yai." Tasyoukee said. "What does that happen to be?" Megumi asked. Then Enjo blatantly interrupted "only the fiercest fighting style you can learn." He said. "If that’s how you see it." Tasyoukee said. "Fighting" Megumi replied. "I know you’re not planning on fighting anyone else" she said.

 "Well I have to be prepared for anythingMegumi." Tasyoukee said. "Yu-Yu where’d you go" she asked? "Maybe he went to the washroom." Tasyoukee said. "Maybe so." Megumi replied. Yuuta was further in the back looking for something anything dealing with Hushur. 

Yuuta was steadily looking, but he couldn’t find anything dealing with a man named Hushur. Then he came across this paper scroll article, you could barely read it like it was crumpled up. He guessed it was just very old, but Yuuta could still make out some of the writing. He could see some words but it read out "MAN DEAD IN BRUTAL WAR AGAINST ANOTHER VILLAGE 2044." 

Then next to it had in small writing still barely visible "INNCOENT MAN KILLED BY UNATURAL CAUSE 2051." The stranger Yuuta tried discovering on the old torn up piece of scroll. Then the librarian walked in "HEY!" "What are you doing?" He exclaimed. 

"Nothing I’m just looking at some old pieces of papers sir." "Those are not supposed to be touched and not visible to the public." "So why are you back here!" The librarian exclaimed again. "We are so sorry excuse us please." Mr. Howkuu said. "Fine but don’t ever do that again, this is not only sacred to me, but to my people as well." He said. 

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