Chapter 1:

First day after marriage

Me and My possessive hubby

Mia pov 

I'm married to that man whom I never met but for my parents constant I married him but I don't know how will I face him then suddenly the door opened and a very handsome man come towards me this man is my husband now who has known for his cruelty and his angry behaviour I'm scared like hell then suddenly he says something it makes me happy.

Adrian, "don't expect anything from me. I'm only married for business", in a cold voice. then I replied to him in the same tone " I don't want to" then he looks at me with his cold eyes it makes me shiver but somehow I managed to calm myself and bravely looking at him.

Adrian," then I will arrange a room for you "saying this he left and I'm looking at him now I feel relaxed now I will do whatever I want and now my parents are also not there so I'm the happiest person in the world and start dancing happily then I heard a footstep and I stopped then again I saw my husband who is folding his hand with a smirk and Now my heartbeat is beating fastly and now this is my last day on earth then he comes closer to me and whisper in the ear " don't make a sound like this servants think we are doing "in a husky voice I get surprised by his behaviour and I look at him with blushing face and I replied," but you don't care what people think"in low voice than his expression change and again became cold he said "I'm here to inform you your room ready you shift there" in the stern voice and he left now I regret to saying this but I don't care what he feels or not. 

Adrian pov 

I just don't want to hurt her emotions that's why I thought I clear everything but when I said her reaction make me surprised she does not concern about our relationship and she looks happy and she is dancing and she is looking like a cute kitten that time I want to pinch her cheeks but how can I forget I can't love someone and I love her then my obsession and possession hurt her I don't want to snatch her beautiful smile.

Next day (mia pov)

Adrian, "if you need anything then call me ", in a cold voice then I replied " ok in a cute voice "then he smiled at me and left I'm so confused by his behaviour but for now I don't care and I started working then suddenly my best friend called me " you forget we are going to meet today ", Ariana saying with an angry voice shit I forget she will surely kill me then I replied in a sweet voice" darling I'm just in my way "I know it's a lie but if I didn't lie then she will scold me then she replied " come fast I'm waiting "in a stern voice then she hangs up and I start getting ready and left. Then when I'm going to meet her I saw my husband talking about some random women and I rolled my eyes this rich person are so cheap now I get everything that he said last night.